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Peter Zaitsev01/03/13
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MySQL Wish for 2013 – Better Memory Accounting

With Performance Schema improvements in MySQL 5.6 I think we’re in the good shape, but we’re still walking blind with MySQL in resource usage – specifically Memory Usage.

Mark Needham01/03/13
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The Tracer Bullet Approach: An Example

We were building an internal application for an insurance company and didn’t have any idea how difficult it was going to be to put something into production so we decided to find out on the first day of the project.

Abby Fichtner01/03/13
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On Shipping More in 2013

I’m not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions. I believe that every day gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and so it’s silly to put so much stock into that one day each year. Nonetheless, with the new year starting, I find myself longing to create more...

Armel Nene01/03/13
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Big Data, Bigger Myths

How “BIG” should my data be in order to considered “Big Data”? Not every company has a petabyte worth of data stored, so does size really matter? The simple answer is no. Companies should not think about “Big Data” in term of sizes but as a new paradigm.

Todd Merritt01/03/13
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What is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System?

The ERP acts a go between for various independent departmental systems so that they can integrate with one another. Here's analogy using Rice Krispies...

Lukas Eder01/02/13
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A Database Landscape Map

So you want to go with the flow and implement your next application on top of some NoSQL, NotJustSQL, NewSQL, AlmostSQL, SQL++, NextGenSQL, and what not, just to be sure not to miss out on some of the latest developments in the data business

Eric Genesky01/02/13
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Useful Links from OpenStack Community Newsletter

The OpenStack community newsletter from last week offers some useful links to some tips and tricks as well as upcoming events for those of you who use OpenStack cloud software.

Kin Lane01/02/13
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Printing from Cloud Storage Platforms

I took some time this week to pull together a master list of cloud file and document storage APIs I will be targeting as part of my cloud printing work at Mimeo Connect.

David Pollak01/02/13
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Deploying a Simple Lift App on Escalante Using OpenShift

OpenShift and Escalante just work with Lift. Thanks for Galder for creating Escalante and lowering to barriers to entry for Lift.

Istvan Szegedi01/02/13
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Machine Learning Using Microsoft HDInsight on Azure

One of the key Microsoft HDInsight components is Mahout, a scalable machine learning library that provides a number of algorithms relying on the Hadoop platform.

Justin Bozonier01/02/13
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First Draft of a Statistical Testing Overview

I'm looking to improve this guide so it can function as a quick-glance reference, and I also want to make the information more digestible and engaging via some better graphic/information design.

Esen Sagynov01/02/13
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The Availability and Operational Stability of NoSQL

In this article, I will analyze the distribution and availability of these products from the operational aspect. The selected targets are Cassandra, HBase and MongoDB.

Ayende Rahien01/02/13
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RavenDB Bulk Inserts

With RavenDB Bulk Inserts, we significantly improved the time we take to insert a boat load of documents to RavenDB. By over an order of magnitude, in fact. How did we do that? By doing a whole bunch of things, but mostly by being smart in utilizing the...

Paul Hammant01/02/13
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SCM and Key-Value Store Convergence

In this blog entry, I'm going to dwell on some important differences between SCM tools and Key-value stores that might narrow as work happens on these technologies in the next few years.

Giorgio Sironi01/02/13
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SOLID principles: are they enough for OO?

A new definition of an object-oriented structure can be used to evaluate how SOLID principle enforce, favor, or limit you in writing OO code. I'm not saying you should only write OO code, but if you want to call it this way...