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Tatiana Crawford04/17/14
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Automate Discovery and Remediation of the Heartbleed Bug

Given the length of time the vulnerable code has been available it’s likely your server is vulnerable if you are using any of the OpenSSL 1.0.1 branches. CloudPassage customers are able to determine if their servers are vulnerable by using the software vulnerability feature of Halo.

Rob Allen04/17/14
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Some Notes On Provisioning Vagrant with Ansible

I’ve been playing with Vagrant over the last few days, using Ansible to provision it. These are some notes to remind myself for next time and are very disjointed! Configuring Vagrant to provision using Ansible is easy enough.

Craig Matsumoto04/17/14
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Analysts See Merit in Cisco's Policy-Driven SDN

Competitors are harping about the potential for lock-in with Cisco‘s Application-Centric Infrastructure (ACI), even if pieces such as the OpFlex protocol become open standards. They’ve got a point, but analysts do see some value in the policy-driven approach Cisco has taken.

Don Pinto04/17/14
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N1QL Querying for Shoppers and Merchants

N1QL is a next generation query language for Couchbase Server. It goes beyond SQL and the relational model in several ways - most importantly, attributes in N1QL can contain multiple values, which can be nested. In this article, the author explores N1QL queries commonly seen in e-commerce applications.

Nati Shalom04/17/14
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In order to scale horizontally on cheap hardware (a key NoSQL attribute), several compromises had to be made, including abandoning some highly valuable characteristics of relational databases. In this article, you'll learn how to avoid having to make some of these compromises.

Alec Noller04/17/14
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Telerik Releases Open Source Kendo UI Core

UI enthusiasts can rejoice: Yesterday, Telerik announced the release of Telerik Kendo UI Core, an open source package of UI and JavaScript tools that also includes Telerik Kendo UI Mobile.

Steven Willmott04/17/14
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Reflecting on Progress in the API Economy

The number of APIs is clearly growing rapidly – but it is increasingly difficult for directories to keep up, and many of these APIs are private or semi-private. Some clear use-cases for APIs have emerged and many companies are combining them to suit their business.

Peter Cohen04/17/14
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Winning SaaS Customers Requires Patience

While you, a SaaS vendor, thinks your solution is the most important priority, the customer has other items on their to-do list. And the particular problem your solution is addressing just might not be at the top of the list right now. That doesn't mean they don't have a problem that you can solve.

Chip Bates04/16/14
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Access of Evil?

Born out of need, forged in elegant simplicity and easily spread through file shares, Access databases often become mission critical applications that businesses or business units depend on. This makes the task of containment and management very difficult.

Rafał Kuć04/16/14
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Apache Solr and Lucene 4.7.2

This is a minor bugfix release. It fixes a critical bug described in LUCENE-5574, which could result in index deletion.

Erich Styger04/16/14
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Tutorial: User Interrupts with Processor Expert

The author has been asked this question several times: “How can I define my own interrupt vector with Processor Expert?” He answers this question with a short tutorial in this article.

Rob J Hyndman04/16/14
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Generating Tables in LaTeX

Typ­ing tables in LaTeX can get messy, but there are some good tools to sim­plify the process.

Sarah Ervin04/16/14
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The Real Cost of Logging

While logging is important and helps with application support and troubleshooting, logging should be treated as part of the application logic. This means logging has to be designed, implemented, tested, monitored and managed. In short, it should become a part of full application lifecycle management.

Max Katz04/16/14
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Creating jQuery Mobile Tip Calculator App in Appery.io

This video shows how to create a mobile tip calculator app in Appery.io with jQuery Mobile, how to build a binary for Android and iOS with PhoneGap, and how to instantly publish as an HTML5 mobile app

Kristina Chodorow04/16/14
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TEALS – Teaching CS on Your Way to Work

TEALS, is a volunteer program where software engineers teach CS to high school students on their way to work. Basically, the schools schedule the CS class for first period so that the engineers can make it into work by 9:30. One group is teaching at a school that is 100% English-as-a-second-language students.