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Krishna Prasad02/14/13
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Understanding Document-Based MongoDB NoSQL

This article touches upon various aspects of RDBMS and where RDBMS hits the roadblock in an enterprise world.

Reza Shafii02/14/13
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Mule's Answer to SOA Security Challenges

Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) present unique security challenges due to loose service/application coupling and operations running across trust boundaries. The Mule ESB has special security extensions available through the Mule Enterprise Security package. This blog post will introduce the key components of that package.

John Cook02/14/13
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Offended by Conditional Certainty

It’s a simple rule of probability that if A makes B more likely, B makes A more likely. That is, if the conditional probability of A given B is larger than the probability of A alone, the the conditional probability of B given A is larger than the probability of B alone

Boris Lam02/14/13
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Sample Apps: Spring Data MongoDB and JSF Integration Tutorial (Part 2)

MongoDB is a open-source scalable, high-performance NoSQL database. It is a document-oriented Storage.

Mitch Pronschinske02/14/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/14/13)

Obama signs a cyber security executive order and a Vagrant AWS provider appers. Plus MarkLogic gets a free license and we find out where the term 'Big Data' started.

Rob J Hyndman02/14/13
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Out-of-Sample One Step Forecasts

If you are using the fore­cast pack­age in R, it's eas­ily done with ETS and ARIMAmod­els. For example...

Steven Willmott02/14/13
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API Design & Development Guidelines – Selected Resources

We have decided to start compilation of what selected really cool and useful resources that will definitely help you design and develop great APIs. We’ll try to grow this list of resources regularly. Feel free to share with us some!

Krishna Prasad02/14/13
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SpringData-Hadoop: Jumpstart Hadoop with Spring

These days there are lot of hype around jargons like Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Pig and BigData. I was itching to learn what are these terms and how I can see them in the real world

Alex Holmes02/14/13
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Using sed to perform inline replacements of regex groups

I love tools like sed and awk - I use them every day, and only realize how much I rely on them when I’m forced to work on a machine that’s not running Unix. Today I want to look at a feature that is really useful when working with regular expressions in sed.

Giorgio Sironi02/13/13
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External processes and PHP

I've come to known a bit about spawning and monitoring new processes from PHP code, while working at Onebip and trying to contribute to Paratest. Here's what you need to know if you think exec() or executing everything in a single .php script is always enough.

Martin Fowler02/13/13
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Debugging environments are getting pretty nifty these days, but they are all in terms of the HTML/CSS/JavaScript triad. So it's important that you understand how your input language translates to its executable target.

Hirvesh Munogee02/13/13
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Parallel.js - A JavaScript Library For Parallel Computing Using Web Workers

Parallel. js is a JavaScript library which allows you to perform multi-core processing in JavaScript. Despite fast JavaScript engine like Google V8 engine, JavaScript is inherently single-threaded.

Krishna Prasad02/13/13
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Latest in JQuery, Javascript frameworks for Web development

Responsive Web Design is a useful paradigm where in your build a web application and it runs on any device, adjusting itself with the layout. There are a few JQuery frameworks which enable this.

Krishna Prasad02/13/13
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Responsive Web Design using Twitter Bootstrap, Spring MVC

Once you build a application using Responsive Web Design, you will be easily able to make this web application work on any device including Mobile and Handheld devices.

Krishna Prasad02/13/13
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Implementing a recommender engine using Hadoop and Mahout

One of the fundamental principles where parallel computing can be taken advantage of is when each of the computers in a cluster can process same tasks independently without sharing any data among each other.