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Polyglot and Polyparadigm Programming for Better Agility

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Dean Wampler, a Consultant at Object Mentor and co-author of "Programming Scala", believes that in today's programming ecosystem, developers shouldn't be limited to just one language and one paradigm for an application.  This presentation reveals how modern applications are easier to implement and evolve when they use multiple languages and modularity paradigms.  The challenge then, is to make the appropriate choices.

Wampler discusses architectures that integrate higher-level policy code written in high-productivity scripting languages like Ruby and Python with lower-level components, written for performance or to bridge to 3rd-party and legacy components.  There are classic, prototypical examples like Emacs (C and elisp) and modern examples that pair Ruby with C and Java in various ways.  Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) are also a topic of this talk.  Finally, Wampler explains how functional programming languages like Erlang, Clojure, and Scala make it easier to write robust concurrent programs.
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