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Anuenue - A Simple Package for Building Solr Clusters

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Found a neat open source tool for building Solr clusters on Google Code today.  The Anuenue wrapper is a pretty young project, but the documentation is coming together nicely.  They just added a robust configuration guide to complement their Quick Start guide.

"Anuenue is a simple package for building a Solr cluster, which also provides daily operations and other useful tools to maintain Solr clusters.

The followings are the main features of Anuenue.
    •    simple commands (add, update, commit, optimize etc) to modify the index in a Solr cluster.
    •    start and stop commands for the cluster.
    •    implementation of the related query suggestion handler for Japanese queries.
    •    Japanese tokenizer (Sen tokenizer).
    •    handy configuration of the master / slave (and merger) cluster.
    •    monitoring nodes (instances)."

The new new Config guide gives more details about cluster setup.  On the 'to do' list for the project are slave group support, support fail over, and documentation for the client along with a demo.

Activity is pretty high on this one.  Solr users should definitely look into it.

For the full documentation, follow the link in the reference box: