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Rob J Hyndman02/19/13
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This Summer's Forecasting Conferences in Seoul, Rome, and Paris

This year there are no less than three fore­cast­ing con­fer­ences planned for June and July 2013.

Nial Darbey02/19/13
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SOA School: Service Orchestration

The Enterprise Service Bus is an essential component in a SOA and is the ideal hosting environment for Service Orchestration. In this post I’m going to describe service orchestration with a Hospital Admissions Example.

Pieter Humphrey02/19/13
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Spring Data GA Release Train "Arora" Now Available

We are pleased to announce the first themed release of the Spring Data release train named Arora. Going forward we'll use names of famous computer scientists to label a set of Spring Data modules to make it easier to identify modules being compatible to each other.

Mitch Pronschinske02/19/13
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RabbitMQ Hands On

This is a short theoretical introduction to RabbitMQ and messaging in general to later dive into a live coding session to see how implement messaging into our applications. The live demo will go from starting the server and issuing basic administration commands up to creating several consumers and publishers.

Mitch Pronschinske02/19/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/19/13)

Prepare to be blessed with 40+ interactive design trends along with a sweet map of all the meteor strikes since 2,300 BCE. Plus, the reasons why Chef now uses Erlang and Postgres.

Giorgio Sironi02/18/13
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PHP streams for everything

The stream extension of PHP is one of the batteries included in its packaging: a uniform interface to access many different types of data, relying on the common abstraction of a stream (not unlike, for example, Java's InputStream and OutputStream).

Mihai Dinca - P...02/18/13
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Using HTML5 Canvas with Apache Wicket

This article wants to bring some hints about how to use HTML5 canvas with Apache Wicket web framework. Inside a Wicket application we want to have a panel with something drawn inside a HTML5 canvas.

Peter Zaitsev02/18/13
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Unexpected problem with triggers and mysqldump

Some time ago, I had to convert all tables of a database from MyISAM to InnoDB on a new server. Quite easy, isn’t it? Perhaps not...

Filip Ekberg02/18/13
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Optimize your delegate usage

If we use delegates “wrong” or don’t think what code is actually generated this can leave us with large memory imprints. Of course you always need to think about the code you write but in some cases you might not really know what the compiler ends up doing.

Peter Zaitsev02/18/13
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Replication checksums in MySQL 5.6

MySQL 5.6 has an impressive list of improvements. Among them, replication checksums caught my attention as it seems that many people misunderstand the real added value of this new feature.

Filip Ekberg02/18/13
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Decompiling .NET Applications

There are many reasons to why you might want to decompile an application after it’s been compiled. Compiling C# code “just” translates it into MS IL.

Ralf Quebbemann02/18/13
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Fixing poor performance (lagging) on Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM (i9250) phones

Woohoo, I can't believe it. My Galaxy Nexus phone is affected by a bug which causes the phone to slow down and to behave very laggy after a while.

Eric Genesky02/18/13
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Top 5 Questions to Ask About NoSQL

Here's a presentation on Apache Cassandra from Big Data Spain 2012.

Jason Whaley02/18/13
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Index Sub-Documents in MongoDB

Let’s say I have a collection of documents that all kind of look like this . . .

Tommy Patterson02/18/13
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Migrating Hyper-V Virtual Machines from Server 2008R2 to Server 2012

As part of our Migration and Deployment Series today we shift the focus to Hyper-V migrations. First let’s start with a chart on what is possible for upgrading in place . . .