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Simon Brown01/13/13
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Digitalisation - Complex for All the Wrong Reasons

In my role as a software developer, Iʼm often asked to automate existing business processes and transform them into computer systems.

Eric Gregory01/13/13
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Pragmatic Continuous Delivery

At JavaZone, Jevgeni Kabanov talks about building a full clustered environment and a deployment pipeline -- so that commits to the trunk update a live chat server.

Alex Crafts01/13/13
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Putting Big Data into Practice with Cassandra

At JavaZone, Michael Figuiere discusses real-time analytics with Cassandra, taking a look at several use-cases.

Francois Lascelles01/13/13
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The Importance of Threat Protection for RESTful Web Services

Although certain RESTful web services are of a ‘public’ nature and do not have specific security requirements such as authentication and authorization, any service that has an entry point from an untrusted network is subject to attack and proper threat protection measures are always an essential consideration.

Sasha Goldshtein01/12/13
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Lap Around Roslyn CTP: Syntax Rewriting

To start doing something useful with Roslyn, we’re going to inspect a syntax tree, locate something interesting—and then modify it!

Eric Genesky01/12/13
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NoSQL Concepts and Design Patterns

Here's a one-hour presentation that wlll introduce you to different types of NoSQL Databases, as well as some keys and documents for NoSQL design patterns.

Enrico Maria Cr...01/12/13
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Backups Using Amazon S3 and Glacier: A Clarification

Some days ago I published a post about the recent integration of Glacier as a new storage class in Amazon S3 and how it pages the way to new and interesting use cases, even for home users, despite being a service more geared towards enterprise users.

Paul Bouwer01/12/13
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ASafaWeb, Excessive Headers and Windows Azure

Troy Hunt is a Microsoft MVP for Developer Security and regularly blogs and tweets about security principles.

Eric Genesky01/12/13
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Does NoSQL = No Security?

In this 35-minute presentation, Will Urbanski discusses how RDB security features and threats apply to NoSQL databases.

Michael Muller01/12/13
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On Technical Debt: An Interview with Philippe Kruchten

Let's continue our serie of interviews with people who had and continue having major influence on the definition of technical debt and its implementation in software development projects. Philippe KRUCHTEN, software engineering professor at UBC, who directed the development of the RUP (Rational Unified Process), explains his vision of technical debt and how to manage it, in order to take right decisions at the right time.

Francois Lascelles01/12/13
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Agile, Decoupled Security for Better Service Orientation

Service orientation is about agility. Without a resulting agility, there is no point of doing SOA. Unfortunately, enterprise SOA infrastructure initiatives sometimes fail in part because its security mechanisms and processes demolish any agility that was built into the SOA itself.

Eric Gregory01/12/13
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"From Dinosaur to Spaceship" with Continuous Delivery

This JavaZone session provides an object lesson in using continuous delivery for build, test, and deployment.

Eric Gregory01/12/13
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On Scaling Search with Apache Solr 4.0 and SolrCloud

In this JavaZone talk, Jan Heydahl discusses scaling search with Apache Solr 4.0 and SolrCloud.

Jessica Thornsby01/12/13
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Veteran Apache Hadoop Developer Joins WANdisco

An Apache Hadoop committer since 2009, Dr. Boudnik has previously worked at Cloudera, Yahoo! and Sun Microsystems.

Todd Merritt01/12/13
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First Experience with Web Services

When I first started programming with Microsoft .Net (1.0 Framework) I had a strong desire to learn how search engines indexed web sites. I built a spider and I had no real idea what I could/should do with it until I found the MSN Search API.