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Arnon Rotem-gal-oz12/11/12
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Introducing H-Rider

H-rider is a UI dev tool for working with HBase. H-rider offers a convenient user interface to poke around data stored in HBase which our developers find very useful both for development and debugging

Johanna Rothman12/11/12
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Agile is Not for Everyone

I’m not saying agile is for the elite. Far from it. I’m saying agile is for people who want to and can manage the cultural change that it requires. And, if you try to do many of the technical and project management practices we suggest in agile, you will be better off.

Matteo Pagani12/11/12
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How to Deal with WebView and Overlaying Elements in Windows 8

The WebView control is very useful to display HTML pages and elements into a Windows Store application. For example, I use in my blog’s application to display the content of a post, formatted to be easily read on a tablet using the Instapaper engine.

Jerry Nixon12/11/12
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DevRadio: Developing your Windows 8 Apps using Visual C++

Jerry Nixon welcomes Eric Battalio, Ayman Shoukry and Raman Sharma from the Visual C++ team as they discuss how you can develop Windows 8 apps using C++. Tune in as they provide best practices and reasons why you would want to use this language.

Andreas Kollegger12/11/12
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Neo4j 1.9 M02 - Under the Hood

We have been working hard over the last weeks to tune and improve many aspects in the Neo4j internals, to deliver an even faster, more stable and less resource intensive graph database in this 1.9.M02 milestone release.

Leigh Shevchik12/11/12
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Deploying a Scalable Application with AWS Elastic Beanstalk and New Relic

Deploying scalable web apps can bring some unique complexities. You may be solving some of these complexities yourself by putting together an infrastructure on AWS. But with Elastic Beanstalk you can get a complete scalable solution without configuring all of the components yourself.

Ayende Rahien12/11/12
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What the Façade Pattern Is and What it Ain’t

I decided to respond to some of the comments about the design patterns series in my blog in a full blown post, because they are quite important.

John Sonmez12/10/12
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The 4 Most Important Skills for a Software Developer

Most often the question someone asks is based on whether or not they should invest their time in a particular programming language or technology versus another. What I give them is the 4 most time-tested skills of importance for a developer

Kelly Reiser12/10/12
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Holiday Gift Guide: Finding the Perfect Present for the Geeky Girl in Your Life

Ready or not, the holidays are here. No matter which holiday you celebrate, every guy faces the same question: What should I get the lady in my life this year?

Krishna Prasad12/10/12
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Sample Application: Cloudfoundry and MongoDB

Like a lot of you folks, I also had the question, what is cloud computing? I started googling and downloaded a few tools and played with them and now understand a few concepts.

Ben Wilcock12/10/12
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Top 5 SOA Gotcha’s and How to Avoid Them

After 5 years of designing and building award winning service oriented architectures, I thought I’d share my top 5 SOA gotcha’s and some general hints on how you can avoid them in your SOA program.

Ben Kepes12/10/12
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HP Announces Private PaaS Powered by Stackato

At HP’s Discover event here in Frankfurt on Wednesday, the company will be announced a private PaaS offering, built on top of Stackato, the PaaS which is itself a fork of the open source Cloud Foundry initiative.

Adam Warski12/10/12
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Event Streaming with MongoDB

MongoDB is a really great “NoSQL” database, with a very wide range of applications. In one project that we are developing at SoftwareMill, we used it as a replicated event storage, from which we stream the events to other components.

Brian Gracely12/10/12
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Brian Gracely on the Software-Defined Data Center

In this 8-minute video, Brian Gracely describes the technology and business drivers that enable better functionality in the software-driven data center.

Christian Posta12/10/12
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ActiveMQ: Understanding Memory Usage

ActiveMQ’s SystemUsage and particularly the MemoryUsage functionality has left some people confused. I’ll try to explain some details around MemoryUsage that might be helpful in understanding how it works.