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Chris Keene02/07/13
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What I'm Talking About When I'm Talking About PaaS

I recently got some feedback on my previous musing that from the customer viewpoint, PaaS equals automation. That led me to think of ways to articulate better what this means . . .

Giuseppe Vettigli02/07/13
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Network Analysis: Betweenness Centrality

In Network Analysis the identification of important nodes is a common task. We have various centrality measures that we can use and in this post we will focus on the Betweenness Centrality.

John Cook02/07/13
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Randomized Studies of Productivity

Realistic scientific studies of productivity are often not feasible. For example, people often claim that programming language X makes them more productive than language Y. How could you conduct a study where you randomly assign someone a programming language to use for a career?

Doug Turnbull02/07/13
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What is a Data Scientist?

The traditional scientist builds an experimental design based on a hypothesis. An experimental design is established whereby all the independent variables — those that can influence the outcome — can be controlled.

John Cook02/07/13
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Four Hours of Concentration

As I’ve blogged about before, and mentioned again in my previous post, the great mathematician and physicist Henri Poincaré put in two hours of work in the morning and two in the evening.

Jurgen Appelo02/07/13
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The Merits System

It is clear that the annual bonus system doesn't work. A tremendous amount of research says that it demotivates people, destroys collaboration, and causes dysfunctional behavior among managers and employees.

Arthur Charpentier02/07/13
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Big Data, Statistics, and Computer Science

“Today, software and hardware together provide far more powerful factories than most statisticians realize, factories that many of today’s most able young people find exciting and worth learning about on their own..."

Andreas Kollegger02/07/13
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State of the Linked Data Benchmark Council 2013

A few months ago we announced that Neo Technology (Neo) had joined theLinked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC), a three-year EU-funded research project aimed at creating a comprehensive suite of performance benchmarks for graph databases.

George London02/07/13
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Hbase Error: Region is not online: -ROOT-„0

Your HBase master is failing to start because Zookeeper is giving it an incorrect location for where the -ROOT- table is located. If you go into the HBase webui, you’ll see “Assigning ROOT region” as the status of the master node on startup.

Giuseppe Vettigli02/07/13
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Betweenness Centrality

In Network Analysis the identification of important nodes is a common task. We have various centrality measures that we can use and in this post we will focus on the Betweenness Centrality.

Ralf Quebbemann02/07/13
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Networking Modes in VirtualBox Explained

VirtualBox offers different networking modes. Sometimes it's a little bit confusing to understand what each mode is doing exactly and which mode you should choose.

Pascal Alma02/07/13
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Testing a Secured Mule ESB Web Service Proxy with SoapUI

A web service is proxied with Mule ESB and password protection is added to it by applying Spring Security. The code is quite straightforward. I'm going to use SoapUI to test this setup...

Abhishek Kumar02/07/13
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MessQ: A Simple Message Queue for Socket-Based Message Enqueue/Dequeue Facility

I've spent a good amount of time setting up message-based infrastructures, so I decided to make a tool that would allow me to set up localhost friendly, network available message queues much quicker so I could try out all the things I wanted.

Mitch Pronschinske02/07/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/7/13)

Why it's better to have someone else test your code and why you should make hiring women a priority. Plus, RubyMine 5, Topaz (a New Ruby), and Play 2.1 are released.

Mark O'neill02/07/13
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How to Read in REST Parameters in the Axway Vordel API Server

The Axway Vordel API Server allows you to read in REST API parameters from an incoming request, and then use these parameters for a variety of purposes, for example to pass them into a SOAP message, or use them to call a method of a Java class via the Scripting Filter.