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Brian Gracely08/03/12
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An Ode to George Jefferson, VMware and Nicira

Here's a cheeky rendition of "Movin' On Up," inspired by the recent acquisition of Nicira by VMware

Paul Miller08/03/12
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Learn About Open Data Licenses at the Open Data Foundation

I’m disappointed – but not surprised – by the extent to which widely applicable Open Data licenses are (not!) being applied.

Greg Duncan08/03/12
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Using Windows Azure Shapes to Visualize Cloud Diagrams

Simplicity is the rule – I just want to capture enough data to move to the next phase of the project and ensure everyone understands what we are doing.

Geoffrey Papilion08/02/12
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Infrastructure – The Challenge of Small Ops – Part 3

Infrastructure is hard to build. This is true when putting together compute clusters, or when dealing with roads or power lines. Typically this involves both increases in operating expenses and capital expenses, and a small mistake can be quite costly.

Phillip Haydon08/02/12
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RavenDB… What am I Persisting, What am I Querying? (part 2)

Part 2 of 3: I want to discuss Relationships & References, and the difference between the two.

Mahdi Yusuf08/02/12
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OAuth and API Providers: Come on guys...

The more OAuth providers there are, the more inconsistency there is. Not following the specification puts an increased and unnecessary burden on the developer.

Hirvesh Munogee08/02/12
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Introducing BinaryJS: For Realtime Binary Streaming via WebSockets

BinaryJS is a lightweight framework that utilizes WebSockets to send, stream, and pipe binary data bidirectionally between browser JavaScript and Node.js.

Markus Eisele08/02/12
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Introducing the Oracle Public Cloud Java Service

Wanna get started with OPC? Go pick up NetBeans 7.2RC1 Java EE, and then head back to this post for a step-by-step guide.

Abhishek Jain08/02/12
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Hurdles to Your First Hadoop Cluster

We were working on setting up our first Hadoop cluster. Though there are many online documentation on this even then we faced a few challenges getting with it.

Anders Abel08/01/12
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Programmer Time Translation Cheatsheet -or- Why Programmers Are Bad at Estimating Times

An experienced project manager I used to work with claimed that he took the programmers’ time estimates, multiplied by pi and converted to the next time magnitude to get the true number. He had learned the hard way that programmers are bad at estimating times.

Eric Genesky08/01/12
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More on Measuring the Continuum of Big Data Value

Recall that in the world of Big Data, our fundamental assumption is that data no longer resides in a static database for its entire life.

Paul Stack08/01/12
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How NuGet Could Improve

I enjoy using nuget and I really want to continue enjoying it. All we (as a community) need to do is to be respectful of other developers when we create a package. When delivering software to paying customers, do we release potentially untested applications or do we make sure that they work?

Sadayuki Furuhashi08/01/12
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Heroku Users Can Now Access Treasure Data Analytics Platform

Treasure Data Hadoop Add-on lets Heroku users access the Treasure Data cloud-based data analytics platform without worrying about scalability, data integrity or uptime.

Moshe Kaplan08/01/12
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Optimize MySQL and Schedule Maintenance with MySQL Tuner

Once in a while it is worthwhile to take care of your database and verify it can provide the needed resources for your system. After all, most of the data may be stored in it...

Pushpalanka Jay...08/01/12
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Running Cassandra in a Multi-node Cluster

This post gathers the steps I followed in setting up an Apache Cassandra cluster in multi-node. I have referred Cassandra wiki and Datastax documentation in setting up my cluster. The following procedure is expressed in details, sharing my experience in setting up the cluster.