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Aliaksei Papou02/20/13
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Is MVC Pattern a Dead End for Application Development?

In this article I would like to show you why to use MVC pattern is not enough to be able to create agile and scalable applications. And also to suggest possible solutions to identified problems.

Ben Forta02/20/13
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Creative Cloud App Updates

When we first discussed Adobe Creative Cloud, one of the benefits we touted was that the platform (and it's app subscription model) would make it possible . . .

Giorgio Sironi02/20/13
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Isolation in MongoDB

One of the properties put in question is isolation of operations from each other: while iterating on cursors, it's not a given. If you use MongoDB in production, you have to improve your knowledge of the database properties or write migration scripts that corrupt your data.

Eric Gregory02/20/13
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Dev of the Week: Raymond Camden

Every week, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community here and in our newsletter, catching up to find out what they're working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Raymond Camden, Adobe developer evangelist and blogger.

Oliver Hookins02/20/13
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Asynchronous MySQL Queries with Non-Blocking Readiness Checks

I decided to automate a small part of some data analysis I’ve had to do a few times, starting with the database queries themselves.

Peter Zaitsev02/20/13
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Using MySQL Sandbox with Percona Server

One of the most useful tools if you’re working with multiple versions of MySQL Servers is MySQL Sandbox which allows you to maintain many different versions of MySQL, Percona Server,MariaDB. If you’re just working with single sandbox you can just use MySQL Sandbox in its most basic way and it will work.

Wille Faler02/20/13
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Scaling the Use of Scala

A few weeks I did a talk on "Scaling the use of Scala" at the London Scala User Group, where I went through some lessons learned from a year of using Scala on a bigger project.

Mark O'neill02/20/13
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API Categories

Name some APIs! Which ones come to mind? Amazon? Twitter? Google Maps? Chances are, the APIs which came to mind are APIs which are open to any developer to use. But are these the only kinds of APIs that exist? What about Enterprise APIs?

Eric Sedor02/20/13
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Node.js and MongoLab on Windows Azure

Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to MongoDB-as-a-Service. Are you looking to create a Node.js Application on Windows Azure with MongoDB using the MongoLab Azure Store add-on?

Troy Hunt02/20/13
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A Software Developer Behind the Great Firewall of China

Here's a post from last March detailing Troy Hunt's experience accessing typical developer resources in Shanghai.

Mark Needham02/20/13
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Neo4j/Cypher: Using a WHERE Clause to Filter Paths

One of the cypher queries that I wanted to write recently was one to find all the players that have started matches for Arsenal this season and the number of matches that they’ve played in.

Tommy Patterson02/20/13
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Windows Azure Step by Step for IT Pros

Today’s post in the Migration and Deployment series went live today via Harold Wong. “When Windows Azure first released, it was only available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

Patrick Kua02/20/13
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An Appropriate Use of Metrics

Management love their metrics. Metrics inherently aren’t a bad thing; just often, inappropriately used. This essay demonstrates many of the issues caused by management’s traditional use of metrics and offers an alternative to address these dysfunctions.

Col Wilson02/20/13
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Simple Camel Configuration of a Twitter Endpoint

I was asked just how my got the Twitter Stream working in my new Camel based project and how I managed the credentials. Here's how...

Don Pinto02/20/13
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How Many Nodes? Part 2: Sizing a Couchbase Server 2.0 cluster

For any complex system (especially a database), sizing is never an easy task. The variables are numerous and the considerations and decisions . . .