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Brian Gracely03/25/13
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The Cloudcast - Regional Cloud Madness

Guest host Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja) held a roundtable discuss at Varrow Madness in Durham, NC with Jason Nash (@TheJasonNash), Elijah Stukenborg and Rusty Buzhardt . . .

Max De Marzi03/25/13
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Permission Resolution with Neo4j - Part 2

Let’s try tackling something a little bigger. In Part 1 we created a small graph to test our permission resolution graph algorithm and it worked like a charm on our dozen or so nodes and edges.

Ross Mason03/25/13
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Sports Fans Cheer for the Newly Opened ESPN API - Sports Data Galore!

Recently ESPN opened up their treasure trove of data to the developer community by releasing an API. Definitely worth playing with if you're a sports fan.

Greg Ness03/25/13
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The Enterprise Wants Cloud Virtualization

I recently reviewed server shipment projections from a leading analyst firm that concluded about 10 million units will ship per year over the next three years.

Bilgin Ibryam03/24/13
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Connect Apache OFBiz with the Real World

The Apache Open For Business Project is an open source, enterprise automation software. The goal of my project is, instead of reinventing the wheel and trying to integrate OFBiz with each system separately, I want to integrate it with Camel and let Camel do what it does best

James Betteley03/24/13
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Team Transformation for Continuous Delivery with Chris O’Dell – As It Happened

No time for that, I’m seriously late. I was leaving the office just as someone said “James, before you go…” and that was the end of any hopes I had of getting here on time.

Jessica Thornsby03/24/13
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Resolving Conflicts in Subversion

When you’re committing changes to Apache Subversion’s central repository, you may occasionally encounter a conflict which will cause your commit to fail.

John Berryman03/24/13
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Solr Finds the Best Time to Post Questions on StackOverflow

So let’s say that you have an important tech question that simply must be answered. Normally you would post it on StackOverflow and add a hefty bounty to get it answered fast. But you’ve posted a bounty on the past 10 questions and now your Stack Overflow reputation is 4.

Rob Sanders03/24/13
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When to Grant Domain Admin Permissions

So I’m sure we’ve all had to contemplate this at some point in our development lifetime – when is it appropriate to grant developers and architects the key to the domain?

Mark Needham03/24/13
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beanstalkd: Getting the status of the queue

For the last few days Jason and I have been porting a few of our applications across to a new puppet setup and one thing we needed to do was check that messages were passing through beanstalkd correctly.

Bootstrap Mark...03/24/13
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Excel Evolves in the World of Big Data

I don’t know about you, but my go-to piece of software for just about everything is Excel. I have used Excel for over ten years for numerous projects from demographic profiling to building portfolio valuation models.

Arthur Charpentier03/24/13
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Comparing Quantiles for Two Samples

Recently, for a research paper, I had some samples and I wanted to compare them. Not to compare the means (by construction, all of them were centered) but the dispersion. And not their variance, but more their quantiles. Consider the following boxplot type function, where everything is quantile related.

Todd Merritt03/24/13
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Software Architecture Versus Traditional Architecture

When my father built his current house a few years ago, he had the pleasure of having to deal with the entire process of building a new custom house based on a simple list of requirements. Once he and my mother defined their list of requirements they started to look at floor plans.

Allen Coin03/24/13
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Video: Premature Optimization in Scala

Erik Osheim, Senior R&D Engineer at Precog, delivers a talk focusing on low-level optimization in Scala and strategies to help the JVM run faster.

Rob Allen03/24/13
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Objects in the model layer

I currently use a very simple set of core objects within my model layer: entities, mappers and service objects.