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Mitch Pronschinske04/04/13
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Erlang: Noob to Production in 2 Months

James learned Erlang because he wanted to make some minor customizations to ejabberd. Before he knew it, he was putting thousands of lines of his own code in to production. In this talk, James will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of writing and running his first Erlang service.

Kelvin Tan04/04/13
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Permission Filtering in Solr Using an ACL Permissions String

In the previous Lucene-based iteration, to perform permission filtering, I just loaded the entire field into memory and did quick in-memory lookups. In this current iteration, I'm trying something different.

Marius Cristea04/04/13
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Adding PMI (PerformanceMonitorInterceptor) to your application in 3 easy steps

Yesterday I found out that Spring cares about showing how fast it is, but not only that, it does make it easy for you, and without further ado let's get to business.

Christopher Taylor04/04/13
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Let’s Get Real: How Do You Monetize Big Data?

I had the great pleasure of hearing GoodData founder Roman Stanek speak at Cloud Connect in Santa Clara this afternoon. GoodData is just his latest undertaking as Roman was the CEO and Founder of NetBeans, the leading Java development environment, that was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 1999.

Marek Rogoziński04/04/13
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Random Documents from Result Set (Giveaway Results!)

And now two birds with a single stone – a new article and the Apache Solr 4 Cookbook giveaway results. In this article we would like to show you how to implement random ordering of documents in the resulting using Apache Solr.

Harish Ganesan04/04/13
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Configuring Apache SolrCloud on Amazon VPC

A guide to configuring Apache SolrCloud on Amazon VPC.

Eric Minick04/04/13
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uChat 3 : Continuous Integration

UrbanCode CEO and co-founder, Maciej Zawadzki, explains that Continuous Integration is more than just merging code. Join him as he explains some of the fundamentals of Continuous Integration in the third installment of the uChat video series.

Dan Haywood04/04/13
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Go Play with the DHTMLX Viewer for Apache Isis

Mylaensys (Madytyoo and chums) have just blogged about their viewer for Apache Isis based on the DHTMLX Javascript widget library. The post provides a bunch of tech details along points to a simple example you can play with running on Google App Engine.

Oliver Hookins04/04/13
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Apple Can't Obey Its Own Specifications

It turns out that iTunes (at least 11.0.2 build 26) doesn’t actually implement Apple’s own specification properly, in that it can’t handle media segment URIs relative to the URI of the m3u8 playlist.

Raymond Camden04/04/13
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Remember this special little rule about ColdFusion Components

People new to CFC development often forget a very critical rule: Every line of CFML that is not inside a cffunction block will execute whenever you create an instance of a CFC.

Raymond Camden04/04/13
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Recording from my PhoneGap Build Ask a Pro Session

Miss my presentation last week? You can watch the recording below. If you would like the slide deck or any code samples from what I demonstrated, just ask.

Henri Bergius04/04/13
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There are no smartphones

Many made the argument that the tablet was "just a big iPod Touch or iPhone." The funny thing about this argument is that — while the skepticism was misplaced — the core point was true: The iPad is just a big iPhone.

Shanti Subramanyam04/04/13
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Run Comparisons in Faban

I recently checked in a feature that allows fairly extensive comparisons of different runs in Faban. Although the ‘Compare’ button has been part of the Results list view for awhile, it has been broken for a long time. It finally works!

Don Pinto04/04/13
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When one is better than two: Collapsing data management layers for scalability and simplicity

We build layers of abstraction and components as layers – over time, these layers grow and become somewhat unwieldy. I see this same phenomenon emerging in the NoSQL database market.

Pat Shaughnessy04/04/13
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Ruby 2.0 Works Hard So You Can Be Lazy

Ruby 2.0’s new lazy enumerator feature seems like magic. In case you haven’t tried it yet, it allows you to iterate over an infinite series of values and take just the values you want.