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Rob J Hyndman03/08/13
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Makefiles for R/LaTex Projects

Make is a mar­vel­lous tool used by pro­gram­mers to build soft­ware, but it can be used for much more than that. I use make when­ever I have a large project involv­ing R files and LaTeX files, which means I use it for almost all of the papers I write, and almost of the con­sult­ing reports I produce.

Jason Sherman03/08/13
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Android: MQTT with ActiveMQ

This demo is just the basics of using the ActiveMQ MQTT client and it provides the starting point to building something such as a mobile chat application.

Kevin Remde03/08/13
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Dynamic Memory – Not Your Father’s Memory Overcommit: Part 3

Part 3 of our “20+ Days of Server Virtualization” series is about Dynamic Memory in Hyper-V. As the title suggests, this is not your Father’s Memory Overcommit.

Martin Winandy03/08/13
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Logger Tinylog 0.8 Supports Application Servers

tinylog, an open source logger for Java, has been released in version 0.8. The second to last beta version of tinylog uses class loaders in a different way to supports also application servers such as Glassfish.

Todd Merritt03/08/13
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Abstraction, Politics, and Software Architecture

Abstraction can be defined as a general concept and/or idea that lack any concrete details. Throughout history this type of thinking has led to an array of new ideas and innovations as well as increased confusion and conspiracy.

Marko Rodriguez03/07/13
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Distributed Graph Computing with Gremlin

The script-step in Faunus’ Gremlin allows for the arbitrary execution of a Gremlin script against all vertices in the Faunus graph . . .

Kristina Chodorow03/07/13
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Databases and Dragons: Battle-Test Your MongoDB

Here are some exercises to battle-test your MongoDB instance before going into production.

Eric Gregory03/07/13
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DZone Links You Don't Want To Miss (UPDATE: RedHat Takes Over OpenJDK 6) - 3/7/13

Today we take a look at some new open source GIS tools for spatial data, early Matt Groening comics for Apple, and a Kickstarter that aims to help Raspberry Pi graduate into a party robot.

Peter Zaitsev03/07/13
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Accessing Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes in parallel from PHP using MySQL asynchronous queries

I decided to try a new asynchronous call to send a query to MySQL using a new MySQLnd driver for PHP. In this post I’ll only show how to make these calls, and in following posts how to measure latency to all nodes.

Christopher Bennage03/07/13
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Building a Game With JavaScript: Making Things Move

The game we’re building will have waves of enemy ships fly in to attack the player’s units. Let’s begin by making a simple enemy as well as some dummy targets for them to attack.

Niels Matthijs03/07/13
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HTML's Black Sheep, The A Element, Is Broken

The implementation of links (the html a-element) has been broken since the very beginning of the web and with the addition of block-level links things only got worse.

Paul Underwood03/07/13
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WordPress: Reset The Post Data

If you are developing a WordPress theme then you would understand all about the WordPress loop. This is the code that is used to display the posts on the correct screen that you are currently on.

Ayende Rahien03/07/13
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Rob’s Sprint: Query optimizer jumped a grade

RavenDB’s query optimizer is pretty smart, it knows how to find the appropriate index for your queries, and even create a new index to match your query if it didn’t exist. But that was the limits of its abilities.

Leigh Shevchik03/07/13
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How to Speed Up WordPress in 7 Easy Steps

For every second you shave off load times, you’ll see significant improvement in page views and conversions. There are a variety of ways to speed WordPress up, and most of them have to do with minimizing the number of external calls. Here are some of the most effective techniques.

Giorgio Sironi03/07/13
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Erlang: sets

While we have been instantiating and navigating lists in most of these examples, they are a data structure that provides access only with a O(N) complexity as the list is traversed; only appending and removing an element from a list can be accomplished in constant time.