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Matt Hidinger04/22/13
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A Windows Phone Developer’s Take on Xamarin

Xamarin is all the rage in mobile development right now. They just threw an amazing conference in Austin and started trending on Twitter during the opening keynote.

Brian Lewis04/22/13
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Azure Router to Router VPN

I just read an excellent blog post by Shannon Fritz on how to setup an Azure site to site VPN using Windows Server 2012 as your corporate side endpoint. While currently this is not a supported configuration, many of us don’t have the supported routers...

Rob Williams04/22/13
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Adventure with iOS Location Management

Remarkably, searches for altitude in the documentation for iOS turns up very little. The course to solving this mystery is worth documenting because it touches on a lot of pieces that have been covered here before.

Remy Sharp04/22/13
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I know jQuery. Now what?

I gave this talk: I know jQuery. What now? at jQuery UK 2013, but instead of my usual approach of post-it explosion on my desk, I wrote a post first, and created the slides from the post. So here is my (fairly unedited) quasi-ramble on how I used jQuery, and how I’m looking at where I’m using native browser technology.

Gary Sieling04/22/13
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“Learning ExtJS 4″ Review

“Learning ExtJS 4” is a good, practical introduction to ExtJS for beginner ExtJS developers who haven’t used the library, or who have used prior Ext versions.

Raymond Camden04/22/13
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Another reason to attend MAX - Hack on Brackets and PhoneGap

Attending MAX? Or going to be in LA at the same time? Use Brackets or PhoneGap? Both teams will be hosting a hackathon on Monday and Tuesday from 1 to 6PM.

Peter Zaitsev04/22/13
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Rotating MySQL slow logs safely

In my last post, I described a solution for keeping the caches of a MySQL standby server hot using MySQL slow logs with long_query_time set to 0. Here are a some lessons we learned when logging a high volume of queries to the slow log.

Gary Sieling04/22/13
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Scala vs. Clojure

LinkedIn shows 42% growth (year over year?) people claiming Clojure as a skill – surprisingly beating out Scala’s 9%, a surprising feat for a lisp-variant. Turns out LinkedIn’s default view is misleading – Scala shows more new adopters (2.4k) vs 1.5k for Clojure.

Peter Zaitsev04/22/13
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The write cache: Swap insanity tome III

Swapping has always been something bad for MySQL performance but it is even more important for HA systems. It is so important to avoid swapping with HA that NDB cluster basically forbids calling malloc after the startup phase and hence its rather complex configuration.

Christopher Taylor04/22/13
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Using benchmarking vendors (Part 1 of 2)

This installment of the benchmarking series focuses on using benchmarking vendors and will be in two parts. This part will focus on when you might want to use a benchmarking vendor, and the second part will focus on what to do once you find a vendor.

Brian Gracely04/22/13
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The Mobilecast: App Development & Lessons Learned at Festo

Brian and Steve Damadeo have a lively conversation about doing mobile app development. They talk through the steps that Steve’s team have taken in the last few years to develop solutions at Festo and come up with a set of lessons to be used when going through the process.

Jim Bird04/22/13
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Architecture-Breaking Bugs – when a Dreamliner Becomes a Nightmare

The history of computer systems is also the history of bugs, including epic, disastrous bugs that have caused millions of $ in damage and destruction and even death, as well as many other less spectacular but expensive system and project failures.

Chris Travers04/22/13
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A Distributist View on Software Freedom

It's worth noting off the bat that Distributism arose as a critique both of Capitalism and Communism and represents something with some of the ideals of both sides, but altogether different in character than either.

Steve Yi04/22/13
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Windows Azure and Reality of the Hybrid Cloud

Quick note – I left Red Hat back in December and joined Avanade where I now lead a team of product managers and engineers building software and cloud services across cloud computing . . .

Brian Gracely04/22/13
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The Cloudcast: Accelerating the Hybrid Cloud Options

Brian talks with Rajeev Chawla (CEO @ CloudVelocity) about the evolution and challenges of Hybrid Cloud, working across multiple clouds, and how start-ups are innovating in a highly competitive cloud market.