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Eric Gregory02/18/13
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Communicating Through Source Code

In this ØREDEV session, Ryan McGeary explains how teams can improve communication (and results) through asynchronous collaboration.

Arthur Charpentier02/18/13
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Sorting Rows and Columns in a Matrix (with Some Music, and Some Magic)

This morning, I was working on some paper on inequality measures, and for computational reasons, I had to sort elements in a matrix.

Chas Emerick02/18/13
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100% Time

Perhaps you’ve heard of “20% time.” In many ways, it or something like it are table stakes for many software folk, and perhaps other creative specialists as well.

Sadayuki Furuhashi02/18/13
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How Cloud9 IDE Used Treasure Data to Re-segment Users

We just published Cloud9 IDE’s success story. As many of you know, Cloud9 IDE is a online development environment that makes coding more collaborative and effective.

Gary Sieling02/18/13
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Simulating a Line-Following Robot in R

I’ve been reading up on controlling mobile robots, and built a simple robotic movement simulator in R, using the graphing libraries. The model sets up a series of waypoints (red), where the robot’s path is drawn over-top.

Rob J Hyndman02/18/13
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Statistical Consulting with Zombal

Zom­bal is an online mar­ket­place for free­lance work in the maths and sci­ences. Employ­ers (aka “launch­ers” on Zom­bal) can post project list­ings for free, and can­di­dates (aka ‘catch­ers’) bid to ful­fil projects if they have the appro­pri­ate skill set.

Michael Sahota02/18/13
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Lululemon - A Stellar Example of Break-Through Organizational Culture

Christine Day, the CEO of Lululemon, gave a compelling account at the Toronto Board of Trade of how Lululemon uses culture as a core competitive advantage.

Eric Gregory02/18/13
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How to Cut Testing Time with Parallel Automated Functional Tests

In this ØREDEV session, Alan Parkinson discusses the unique benefits of testing in parallel.

Nial Darbey02/18/13
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Complex Problem? No problem to Mule & Drools CEP!

No matter what the problem, wiring Mule ESB Flows together into an integration solution is extremely easy and by exploiting the power of Mule’s native support for the Drools Rules Engine, developers have a very powerful set of tools to tackle even the most complex of integration problems with the greatest of ease.

Mitch Pronschinske02/18/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (2/18/13)

Have a peek at Steve Yegge's 2004 predictions (Wow, were those different times!) and Facebook's "Ginormous Data" operation that 'keeps everything'. Plus Bruce Lawson on the big WebKit switch for Opera, the world's youngest game programmer, and the most annoying homemade gadget.

Mitch Pronschinske02/18/13
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Modeling Distributed Systems with NServiceBus Studio

As developers build larger and more distributed systems than ever before, many questions come up around modeling like, how do I represent services, how do I compose these services into physical endpoints, and how should cross-cutting concerns like authentication and auditing be handled.

Krishna Prasad02/18/13
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Calling a Web Service from Java Using Maven

In this blog I will show you how to call a Webservice from Java, by having a JAXWS plugin in Maven and generating the stubs during build time. In this blog I am calling a standard Currency Conversion Webservice.

Allan Kelly02/17/13
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SOA is the Software Equivalent of a Fast Breeder Nuclear Reactor

SOA works in the laboratory. The technology can be shown to work by big service companies - IBM, Accenture and co. It seems like a great idea. But… SOA doesn’t make commercial sense.

Ralf Quebbemann02/17/13
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Logging in Java: Switching to logback and slf4j

Now, in addition to log4j a new implementation that is more powerful, faster and more flexible than log4j has entered the market: logback.

Brian Hitney02/17/13
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Dealing with Expired Channels in Windows Azure Mobile Services

In the next version of my app, I keep a record of the user’s Channel in order to send down notifications. The built in todo list example does . . .