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Robert Nyman04/05/13
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Thoughts On Blink, Google’s New Rendering Engine

Yesterday, Google announced that they’re moving from the WebKit rendering engine to their own, named Blink, for Chromium. What does this mean for Chromium-based products and for WebKit?

Matthias Marschall04/05/13
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Is DevOps Just a Fad?

There are DevOps tools and DevOps job ads. People talk about culture and sharing and being nice to each other. Sounds pretty fishy, right? The only thing missing is a DevOps certification and we’re done with the DevOps hype. Is DevOps really just a fad? Let’s take a closer look…

Jim Bird04/05/13
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How Do You Measure DevOps?

If you’re trying to convince yourself (or the team or management) that your operations program needs to be changed for the better, and that trying a DevOps approach makes sense – or that your operations organization is improving, and that whatever changes you have made actually make a difference – you have to measure something(s). But what?

Raymond Camden04/05/13
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Delaying an Edge Animate asset until visible

What if your Edge Animate asset is on a page where it may not be visible? For example, a page with lots of text or other assets above it? Here is how I solved it.

Filip Ekberg04/05/13
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Don’t deadlock with async and await

I suggest that you should always return a Task from your asynchronous methods and you really should. What I am about to tell you below though is what you should avoid when doing this.

Allen Coin04/05/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/5)

Today: Programming is terrible, but what can you do about it? An interview with Alan Key, the new Facebook Home, and the story behind O'Reilly's book cover animals.

Zac Gery04/05/13
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Unit Testing: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

The phrase "unit testing" evokes a wide variety of opinions within the developer community. At this point, most individuals understand the concept through direct experience or . . .

Eric Genesky04/05/13
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Big Data and Hadoop Class from Edureka

Here's a 30-minute introduction to Big Data and Hadoop from Edureka.

Eric Genesky04/05/13
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Cloud Data for the Everyday Developer

When should you use a database? When will it bite you? When is table storage the solution?

Chris Haddad04/05/13
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10 Ways to Participate in Open Source

I wonder why more open source users do not actively participate in the open source community and become committers or contributors.

Eric Genesky04/05/13
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Unifying App Experience Across Devices Using Azure

Beat Schwegler presented this keynote at Tech Days 2013 last month.

David Salter04/05/13
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Choosing a Java Version on Ubuntu

When you have got multiple versions of Java installed, you can choose which one you want to use by running the update-alternatives command.

Keith Mayer04/05/13
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Tired of Tapes? Backup Your SQL Database to the Cloud

One of the new features provided in SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 Cumulative Update 2 is the ability to now backup SQL databases and logs to Windows Azure cloud storage

Ayende Rahien04/05/13
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Reviewing LevelDB: Part IX, Compaction is the New Black

After going over the VersionSet, I understand how leveldb decide when to compact and what it decide to compact.

Mitch Pronschinske04/04/13
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Erlang: Noob to Production in 2 Months

James learned Erlang because he wanted to make some minor customizations to ejabberd. Before he knew it, he was putting thousands of lines of his own code in to production. In this talk, James will discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of writing and running his first Erlang service.