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Erich Styger11/22/14
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Engineering Joke of the Week: The Frog

A little engineering humor for your weekend...

Mark Needham11/22/14
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R: dplyr - Group by field dynamically

A few months ago I wrote a blog explaining how to dynamically/programatically group a data frame by a field using dplyr but that approach has been deprecated in the latest version. It turns out the ‘group_by_’ function doesn’t want to receive a list of fields so let’s remove the call to list:

Mihir Punjabi11/22/14
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De-Mystifying Software-Defined Storage

Software-defined Storage (SDS) is being spoken about everywhere these days and various definitions of SDS are floating! This write-up is an attempt to represent SDS in simple language!

Linda Gimmeson11/22/14
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Big Data, The Cloud and Wearable Technology

Using big data, the cloud and wearable technology efficiently will be key to success for small businesses and enterprise level organizations. Discovering the full potential of big data, the cloud and wearable technology will come over time.

John Walter11/22/14
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The Best of the Week (Nov. 21): DevOps Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the DevOps Zone (November 14 - November 21). This week includes a guide to Ansible Galaxy, a look into metrics, and thoughts on config promotion.

Matthew Casperson11/22/14
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A XSS filter for Java EE web apps

This article demonstrates the use of a custom Servlet filter to aid in the detection and prevention of Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

Boris Dus11/22/14
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Making Backups VPS - How to Stop Worrying About Your Data

When hosting was gone into oblivion, it was too late to worry. Our website died on Friday, in the middle of intensive promotion. It was not possible to reach the tech support. Our colleagues were just shrugging...

Sarah Parker11/22/14
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Coding Your HTML Email - 3 Common Issues and How to Fix Them

HTML emails can be very profitable for your business, as they help you connect with your customers in a highly efficient and effective manner. Here are some tips to maximize HTML to market your business.

Michael Sahota11/21/14
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People over Process

Agile and Lean are a means to an end. Once we are clear what our goals are and our approach is consistent with what we truly value, then we may hope for success. We outline a fundamentally different approach for organizational change: one where valuing people is integral to building lasting success.

Phil Whelan11/21/14
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Is Docker The Right Abstraction For PaaS?

Docker has been Stackato's container implementation for a year now, responsible for provisioning and managing the life-cycle of who knows how many Linux containers. The next question is how do we start exposing Docker features to end users, rather than having them as an unexposed implementation detail.

Allan Kelly11/21/14
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Does Agile require cultural change?

I sit in Agile conferences and I hear people say “To really become Agile you need culture change.” And I agree with them. But…

Shane Johnson11/21/14
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Interview with the Ghost of MongoDB Scalability

Have you heard the rumors about the Ghost of MongoDB Scalability? Do you know someone who came close to finding it? Have you been haunted by it? These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Francesca Krihely11/21/14
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Zero to 1 Billion Records: A True Story of Learning and Scaling MongoDB at GameChanger

In his talk "Zero to 1 Billion+ Records: A True Story of Learning & Scaling GameChanger", Kiril Savino charts the course of GameChanger's increasingly sophisticated use of MongoDB as they grew in popularity and faced increasing scale requirements.

Seth Proctor11/21/14
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Why Automation Matters

Distributed systems are complicated, and operating one as it scales out is more so. This is why we're so passionate about the experience of using NuoDB and making that operational experience as simple as possible.

Arian Celina11/21/14
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Web Services vs. SOA and Pretty URL vs. REST

In my opinion, implementing an SOA architecture and RESTful web services requires to have a clear understanding of these concepts, the constraints which come with them, and what is required to have such an architecture in place.