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Harish Ganesan04/03/13
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Deep Dive into Amazon ElastiCache

Deep Dive into Amazon ElastiCache on following perspectives : Connection overheads, Elasticity Implications, Auto Discovery, Economics behind choosing cache nodes, Memory allocation and eviction policies

Eric Gregory04/03/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/4)

Today: A new fork of WebKit from Google, a big security update for Postgres, new releases for R and Rust, and some very exciting positrons.

John Cook04/03/13
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Like Silicon Valley Only Better

Just like Austin and Salt Lake City, Research Triangle wants to be another Silicon Valley, only with lower taxes and a lower cost of living.

Mitch Pronschinske04/03/13
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ZeroMQ & Services at Chartboost

A coder presents some useful info about how his company uses ZeroMQ, the technology underlying their service-oriented architecture transition.

Giorgio Sironi04/03/13
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Monoids in PHP

You know when they say learning a functional language makes you a better programmer even in your current OO, imperative language? It's mostly true, but keep in mind that most of the tricks cannot be ported back at a reasonable cost due to the lack of support at the language level.

Ben Wen04/03/13
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Weekend Project: Send sensor data from Arduino to MongoDB

I wanted to be able to collect that continuous stream of hardware sensor data into a MongoDB database for logging, trend analysis, system event correlation, etc.

Leigh Shevchik04/03/13
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Mobile App Industry to Reach Record Revenue in 2013

The mobile app industry is booming these days and is only going to get bigger. Gartner is predicting that worldwide revenue from app stores will increase this year by 62%, bringing the total industry revenue to $25 billion dollars.

Ashod Nakashian04/03/13
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Async I/O and ThreadPool Deadlock (Part 1)

I’ve mentioned in a past post that it was conceived while reading the source code for the System.Diagnostics.Process class. This post is about the reason that pushed me to read the source code in an attempt to fix the issue.

Kathiravelu Pra...04/03/13
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Before Implementing Garbage Collector Algorithms for MMTk

Testing whether a new collector will work with the current build is a good starting point before actually starting with the coding.

Christopher Taylor04/03/13
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In benchmarking, you are the output

I wanted to tackle another benchmarking myth in this post. I’ve touched on it in previous posts in this series, but wanted to address it specifically. It is the myth of getting EXACTLY comparable data within peer groups.

Gil Fink04/03/13
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Quick Tip – The Order Of JavaScript Operations Do Count

Here is another thing to consider when writing your JavaScript code. The order of your operations can decrease your performance.

Anders Abel04/03/13
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this and $(this) in jQuery callbacks

Now that I know how this works in JavaScript I got curious on how this is handled in jQuery and how $(this) is bound to the current element in jQuery event handler callbacks.

Yung Chou04/03/13
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Bulding a Private Cloud Blog Post Series

The process of building a private cloud needs to start with the fundamentals, both conceptually and technically. This series intends to address both and goes through a process of . . .

Eric Genesky04/03/13
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The Basic Concepts of Graph Theory

This video introduces you to the basic concepts of graph theory by working through a sample question.

Keith Mayer04/03/13
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USB on Hyper-V Revisited with Windows-to-Go USB Drive

A while back, I had written an article on some options for IT Pros wishing to extend Host-attached USB devices into a VM.