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Larry Franks01/15/13
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Cloudy Links from Pie in the Sky

Things are starting to pick up after the holidays; some good links for your weekend reading this week.

Maarten Ectors01/15/13
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Disrupting the Datawarehouse Market with Redshift

Amazon is taking another step at disrupting an existing market. This time they have their sight set on the Datawarehouse market. Amazon is currently running a limited preview of a new service called Redshift.

Stoimen Popov01/15/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Multiplication

Perhaps right after the addition at school we’ve learned how to multiply two numbers. This algorithm isn’t as easy as addition, but besides that we’re so familiar with it and that we even don’t recognize it as an “algorithm”. We just know it by heart.

Jonas Gauffin01/15/13
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Data Layer, the Right Way

The goal with this post is to give you a better understand about how you can design your data layer and why it’s important to create a complete abstraction layer.

Eric Gregory01/15/13
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Dev of the Week: Swathi Venkatachala

Every week, we check in with a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to find out what they're working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Swathi Venkatachala, who blogs at Techie(S)pArK.

Spike Morelli01/15/13
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Delivering Value: Engineers and the End User

When I started following along the devops movement often times the phrase “delivering value” would appear in conversation. That made me ponder even harder on a question that had haunted me for quite a while already: who, as an ops person, am I delivering value to?

Ricky Ho01/15/13
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Optimization in R

Optimization is a very common problem in data analytics. Given a set of variables (which one has control), how to pick the right value such that the benefit is maximized.

Kris Buytaert01/15/13
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The DevOps Conference Season is Heating Up

Kris Buytaert gives us an in-depth rundown of forthcoming DevOps events around the world.

Mitch Pronschinske01/15/13
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Isis: Domain-Driven Apps in Java

In October, Apache Isis became a top-level project after 2 years in the incubator. Isis is an interesting project. It's a Java framework for developing domain-driven and RESTful applications using the Naked Objects pattern.

Francois Lascelles01/15/13
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How do you accommodate RESTful service composition patterns where identities need to be propagated across nested service invocations, or any RESTful Web service client that is not browser based for that matter? How should brokered authentication for such RESTful service calls be handled?

Venkatesh Kris...01/15/13
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7 Agile/Scrum Practices to Apply in Maintenance Projects

7 Scrum practices can help you use agile for defect fixing and not just product development. Learn what they are and the potential pitfalls.

Sasha Goldshtein01/14/13
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Lap Around Roslyn CTP: Syntax Analysis and Flow Analysis

How many times have you seen in code reviews a piece of code that calls a method and ignored the return value? We are going on a quest to find all such invocations and produce a warning.

Peter Zaitsev01/14/13
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Data compression in InnoDB for text and blob fields

Have you wanted to compress only certain types of columns in a table while leaving other columns uncompressed? While working on a customer case this week I saw an interesting problem where a table had many heavily utilized TEXT fields with some read queries exceeding 500MB (!!), and stored in a 100GB table.

Ian Skerrett01/14/13
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Why Open Source Governance Matters: Vert.x Case Study

This week there has been a fascinating discussion on the future of the vert.x project that illustrates the need and options for governing an open source project. It is really an insightful case study, some hightlights:

Allen Coin01/14/13
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JSCAPE MFT Server JMX Tutorial

In this video we will be discussing the JMX feature of JSCAPE MFT Server. I will also show you how to set up a Java profiling application to use this feature.