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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Chef

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There are as many ways of managing the configuration of heterogeneous systems as there are engineers trying to solve this problem. This talk explores one way of converting an ad-hoc configuration management system into one codified in Chef. We will describe extensions to the FreeBSD and Solaris providers and explore cookbooks to detail how the configuration is modeled. But why would you actually use a CFM? Will it make your job easier? Can you own it? We will reveal these answers and more.


Steven Baker replied on Wed, 2011/12/21 - 9:48pm

Unfortunately the uglyness of Ruby really shows when you have to do anything advanced with Chef.

This was clear when he was forced to write handling of local file packages.

Odessa Ramsey replied on Wed, 2012/04/25 - 8:15am

Well-well-well, that's really a good presentation with good information! 

Probably it will teach me  how to love the Chef! 

Thanks for sharing, Mitch! I enjoyed watching that! 


Odessa Ramsey,

creator of audio editor



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