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Mikko Ohtamaa12/27/12
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Power Searching Using UNIX grep

UNIX grep is a command tool for searching text strings inside files. (One should not confuse it with find which matches filenames and properties). In this blog post there are some hints how to use grep to search from files fast and efficiently.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Analyzing Big Data with Twitter - Real-Time Twitter Search

Berkeley ISchool's Brian Larson covers real-time Twitter searching.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Geolocation: Possibilities, Problems, and Privacy

Berkeley ISchool explores the social data challenges and opportunities presented by geolocation.

Paul Miller12/27/12
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Big Data as Core, Big Data as Context, and Big Data as Buzzword Bingo

It’s neither particularly newsworthy nor insightful to suggest that ‘Big Data’ gets everywhere these days, but two recent items reminded me of the gulf between credible execution of a big data play and the more questionable tacking of the big data meme onto an otherwise useful product.

Brian O' Neill12/27/12
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Compiling Storm (and jzmq) on Mac OSX

I recently setup a new machine, went to compile Storm, and forgot what a PITA it is. Here is a blog post so future-me knows how to do it.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Gene Kim on InfoSec, Rugged DevOps, and More

At the OWASP AppSec 2012 keynote, Gene Kim discusses DevOps and information security.

Eric Gregory12/27/12
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Webinar: Reduce Software Risk through Improved Quality Measures

The CastBroadcast Channel presents a webinar on risk reduction through careful quality measures.

Todd Merritt12/27/12
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What is Agile Modeling and Why Do I Need It?

Agile Modeling is an add-on to existing agile methodologies like Extreme programming (XP) and Rational Unified Process (RUP). Agile Modeling enables developers to develop a customized software development process that actually meets their current development needs and is flexible enough to adjust in the future.

Mitch Pronschinske12/27/12
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RabbitMQ: Messaging that Just Works (Part 1)

Emile Joubert, RabbitMQ engineer, will look at the relevance of Erlang/OTP as an implementation platform, the benefits of a messaging system and common messaging patterns. Some important features in recent releases will be discussed with examples.

Tathagat Varma12/27/12
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Your Estimates or Mine

For decades now, the project management world has been divided between top-down estimation and bottom-up estimation. Both are required for a comprehensive and useful project planning, but unfortunately, most people use one over the other.

Kai Wähner12/27/12
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Showdown: Integration Framework (Spring Integration, Apache Camel) vs. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

I had a talk at Java User Group Frankfurt (JUGF): “Showdown: Integration Framework (Spring Integration, Apache Camel) vs. Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)”. The room was fully packed! Interest in integration frameworks, ESBs, and corresponding tooling increases every year… I uploaded the slides at Slideshare.

Stoimen Popov12/26/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Sorting in Linear Time

The first question we ask when we see the phrase “sorting in linear time” should be – 'what’s the catch?' Indeed there’s a catch. We can’t sort just anything in linear time. Most of the time we can speak on sorting integers in linear time, but as we can see later this is not the only case.

Leigh Shevchik12/26/12
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Experimenting with GitHub Pull Requests

Let’s take a look at how we manage our GitHub flow. First, we begin by branching off of master instead of pushing directly to it.

Peter Zaitsev12/26/12
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Be productive with the MySQL command line

Even if you are using a GUI tool to connect to your MySQL servers, one day or another, you will have to deal with the command line. So it is nice to know a few tips that can really make your work easier.

Anders Karlsson12/26/12
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Galera features beyond just HA

Galera from codership has been getting a lot of attention recently. Galera provides a nice High Availability solution for MySQL where Galera provides synchronous replication with conflict detection using the classic InnoDB Storage Engine.