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More Developer Tools with Less Hassle – Code2Cloud

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This weekend after watching the Gamecocks take on the (Auburn) Tigers in the SEC Championship game (I’ll let you guess which team I was for) I decided to redo my development environment. I’ve been educating myself on Groovy and Grails while using the Spring Tool Suite. It’s an excellent setup and makes Java programming a real pleasure. The main problem with setting up a new development environment is getting all of the supporting tools setup and integrated. There’s Maven and Bugzilla and Git and Mylyn and all the rest of the tools that make collaborative programming possible. While a lot of these tools have plug-ins to STS (Spring Tool Suite) you still have to setup the backend servers and that can be painful sometimes. Not anymore though.

VMware’s Spring business unit has put together something called Code2Cloud. Spring was already my favorite acquisition but it’s things like Code2Cloud that keep it at the top of my list. Code2Cloud is a set of collaboration and development tools already setup, running, and integrated and all based in the cloud. Now all you have to do is download STS, point it at Code2Cloud and you’re all set with bug tracking, versioning, task management, and many more features. As my wife would say if she were a programmer, “it’s the bomb”. OK. Maybe she wouldn’t say exactly that but it’s still pretty awesome and a great time saver.

I encourage you to go and sign up for Code2Cloud today so you can try it out for yourself when it launches.

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