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Gil Zilberfeld11/25/14
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How To Make The Best Decisions

We can get better at it, by making more of them. Learning from mistakes and successes. We can also learn from observing how decisions are made in our different circles, and try to learn how to push a decision through or derail one.

Mike Cottmeyer11/25/14
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The Napoleon Corporal

In my previous post, Replacing Backlog Grooming, I wrote about leveraging a Product Owner (PO) Team instead of the “Scrum” team in Progression Workshops (backlog grooming). It doesn’t matter if you’re doing textbook Scrum or something at scale. Your people still need a shared understanding. If not, you’re going to start seeing a lot of delays and a lot of rework.

Nicolas Frankel11/25/14
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From Vaadin to Docker - A Novice's Journey

I’m a huge Vaadin fan and I’ve created a Github workshop I can demo at conferences. Given the current buzz around Docker, I thought that could be a very good way to make the workshop preparation quicker

John Walter11/25/14
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7 Common Mistakes In Go And When To Avoid Them

Not a generic list of programming mistakes, these are the lessons I wish I learned earlier while developing Go. I’ve spent the past two years developing some of the most popular libraries and applications written in Go.

Paul Reed11/25/14
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Managing the Magic of Microservces

For episode 52, the panel sits down to talk a bit about microservices: what they are, the benefits they provide, the costs, the issues around releasing, deploying, and operating microservices-based applications, in an attempt to figure out whether they’re the future or a fad.

John Walter11/25/14
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ElectroPi - Open Source Home Automation

I found this video earlier and wanted to share it. Connor Nishijima, creator of the ElectroPi, shows off his open source RaspberryPi-based home automation board and software he's written.

Hüseyin Akdoğan11/25/14
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How Does Elasticsearch Real-time Search?

Compared to other features, real-time search capability is undoubtedly one of the most important features in Elasticsearch. Today we’ll look closely how is provided real-time search by Elasticsearch.

Pieter Humphrey11/25/14
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Spring Integration Java DSL 1.0 GA Released

As we promised in the Release Candidate blog post, we are pleased to announce that the Spring Integration Java DSL 1.0 GA is now available. As usual, use the Release Repository with Maven or Gradle, or download a distribution archive, to give it a spin.

Kai Wähner11/25/14
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Real World Use Cases and Success Stories for In-Memory Data Grids

Use Cases and Success Stories for In-Memory Data Grids, e.g. TIBCO ActiveSpaces, Oracle Coherence, Infinispan, IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale, Hazelcast, Gigaspaces, GridGain, Pivotal Gemfire (Presentation by Kai Wähner at NoSQL Matters 2014 in Barcelona) - NOT SAP HANA :-)

Ketan Parmar11/25/14
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Android Login with Facebook

Your activity has a lot of scattered code for Facebook login. It will be more complex and unmanageable when you will have another social network login, like Facebook and Twitter.This quick tutorial walks through how to build a Facebook login on your Android device.

Kon Soulianidis11/25/14
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Working with D3.js

D3.js is a JavaScript library that is used to generate visualisations, usually based on sets of data. I have been using it on a dashboard project for the past month, and wanted to share some of my thoughts and impressions as a new user.

Rishav Rohit11/25/14
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Writing Complex MongoDB Queries Using QueryBuilder

MongoDB provides a lot of query selectors for filtering documents from a collection. Writing complex queries for MongoDB in Java can be tricky sometimes.

Ayende Rahien11/25/14
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Large Scale Distributed Consensus Approaches: Concurrent Consistent Decisions

So far we tackled the idea of large compute cluster, and a large storage cluster. I mentioned that the problem with the large storage cluster is that it doesn’t handle consistency. Two concurrent requests can hit two storage nodes and make concurrent operations that aren’t synchronized between themselves.

Raymond Camden11/25/14
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Status of Disqus Updates, and a Tool for URL Migration

Having trouble with your Disqus? I've had good luck with Disqus pretty much everywhere I've used it, but my attempts to migrate my 50K+ comments over have been met with a great amount of difficulty. I submitted the issue to Disqus, but I also wrote a ColdFusion script to let me do this.

Paul Underwood11/25/14
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Migrating WordPress Database To A New Server

WordPress is a commonly used open source site editors out there. In a previous article we discussed about how you can change your wp-config.php file to handle multiple environments and change the database settings of the content. Here, I'll show you how to export it all.