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Adding properties to domain classes on the fly using groovy propertyMissing feature

Adding properties to domain classes on the fly using groovy propertyMissing feature Sometimes we need to add properties to domain classes on the fly. ...

0 replies - 5114 views - 04/01/14 by Jagadeesh Manne in Articles

The Best of the Week (Mar. 21): SQL Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the SQL Zone (Mar. 21 to Mar. 27). Here they are, in order of popularity:1....

0 replies - 2419 views - 03/30/14 by Alec Noller in Articles

RelProxy: A Hot Class Reloader and Scripting for Java and Groovy

What is RelProxy? RelProxy has three principal features: 1) A class reloader in runtime from source code in Groovy or Java. Similar to JRebel but not...

0 replies - 8966 views - 02/15/14 by Jose Maria Arranz in Articles

Groovy and JSch : SFTP transferring files

This is a simple example of how to transfer a file using Groovy, JSch, and SFTP. 

0 replies - 873 views - 01/14/14 by Brad Rippe in Uncategorized

Spring 4 with Groovy

 Finally the wait is over, Spring 4 is here and one of the best features is that now has a fully support for Groovy. The Spring team did a fantastic job...

0 replies - 3567 views - 12/26/13 by Felipe Gutierrez in Articles

Productive Programming in Groovy

The only thing constant in this world is change! In the 1990s, Java shook up the computing world by bringing managed runtime (virtual machines) to mainstream...

2 replies - 15963 views - 12/04/13 by Sg Ganesh in Articles

Data Access Module using Groovy with Spock testing

This blog is more of a tutorial where we describe the development of a simple data access module, more for fun and learning than anything else. All code can be...

0 replies - 6021 views - 11/06/13 by Justin Calleja in Articles

Glue and Big Data: Getting Started, Part 1

Where to start? Glue is split into three parts: glue-rest - this is the workflow engine that will execute your jobs gluecron - this is the...

1 replies - 668 views - 08/07/13 by Gerrit Jansen V... in Articles

BigData Workflows Made Easy -> Glue

Glue is a job execution engine, written in Java and Groovy. Workflows are written in Groovy DSL / Jython / Clojure / JRuby and use pre-developed modules...

0 replies - 3226 views - 07/25/13 by Gerrit Jansen V... in Articles

CRUD on an Existing Database

We made a new video tutorial on how to create CRUD pages from an existing DB automatically with Portofino 4. Portofino is an open source Java Web...

0 replies - 3709 views - 05/30/13 by Giampiero Granatella in Articles

Ignore CERT and host name verification for services accessible over https

During development, it sometimes helps/speed up work if we ignore certificate and hostname verification for testing RESTful services accessible over https.One...

0 replies - 6331 views - 05/18/13 by Sammaiah Kyatham in Articles

Lightweight Testing of Heavyweight IBM Message Broker Solutions

This article shows a hands-on approach of how you can test your IBM WebSphere Message Broker solutions in a simple way using modern Groovy and Java...

0 replies - 2555 views - 04/05/13 by Magnus Palmér in Articles

"Booting AMX" in GlassFish 3 with Groovy

In my previous blog post, I looked at using JMX as one of multiple methods supported by GlassFish 3 for its administration, monitoring, and management. In this...

0 replies - 5384 views - 03/19/13 by Dustin Marx in Articles

Testing Groovy Classes with ScalaTest

The other day I read about ScalaTest. I liked the way the tests look like. And I started thinking where to use it. Today a colleague came to me asking me if...

0 replies - 3041 views - 12/08/12 by Martin Vecera in Articles

Using Groovy and Camel for Scripting

 This topic has been displayed at other blogs, but it's such a great concept and served me very well quite recently so I think it warrants a...

0 replies - 5520 views - 12/06/12 by Billy Sjöberg in Articles

jQuery-style Enterprise Application Development with ZK and Grails

Introduction Grails is a modern web application framework with the powerful plugin architecture. To make Grails better fit requirements for developing...

0 replies - 11809 views - 09/12/12 by Chanwit Kaewkasi in Articles

Neo4j on Heroku - Part 2

We are picking up where we left off on Neo4j on Heroku –Part One so make sure you’ve read it or you’ll be a little lost. So far, we have cloned the...

0 replies - 4468 views - 01/17/12 by Max De Marzi in Articles

Neo4j on Heroku - Part 1

On his blog Marko A. Rodriguez showed us how to make A Graph-Based Movie Recommender Engine with Gremlin and Neo4j. In this two part series, we are...

0 replies - 6994 views - 01/17/12 by Max De Marzi in Articles Webstats Scrape Groovy

0 replies - 2960 views - 01/16/12 by Jerry Vigil in Uncategorized

Daily Dose: Windows Phone gets a New App Hub

Microsoft announced a new hub for Windows Phone developers today, called the "App Hub". The new marketplace will feature geographic markets, options...

0 replies - 20646 views - 07/21/11 by Ross Jernigan in Daily Dose