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Troy Hunt02/15/13
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Operating system SmackDown: Windows 8 blitzes XP on 7 year old hardware

I know there’s this unwritten law that newer software requires more resources but it’s my recollection that XP was never really as snappy as 8 is now on any hardware. So I dug up the oldest, crustiest hardware I could get my hands on and did some tests:

Michael Mainguy02/15/13
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Database pagination on mySql and Oracle

Aside from the general overall expense of the product I'm routinely amazed at how many features other DBMS's I've used (DB2, MSSQL, MySQL, PostGres) are either missing or syntactically difficult to understand.

Eric Genesky02/15/13
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NoSQL Week in Review #15

This edition of the NoSQL Week in Review covers our top 5 NoSQL links for the last week. These include a couple Couchbase updates, as well as an article on polyglot persistence with Gremlin.

Boris Lam02/15/13
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JSF (PrimeFaces) and Spring Data MongoDB Integration (Part 3)

As said before, PrimeFaces library is used to enhance the UI. There is nearly no configuration required for this library. PrimeFaces provides many pre-designed . . .

Ben Kepes02/15/13
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The Future of Organizations, the Future of Technology

While attending HP’s Discover event (disclosure – HP covered some of my expenses for attending the event) in Frankfurt in December I was invited to take part in an interview alongside fellow Antipodean Paul Muller.

Ayende Rahien02/15/13
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Software Architecture with Nail Guns

As you probably know, I get called quite a lot to customers to “assist” in failing or problematic software projects.

Daniel Doubrovkine02/15/13
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In Defense of Heroku

James, who I have met, and who is a super nice guy wrote a post called “Heroku’s Ugly Secret”,

Brian Gracely02/15/13
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The Cloudcast - Cloud-Enabling Memcached and Redis for NoSQL

Brian talks with Ofer Bengal (Co-Founder/CEO @Garantiadata) about the challenges and realities of NoSQL databases in the cloud and the value of cloud-enabling services such as Memcached and Redis.

Comsysto Gmbh02/15/13
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Hadoop, MongoDB, and R Community Linksheet

We love to work with latest big data technologies. Currently, our favorite open-source tools are the NoSQL database mongoDB, the Hadoop framework for distributed computing and data storage, and the statistical software R.

Eric Gregory02/15/13
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Getting Hadoop, Hive and HBase Up and Running in Less than 15 Minutes

If you have delved into Apache Hadoop and related projects, you know that installing and configuring Hadoop is hard. Often, a minor mistake during installation or configuration with messy tarballs will lurk for a long time until some otherwise innocuous change to the system or workload causes difficulties.

Alex Soto02/15/13
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The Reality of a Developer's Life - in GIFs, Of Course

I'm going to try to illustrate the reality of a developer's life.

Jim Bird02/15/13
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Releasing Frequently Drives Better Dev and Better Ops

One of the most important decisions we made as a company was to release less software, more often.

Eric Gregory02/15/13
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Meet the Engineer: Kathleen Ting

"I’m a support manager at Cloudera, and an Apache Sqoop committer and PMC member. I also contribute to the Apache Flume and Apache ZooKeeper mailing lists and organize and present at meetups, as well as speak at conferences, about those projects."

Eric Gregory02/15/13
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This Quick Pig Overview Brings You Up to Speed Line by Line

This twenty minute tutorial from Dan Morrill explains a simple Pig script line by line. Concise and useful.

Mitch Pronschinske02/15/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/15/13)

A new definition for NoSQL, an amazing Java library (but not really), and a new HTML5 mobile game development platform. Plus a 2 year hiatus for the LHC, developer valentines, and flying saucers.