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Mark Needham01/29/13
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Bellman-Ford algorithm in Python using vectorisation/numpy

I recently wrote about an implementation of the Bellman Ford shortest path algorithm. I came across a suggestion that the algorithm would run much more quickly if we used vectorization with numpy rather than nested for loops.

Tim Spann01/29/13
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The Days of Shell and Rational Roses

So you would do the painful, slow job of writing C++, even with Rational Rose UML to help guide you, it was painful. Now Java, Node.Js and the rest have a ton of free libraries for everything.

Pascal Alma01/29/13
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Debugging SOAP by Logging the Incoming HttpRequest

Now I am aware of the HTTPtunnelers and other tools out there that could be used for this, but to find one that works according to our demands and to find out how it works, we decided it would easier/quicker to create a Filter and use that for our needs.

Mikael Koskinen01/29/13
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Azure Service Bus: The Dead Letter Queue

I’ve been processing a lot of messages through Azure Service Bus lately. During that processing I encountered a situation where Azure Management Portal reported that there were over 97 thousand messages in the queue . . .

Andreas Kollegger01/29/13
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Determining the "Join Bomb" with Graph Queries

Obviously there a lot more things to say about graph queries, but with these simple examples, I hope to have given you a nice introduction as to where exactly the power of graph traversals is . . .

Rodrigo De Castro01/29/13
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Implementing MVCC on a Key-Value Store

The following post is quite interesting and has good ideas on how to implement MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control) on a key-value store . . .

Don Pinto01/29/13
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Easy PHP-Couchbase Setup for Mac with Bitnami

Setting up PHP can be a bit of a pain on both Windows and Mac OS X. There are a lot of different ways of doing it, but many of them come with a variety of annoyances or confusion.

Ted Neward01/29/13
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More on "Craftsmanship"

To all those who dissented, you're right, but you're wrong. Craftsmanship is a noble meme, when it's something that somebody holds as a personal goal, but it's often coming across as a way to beat up and denigrate on others who don't choose to invest significant time and energy into programming.

Ayende Rahien01/29/13
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RavenDB on the Cloud

It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we now have an additional RavenDB as a Service provider, in addition to RavenHQ. there is also Cloud Bird.

Gil Zilberfeld01/29/13
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Just Shut Up

I have a big mouth. The kind that doesn’t shut up, especially when it needs to. But you might discover that you’ll get more by saying less.

Ben Kepes01/29/13
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VMware, Puppet Labs and an Infrastructure Future

News recently that VMware, fresh from spinning out most of its developer focused non-virtualization assets in the Pivotal Initiative, has put a huge $30M finding into Puppet Labs.

Eric Genesky01/29/13
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Apache Cassandra: NoSQL in the Enterprise Today

Datastax presents this one-hour discussion of how NoSQL meets real-time big-data needs with a focus on Apache Cassandra.

Mark Needham01/29/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Kruskal’s Algorithm using union find in Ruby

I recently wrote a blog post describing my implementation of Kruskal’s algorithm – a greedy algorithm using to find a minimum spanning tree (MST) of a graph – and while it does the job it’s not particularly quick.

Christian Posta01/29/13
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Lean distribution of ActiveMQ

I saw a question on the mailing list asking for a simple, stripped-down, version of ActiveMQ. The default distribution and all of its runtime dependencies come in at about 44MB. I was able to get a working, “lean” version going at about 7.4MB.

Jason Sherman01/29/13
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ActiveMQ: Master/Slave Broker Configuration

Configuring a Master/Slave ActiveMQ instance is easy. With one simple attribute you can create a highly available ActiveMQ messaging platform.