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Krishna Prasad02/18/13
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Calling a Web Service from Java Using Maven

In this blog I will show you how to call a Webservice from Java, by having a JAXWS plugin in Maven and generating the stubs during build time. In this blog I am calling a standard Currency Conversion Webservice.

Allan Kelly02/17/13
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SOA is the Software Equivalent of a Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor

SOA works in the laboratory. The technology can be shown to work by big service companies - IBM, Accenture and co. It seems like a great idea. But… SOA doesn’t make commercial sense.

Ralf Quebbemann02/17/13
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Logging in Java: Switching to logback and slf4j

Now, in addition to log4j a new implementation that is more powerful, faster and more flexible than log4j has entered the market: logback.

Brian Hitney02/17/13
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Dealing with Expired Channels in Windows Azure Mobile Services

In the next version of my app, I keep a record of the user’s Channel in order to send down notifications. The built in todo list example does . . .

Comsysto Gmbh02/17/13
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Building an Online-Recommendation Engine with MongoDB

Once upon a time there was a Munich pizza baker who developed a technique to beam pizza out of bright sunshine. He can produce more than a thousand pizzas per second . . .

Eric Genesky02/17/13
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Running Turkey's Internet on MongoDB

Over at the 10gen blog, Emrah Ozcelebi, CEO of SPP42 has written a guest post detailing an interesting case study of how MongoDB is being used by Nokta . . .

Eric Genesky02/17/13
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Fireside Chat with Heroku Leadership

Here's at half-hour discussion from last year with Adam Wiggins, James Lindenbaum, and Oren Teich.

Krishna Prasad02/17/13
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Designing a simple usecase using Test First Approach using Spring

In this blog I will demonstrate designing a usecase with Test First Development approach. Let me explain the usecase first, we need to write an application, where we need to recommend a user some products based on his past purchase history, in which he has similar brands

Gary Sieling02/17/13
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Solr DataImportHandler example with FileDataSource

This imports each line of a text file as a single document, probably about the simplest thing you can do. The schema has a single attribute, “name,” which is defined as a unique attribute.

Eric Gregory02/17/13
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How to Git Going with Distributed Source Control

In this ØREDEV session, Tim Berglund explains how to get started with distributed version control systems, and why it's changing the game.

Lior Messinger02/17/13
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Better explaining the CAP Theorem

Today, I thought a lot about how to examine different databases. Choosing a database is often a daunting task.

Eric Gregory02/17/13
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The LogStash Book Released

LogStash fans (and fans-to-be) rejoice: James Turnbull's LogStash Book has been released into the wild.

Mitch Pronschinske02/17/13
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Clean Architecture

Does the architecture of your application tell you the intent of the application, or does it just tell you what frameworks you’ve used. A good architecture screams about the intent of the application and hides the frameworks.

Ralf Quebbemann02/16/13
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How to flush DNS cache

Sometimes it's good to know how to flush the DNS cache on your Linux or Windows box. There are a few alternatives to flush the DNS cache under Linux.

Debasish Ghosh02/16/13
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A DSL with an Endo - monoids for free

When we design a domain model, one of the issues that we care about is abstraction of implementation from the user level API. Besides making the published contract simple, this also decouples the implementation and allows post facto optimization to be done without any impact on the user level API.