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Wayne Adams03/27/13
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Hadoop/R Integration I: Streaming

In earlier posts, we've counted up the total dollar value, by state, of new issues of mortgage-backed securities pooled by Fannie Mae. We've used "straight" Java and Pig so far, so now I'll turn my attention to R.

Edmund Kirwan03/27/13
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How Deep is Your Code?

Picture your code. Picture all those functions on which there are no source-code dependencies. That might sound odd: if there are no source-code dependencies on a function then what is its purpose?

Mark Hinkle03/27/13
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Apache CloudStack Becomes a Top-Level Apache Project

The board voted last week, but the announcement came out today, so it’s officially official: Apache CloudStack is now a top-level project under the Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

Henrik Warne03/27/13
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What Do Programmers Want?

I got an e-mail last week from three students at Halmstad University doing a three month project on what programmers want in a job, and how companies can attract talented programmers.

Mark Needham03/27/13
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The Best Tool for the Job

I recently came across an interesting post written by Randy Luecke titled ‘I’m done with the web‘ in which he expresses his surprise that people often aren’t willing to take the time out to learn something new.

Rafał Kuć03/26/13
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Autocomplete on Multivalued Fields Using Faceting

In the previous blog post about auto-complete on a multi-valued field we discussed how highlighting can help us get the information we are interested in. Let's get back to the topic and see how to achieve a similar functionality with the use of Solr faceting capabilities.

Jessica Thornsby03/26/13
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What's New in SmartSVN?

The latest release of SmartSVN, the cross-platform graphical client for Apache Subversion, features plenty of improvements you will find useful. In this post, we take a closer look at some of the functionality we’ve added to SmartSVN 7.5.4.

Gareth Rushgrove03/26/13
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A Government Service Design Manual for Digital Services

This is the work of many people I work with as well as further afield. It’s intended to be a good starting place to find information about building high quality digital services.

Christopher Taylor03/26/13
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Integrated Data as the Perfect Zinger

There’s a classic episode of the American television show Seinfeld called “The Comeback” where a main character, George Costanza, is in a meeting, eating shrimp as quickly as he can.

Mitch Pronschinske03/26/13
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Amazon SQS Cloud Connector

The Amazon SQS cloud connector provides an easy way to interface with the Amazon SQS API from within the CloudHub™ environment. This cloud connector allows users to manage SQS queueing services without having to deal directly with the Amazon SQS API.

Pascal Alma03/26/13
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One Way Messaging with WSO2 ESB

As I posted before I am currently working with the WSO2 ESB. To get a good understanding of this ESB I have been walking through the samples (haven’t finished all of them yet ;-) ). Example 12 is about one-way messaging with the ESB and makes use the TCP Monitor to make it visible.

Mariano Gonzalez03/26/13
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MS Office is so last year, Connect to Google Apps (2/3)

Of course Google Apps have APIS and of course we have the connectors to make it easy to connect Google Apps and your applications together. Lets get the connectors and then take a look at what you can do.

Mitch Pronschinske03/26/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/27)

News about Google's Go and Ruby. Plus, the hoops that job candidates have to jump through and Erlang the Movie II: The Sequel.

Ashish Kuthiala03/26/13
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Techniques to Accelerate High Quality Android® Device Delivery

Android is enjoying an unprecedented march, and there’s no sign of this momentum slowing. Thanks to its quality, breadth, and open source Linux heritage backed by Google . . .

Anders Abel03/26/13
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How We Achieved the Best Code Quality in My Career

My recently finished project produced the best code quality in my career so far. The key success factors were a clear architecture, insane compiler warning levels and last but not least code reviews.