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Gil Zilberfeld11/14/14
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The Illusion of Control

As managers, we can create a safe environment where issues can appear, and we can do something about them, rather than keeping them secret until the last irresponsible moment. We can be honest with our customers to create trust between us, and improve our relationship with them, which will benefit both of us.

Ravi Namboori11/14/14
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The Evolution of Cloud Computing

This article on cloud computing intends to be a primer for non-IT professionals. As cloud computing is a very important breakthrough in the field of information technology, different ways in which it is operated have been cited. Also listed in the article are its advantages and how it came into being.

Burke Holland11/14/14
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Adding Real World Context to Mobile Apps with Beacons

There are affordable ways to leverage the power of beacons as a promotional tool, even for smaller businesses. Introducing Estimotes! For the purposes of this tutorial, I’m going to demonstrate how to create a more ‘civic hack’ type of project, an app for a public library.

Jari Timonen11/14/14
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Getting Started with Windows Phone 8 Development

So, you got tools to getting started with Windows Phone 8 Development, but don’t know how to do it? How do I design my UI? In this post I will try to answer to these questions.

Itay Herskovitz11/14/14
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Five Common Angular Mistakes

Angular is a powerful tool for managing the display of data. However, like any powerful tool there can be trouble if misused. In this post, we’ll look at some common AngularJS mistakes. We’ll cover five of these, and ways to avoid them.

Francesca Krihely11/13/14
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Four Ways to Optimize Your Cluster With Tag-Aware Sharding

Tag-aware sharding is a very versatile feature: it can be used to maximize the performance of your cluster, optimize storage, and implement data center-awareness in your application. In this post, we’ll go through a few use cases for tag aware sharding.

Filip Ekberg11/13/14
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Visual Studio 2015 Preview and Open Sourcing .NET Announced

Microsoft announced today that they are open sourcing .NET Core and if that is not enough, they are also targeting Linux and Mac! This is big news for the open source community and for the future of development on .NET.

Mike Cottmeyer11/13/14
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Agile Smells Versus Agile Zombies in the Uncanny Valley

I don’t like to use the term smell. I prefer to say that you’re in “the valley”. I’m referring to the uncanny valley. When something looks and moves almost, but not exactly, like a healthy person, it causes a response of revulsion among some observers. To that, I believe there is an Agile uncanny valley and it’s full of Agile zombies.

Omri Erel11/13/14
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SaaS Product Management – Best Practices

The SaaS product management process is fundamentally different from the typical traditional software management in quite a number of ways. The SaaS product manager finds metrics very important in the product management process.

Arthur Charpentier11/13/14
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Extracting Datasets from Excel Files in a Zipped Folder

The title of the post is a bit long, but that’s the problem I was facing this morning: importing datasets from files, online. I mean, it was not a “problem”, more a challenge (I should be able to do it in R, directly)

Raymond Camden11/13/14
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Coldfusion Example: Using jQuery UI Accordion with a ColdFusion Query

A reader pinged me yesterday with a simple problem that I thought would be good to share. I'll show you how to use jQuery UI's Accordion control for ColdFusion queries.

Francesco Azzola11/13/14
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A Guide to Android Recycler and CardView

The new support library in Android Lollipop introduced two new UI widgets: RecyclerView and CardView. In this tutorial, I'll explain how to use these widgets and show how we can mix them.

Maarten Ectors11/13/14
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LXD and Docker

This blog post is not about the technical details around LXC, LXD, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. It focuses on the different use cases LXD and Docker are solving and should help non-experts understand them.

Mike Bushong11/13/14
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The Power of Correlated Visualization

Using all the data sources at your disposal to increase the visibility of the state, health and contextual performance of your network is key to just that.

Nico Vermeir11/13/14
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Grid Column Behavior: Xamarin XAML vs Micorsoft XAML

Switching betwen Xamarin XAML and Microsoft XAML can present problems when developing apps for Microsoft. In this post I’ve shown a difference in implementation between Xamarin Forms XAML and Microsoft XAML, and how to fix it.