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Dalip Mahal07/09/12
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Efficiency is for Losers

Effective software projects deliver code that the end users need; efficient projects deliver that code with a minimum number of resources and time. Efficiency only matters if you are being effective.

Eric Genesky07/08/12
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My Adventures in Performance Tuning

In this post, I tell the story of how I tuned one of our own pages that was performing extremely badly under certain conditions. I will walk you through how I identified the main issue, what I considered doing, what I changes I made, what the results were, and what I might do next. Here it goes.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis07/08/12
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Motor: An Asynchronous MongoDB Driver (Python / Tornado)

Tornado is a popular asynchronous Python web server, and MongoDB a widely used non-relational database.

Mark Hinkle07/08/12
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VirtualBox: The CloudStack Development Environment

Edison Su, one of the CloudStack developers, built this Ubuntu-based image to make things pretty simple to stand up a development environment.

Swathi Venkatachala07/08/12
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Introduction to Apache Bigtop, for Packaging and Testing Hadoop

Hadoop is Big Data, but managing the whole Hadoop ecosystem involves some serious zookeeping skills. Enter Apache Bigtop, the incubator project for the development of packaging and tests of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. This post introduces Bigtop from zero to running a test program.

Robin Bramley07/07/12
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How to Get Apache Mahout Recommenders into Grails

Apache Mahout is a scalable machine learning framework that can be used to create intelligent applications. In this article we’ll see how Mahout can be used to create personalised recommendations within a Grails application.

Brian Pince07/07/12
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On Cloudy Models: Azure Web Sites vs. Cloud Apps

We have several new ways for you to run your applications in the cloud, and developers want a little guidance on how to pick which options. I hope to provide a little guidance around that.

Joe Stein07/07/12
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Hadoop Development Tools by Karmasphere

Unlike the standard Hadoop client , Karmasphere Client works from Microsoft Windows as well as Linux and MacOS, and works through SSH-based firewalls.

Claus Ibsen07/07/12
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Apache Camel 2.10 Released

The Apache Camel 2.10 release is now available for download from Apache and for Maven users in central maven repo.

Pierre - Hugues...07/07/12
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Analyzing Thread Dump: Thread Stack Trace

In order for you to quickly identify a problem pattern from a Thread Dump, you first need to understand how to read a Thread Stack Trace and how to get the “story” right.

Ayende Rahien07/07/12
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How to Handle Complex Tagging in RavenDB

Here's a complex but common use-case for tags: 1) tags have identity ("set" has a different meaning if I'm talking math, music or sports); 2) I want to know who tagged what and when; and 3) I want to do this once, as a service, so I don’t need have ids in each document I want to tag. (In my app, there are many such document types.) Let's see how we can approach this in RavenDB.

Jim Bird07/06/12
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The Potential Problems of DevOps Culture

Culture is like quality. You don’t build culture, or quality, by talking about it. You build it by doing things, by acting, by making things happen and making things change, and reinforcing these actions patiently and continually over time.

Chris Haddad07/06/12
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On Deploying WSO2 ESB as a Service

In today’s business environment, increasing agility and lowering cost is a business imperative.

Joe Stein07/06/12
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Making Hadoop Simpler with Python Joins / Keys

When doing streaming with Hadoop you do have a few library options. If you are a Ruby programmer then wukong is awesome!

Rodrigo De Castro07/06/12
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My Thoughts on Public DNS and Global Traffic Traffic Management

Last weekend I read this good paper on Public DNS and Global Traffic Management, written by scientists over at Microsoft Research. The paper on IEEE Xplore is available only for members, but if you have access, it's worth reading it.