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A. Jesse Jiryu Davis03/25/13
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Book Review: "Building Node Applications with MongoDB and Backbone"

Mike Wilson's O'Reilly book from December 2012 introduces some hip web development techniques by building a book-long example of a social networking app.

Giorgio Sironi03/25/13
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Erlang: bags

Sets are a data structure whose main selling point is that they contain only one element for each key. Bags relax these semantics and let you save multiple elements; their ETS implementation follow the same API as of sets.

Matt Lacey03/25/13
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3 MiFi topup fail

One of the devices I have to keep me and my devices connected to the Internet is a MiFi unit (portable access point) for (UK network) 3.

Leigh Shevchik03/25/13
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“We Don’t Have Time to Fix Things” – Tips from New Relic

In software, there’s often a war between getting stuff done and making the code perfect. I’d like to share a couple of tricks we use at New Relic to protect our long-term productivity, while still keeping our main focus on what our customers care about.

Ronald Daniel03/25/13
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Variable Declaration: Member, Outside or Inside Loop

Well, my colleague and I were having this discussion before. He was a bit confused with best practice (in performance matter) to declare the variable, whether it’s as a member, inside loop or outside loop.

Leigh Shevchik03/25/13
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Improving the New Relic iOS App with Mobile Monitoring

As a mobile developer, you want to develop applications that people will enjoy. So, the first questions you have to ask yourself are: What is the user experience like for my app? And what can I do to improve it?

Allen Coin03/25/13
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Video: Production Node.js Secrets

"I have worked for over a year at startups based on Node.js. I will share some of the challenges encountered and how we dealt with them." Presented by Daniel D. Shaw.

Raymond Camden03/25/13
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New online material for Chrome DevTools

I know I sound like a broken record when it comes to Chrome DevTools ("Your page is broken? What did DevTools tell you?"), but I wanted to share a new resource that just launched - Discover DevTools.

Raymond Camden03/25/13
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JavaScript Design Patterns - The Module Pattern

Before I begin, I want to be clear. I'm writing this as a means to help me cement my understanding. I am not an expert. I'm learning. I expect to make mistakes, and I expect my readers to call me out on it. If in the end we all learn something together, then I think this process is worth while!

Andrew Trice03/25/13
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PhoneGap Legends – A Sample Game App

…and now I’d like to introduce you to PhoneGap Legends. PhoneGap Legends is a fantasy/RPG themed demo that leverages HTML DOM animation techniques and targets webkit browsers

Paul Hammant03/25/13
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A Singleton Escape Plan

If you've finally decided you want to remove Singletons in your enterprise software, without doing a rewrite or dropping your ability to continually go live as normal, then this is your guide.

Mark Hinkle03/25/13
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SELinux + KVM + CloudStack

So I am working on writing an SELinux policy for the CloudStack KVM agent so that SELinux can be left enabled. Why you ask?

Omri Erel03/25/13
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3 SaaS Sites Worth Noting

Every few months, I need to talk about the best SaaS websites that are trending online at the time. Unlike many best lists, SaaS is far more alive and dynamic . . .

Ayende Rahien03/25/13
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RavenDB 2.0.3 Stable Release!

We have just released the next stable build 2330 of RavenDB 2.0. You can find it here. This release contains a lot of bug fixes, improvements, streamlining and some interesting new stuff.

Eric Gregory03/25/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/25)

Today: Amazon works with the CIA, Canonical works with China, Java works in space, and Raspberry Pi works as a PaaS.