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Catalin Red04/09/13
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Thoughts on Becoming a Better Developer

I ask myself this question quite often. What it takes to become a better developer? Not a ninja, guru, master or whatever, but just a better developer. I’m talking about how to improve and learn more every day.

Andy Hawthorne04/09/13
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Installing Rails on Ubuntu 12.10

Installing Ruby and Rails on Ubuntu 12.10 can throw up some errors. I’ve found a method that worked, and wrote a few notes about it.

Stephen Robillard04/09/13
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A Review of DevOps Troubleshooting: Linux Server Best Practice

I may be the perfect audience for this book. I run a small consultancy, and consider myself a developer/analyst first, but I am also the system administrator, DBA and ops team. To quote President...

Eric Gregory04/09/13
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Google's Introduction to Developing for Glass

In this presentation from SXSW, Google's Timothy Jordan introduces the basics of developing for Glass, discussing Mirror API and more.

Ryan Fahey04/09/13
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An Introduction to Data Masking

Dealing with Production Data is a challenge, but most organizations around the world have safeguards in place which secure the production environment properly.

Justin Bozonier04/09/13
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Algorithm of the Week: Monte Carlo Methods

Monte Carlo methods are excellent for problems that are complex enough that an exact solution is nigh impossible and 100% perfect accuracy is unnecessary. What kind of problems? Well the one I’m going to tackle in this post is finding area under a curve (AKA Integration for the Calculus inclined).

Roger Jennings04/09/13
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Windows Azure Sessions at Microsoft Management Summit 2013

Following is a list of 17 sessions containing the keyword “Azure” being presented at this year’s Microsoft Management Summit in Las Vegas . . .

Blaise Doughan04/09/13
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Java API for JSON Processing (JSR-353) - Stream APIs

Java will soon have a standard set of APIs for processing JSON as part of Java EE 7. This standard is being defined as JSR 353 - Java API for JSON Processing (JSON-P) and it is currently at the Final Approval Ballot. JSON-P offers both object oriented and stream based approaches, in this post I will introduce the stream APIs.

Greg Duncan04/09/13
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Database Lifecycle Management Content on MSDN

This is something that every dev and app that stores data has had to deal with, updates and changes over time . . .

Ayende Rahien04/09/13
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Reviewing LevelDB: Part XII, Reading an SST

After figuring out how the TableCache works, I now want to dig a bit deeper into what the Tables are. That means that we are starting out in Table::Open. And this starts with:

Trevor Parsons04/09/13
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Logs as Data, Logs as SMS: Logentries & Twillio Combined

More and more frequently I’m seeing cool use cases of Log data. Using ‘logs as data’ is the concept of writing semi-structured data to your logs which can then in turn be consumed by other services that can put the data to good use.

Eric Genesky04/09/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2013/4/09)

Struts 1.x reaches its end of life, Neo4j reaches a new milestone, a .pdf to .csv data extractor, and Zen koans . . . for Git. Click through for links you don't want to miss.

Greg Ness04/09/13
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Amazon, AWS, and the Public Cloud Paradox

CloudVelocity’s Greg Ness laments Amazon’s public cloud myopia, warning that the company’s future success may depend more upon its ability to lead the cloud market vs. being a former first mover.

Sarfraz Khan04/09/13
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Using Twitter via .NET - Beginners Guide

In this post i will quickly explain how can we interact with Twitter API using .Net code.

Yung Chou04/09/13
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System Center 2012: Understanding VMM 2012 SP1 Fabric and Service Template

There are two important concepts in VMM 2012 SP1 to understand Microsoft private cloud solutions. “Fabric” and “Service Template” they are.