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G. Andrew Duthie03/11/13
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App Shout-Out: Metro Social, Track My Mileage, and Track My Rx

I've got some great apps to share from local devs here in Mid-Atlantic:

Paul Underwood03/11/13
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Create An Interactive Metro Style Grid Dashboard

Since Windows 8 released it's first pictures of the new design, people have been going crazy of the metro style. People love it, it's modern, it's clean, it's simple and makes it really easy to use on mobile devices, especially on tablet devices.

Mark Needham03/11/13
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Neo4j/Cypher: Finding Football Stadiums Near a City

One of the things that I wanted to add to my football graph was something location related so I could try out neo4j spatial and I thought the easiest way to do that was to model the location of football stadiums.

Eric Genesky03/11/13
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Windows Azure 2012 Tutorial

Here's a tutorial for getting started Windows Azure Cloud Services 2012 presented by Mike Benkovich.

Eric Genesky03/11/13
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Neo4j on Rails Sans jRuby

I will use Neo4j to demonstrate how to model graph data and integrate it with Rails. We'll start with the basics of graph databases . . .

Eric Genesky03/11/13
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Obama for America on AWS

Amazon Web Services has posted a series of customer success stories, but the one posted below sticks out as particularly interesting because of . . .

Ayende Rahien03/11/13
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RavenDB Feature Request: Filtered Replication

Every so often we get a request for filtered replication. “I want to replicate to this node, but only those documents.” We explain that replication is a whole database kind of thing . . .

Marco Fränkel03/11/13
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Developing a SOA-Based Integration Layer Framework

In order to keep this blog from reaching the size of one of the books of the ‘Lords of the Rings’ trilogy, I’ll keep it limited to the five below, which together form a pretty good picture of what we had to deal with.

Neil Mackenzie03/11/13
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Cassandra with a Hint of Azure

Apache Cassandra is a highly-scalable, NoSQL, distributed database system. It achieves high scale by distributing data symmetrically among all the compute nodes in a cluster.

Edmund Kirwan03/11/13
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The Structure of Ant

The Ant project having made all it releases available to posterity, this post continues the search for great Java structure by examining the package-structure of the Ant, much like the previous post analyzed the excellent JUnit.

Matthew Turland03/11/13
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Thoughts on Working Remotely

There’s been a lot of hubbub recently with regard to the recent decision of Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer to mandate that all employees, including those currently working remotely, either commute to a corporate office or face termination.

Nial Darbey03/11/13
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Deploying your Mule Application to CloudHub using Apache Ant

I’d like to show you how we have extended his work so that you can also deploy to CloudHub. Why would you want to do that from Ant? Why Continuous Integration of course! Wouldn’t it be nice for it go from development to CI to CloudHub automatically just as you do in-house? Of course it would!

David Winterbottom03/11/13
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Converting GitHub Issues into Pull Requests

Using the Hub library, it's possible to convert Github issues into pull requests. This gives rise to a useful Github workflow which this article describes.

Eric Gregory03/11/13
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How to Build KDE Software from git.kde.org: Part 3

Over the past couple of months, Aaron Seigo has been posting a fantastic series of video guides on building KDE software from git.kde.org. This weekend we ran Parts 1 and 2 -- now here's Part 3.

Christopher Taylor03/11/13
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Today's Real-Time Data, Tomorrow's Forgotten Dream

The disciplines of Big Data and real-time predictive analytics present organizations with the ability to understand behaviour at a relentless pace and also predict consumer patterns in order to take advantage of incoming opportunity.