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Brian Gracely08/15/14
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The Cloudcast #158 - Private Cloud Management as a Service

Aaron & Brian talk with Sirish Raghuram (Founder/CEO of Platform9) about their Private Cloud Management offering, delivered via SaaS. They discuss the complexities of managing cloud infrastructure, the challenge of skills evolution, and how SaaS delivery can potentially change the economics of Private Cloud.

Johanna Rothman08/15/14
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Agile Bootcamp Talk Posted on Slideshare

I posted my slides for my Agile 2014 talk, Agile Projects, Program & Portfolio Management: No Air Quotes Required on Slideshare. It’s a bootcamp talk, so the majority of the talk is making sure that people understand the basics about projects. Walk before you run. That part.

Doug Winfield08/15/14
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Functional GUI Testing and Kendo UI

Telerik Test Studio helps teams solve just these problems, and the terrific integration points with Kendo UI make it even easier. Moreover, Test Studio helps you create solid, flexible, maintainable test suites that won't kill you with high maintenance costs as your system grows.

Don Pinto08/15/14
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Couchbase Java SDK 2.0.0 Developer Preview 3

On behalf of the whole SDK team, I'm happy to announce the third developer preview of the Java/JVM SDK release train nicknamed Armstrong. It contains both the JVM core package "core-io" 0.3 as well as the Java SDK 2.0 developer preview 3.

Paul Underwood08/15/14
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Convert Image To Data URI With PHP

One of the easiest ways to speed up your page loading times is to reduce the amount of HTTP requests that your website makes, because each time your webpage needs to fetch an external resource such as a CSS stylesheet, a Javascript files or images it will make a HTTP request to the server.

James Betteley08/15/14
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The DevOps Team Myth

Should there really be such a thing as a “DevOps Engineer”? Probably not, but we’re far too late to stop it, and trying to stop it seems a bit of a waste of energy to me. Eventually “DevOps Engineer” will come to mean something more specific, but for now we’re just going to have to read a few more lines on CVs.

Mehdi Daoudi08/15/14
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The Irony of Google's HTTPS Mandate

With last week’s announcement that Google will start rewarding those sites with HTTPS security configurations with better search result rankings, many companies will now be faced with a difficult decision.

Mark O'neill08/15/14
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Are REST APIs Inherently Insecure?

REST security is a hot topic. One of the reasons for this is the continued blowback from the over-complexity of the WS-* specifications. These specifications, including WS-Security, WS-Trust, and WS-ReliableMessaging, and were notorious for being difficult to comprehend.

Mike Cottmeyer08/15/14
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Agile Chronicles (Composite Stories) - Agile Artifacts - Ephemeral v. Enduring Value

During retrospection, when evaluating the quality and value of our artifacts for Epic, Feature and Story decomposition a common theme for our scrum teams is that these artifacts are by design barely sufficient and as such are ephemeral and provide no enduring value.

Anders Karlsson08/15/14
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Script to Manage MaxScale

There are still some rough edges and stuff to be fixed in MaxScale 1.0, but it is clearly close to GA. One thing missing, though, is something to manage starting and stopping MaxScale in a somewhat controlled way, which is what this blog is all about.

Gil Zilberfeld08/15/14
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Test Attribute #10 – Isolation

We usually talk about isolation in terms of mocking. Meaning, when we want to test our code, and the code has dependencies, we use mocking to fake those dependencies, and allow us to test the code in isolation. That’s code isolation. But test isolation is different.

Erich Styger08/15/14
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Hacking the Teensy V3.1 for SWD Debugging

The Freedom boards are small, inexpensive and can be easily extended with Arduino shields which makes them a great platform for prototyping. But sometimes I just need an ARM microcontroller with some headers, and then the 85mm x 55mm size of the Freedom board is not ideal.

Victor Savkin08/15/14
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Using Trello for Your Personal Productivity System

I like this system because I find the visual aspect very important. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, which I value. Since most of what I do is creative work, fighting procrastination and “resistance” is high on my list of priorities, and visual tools help me with that.

Max Katz08/14/14
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Video: Using PhoneGap APIs in Appery.io App

The video shows how to use the PhoneGap API when building a mobile app in Appery.io. The video demonstrates the following APIs: Beep (sound), notification, geolocation, barcode scanner, camera, and accelerometer.

Angela Ashenden08/14/14
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Big Data gets wire data as ExtraHop shares its special source

Though these wider applications of IT Operations Analytics are starting to be mentioned in case study quotes, it’s still not yet at the forefront of ExtraHop’s own publicity.