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Christian Posta09/25/12
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Backing Spring Integration Routes with ActiveMQ

In this post, I’d like to use the Cafe sample from the Spring Integration Samples project to illustrate how to use the popular ActiveMQ message broker to back your SI routes with JMS.

Istvan Szegedi09/25/12
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Qlikview and Google BigQuery – Data Visualization for Big Data

How Qlikview and Google BigQuery can be integrated to provide easy-to-use data analytics applications for business users who work on large datasets.

Damien Lepage09/25/12
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To Autowire or Not to Autowire, That is the Question

Dependency Injection with annotations is now a widely spread practice in the Java world. If you use them, are you able to keep a tight encapsulation and still inject mocks or alternate implementations for testing?

Peter Zaitsev09/25/12
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The Math of Automated Failover

Way too often I see people being obsessed with a system which provides automated failover when they have a system of way too small case, have little discipline, and implement solutions not following best practices and do not test it properly.

Stoimen Popov09/25/12
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Algorithm of the Week: Graph Best-First Search

So far we know how to implement graph depth-first and breadth-first searches. These two approaches are crucial in order to understand graph traversal algorithms. However, they are just explaining how we can walk through in breadth or depth and sometimes this isn’t enough for an efficient solution of graph traversal.

Mahdi Yusuf09/25/12
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Choosing Static vs. Dynamic Languages for Your Startup

Here's a discussion of the differences between static and dynamic languages. How do YOU choose?

Duncan Brown09/24/12
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Fun with Gremlin (No Relation to the Movie or the Car)

This is a decent (but brief) introduction to the world of Gremlin and querying graph databases. This will examine in more depth exactly what exactly these queries actually do.

Alan Skorkin09/24/12
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Even Boring Form Data Can Be Interesting (For A Developer)

What could be more boring than capturing credit card data on a form? Well, it's actually not that boring -- since you may want to encrypt this particular data, which presents its own set of challenges.

Ricky Ho09/24/12
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Location Sensitive Hashing in MapReduce

Let's say there are N items (with N in the billions) and we want to find all of those that are similar to one another, with similarity defined by a distance function.

Paul Fremantle09/24/12
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Understanding ESB Performance & Benchmarking

The general ESB model is that you have some service consumer, an ESB in the middle, and a service provider (target service) that the ESB is calling.

Chris Travers09/24/12
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Nested Data Structures, and non-1NF design in PostgreSQL

This article will discuss the use of non-first-normal-form designs, in particular the storage of arrays of tuples in columns to simulate a nested table.  The possible uses and problems of such a design will be discussed in detail.

Eric Minick09/24/12
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Releases Should be Boring

If you are throwing release parties, or just relieved every time the release doesn’t go wrong, it’s probably time to look into DevOps techniques and automating your releases. It’s not like the business is going to want to slow down the pace.

Ben Kepes09/24/12
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End User Computing: Central Control or Distributed Safety?--Bromium’s Novel Play

The new products, Horizon Suite, View and Wanova are designed to do a couple of different things, according to the release.

Steve Francia09/24/12
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6 Tips For Protecting IP on Your Blog

According to a criminal lawyer at an Orlando based firm that we spoke to, there are steps that you can take to make sure that your intellectual property is protected. Here’s what you can do:

Nikita Salnikov...09/23/12
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Who is Stealing Your Memory? (Application Servers Edition)

You just don't have enough memory available. Could your application server be the greedy bastard consuming all your precious memory?