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Edan Tal04/14/14
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Get Lightning-Fast Downloads via a CDN directly from Eclipse using Bintray

Did you know you can easily host your Eclipse update site on Bintray.com? In this article, you'll find a tutorial on how to set up Bintray and how to host your Eclipse update site.

Erich Styger04/14/14
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Processor Expert V10.4 with New Component Inspector

There have been a lot of new Freescale releases recently around FTF. For the author, as a Processor Expert lover, it is good news that the new version 10.4 is now available. And it comes in four different ways: standalone, plugin for Eclipse, integrated into CodeWarrior, integrated into Kinetis Design Studio.

Bill Jones04/14/14
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Social Media Mining With R

I decided to see what Social Media Mining was all about and this book was really great at describing R and how to get started. I followed the instructions for obtaining and installing R along with...

Paul Hammant04/14/14
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Continuous Delivery: The Price of Admission

In this article, I’m going to outline the importance or addressing your company’s source-control use before diving too far into CD. Specifically, I’m suggesting that you should decide whether your enterprise should do Trunk Based Development (TBD) in one big trunk or not.

Moshe Kaplan04/14/14
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How to Migrate from MySQL to MongoDB

Over the last week, the author was working on a key project to migrate a BI platform from MySQL to MongoDB. They chose MongoDB as the platform data infrastructure to support high data insert rate and scale data analysis. In this article, the author shares some of lessons he learned during the process.

Mikio Braun04/14/14
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Mikio's Guide To Real-Time Big Data

In most of these applications, you have to deal with evented data which comes in “in real-time”. Data is constantly changing and you usually want to consider the data over a certain time frame (“page views in the last hour”), instead of just taking all of the past data into account.

Abhishek Kumar04/14/14
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Creating Object Pool in Java

In this post, we will take a look at how we can create an object pool in Java.

Benjamin Ball04/14/14
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Getting into Flow[Con] with Gene Kim and Jez Humble

In this episode, the Ship Crew discusses FlowCon with the brilliant Jez Humble and Gene Kim. What aspects of “flow” does your organization struggle with? Which people and departments in your software development process are that sad, soggy piece of lettuce? Join the discussion!

Ayende Rahien04/14/14
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Differences in Map/Reduce Between RavenDB & MongoDB

Ben Foster has a really cool article showing some of the similarities and differences between MongoDB & RavenDB with regards to their map/reduce implementation. However, there is a very important distinction that was missed.

Joydeep Das04/14/14
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How JOIN Order Can Increase Performance in SQL Queries

All developers are concerned with performance; if someone says that something increases performance, developers are running behind it. From the author's point of view, that's the way it should be, so in this article, he will show you how to maximize the performance of SQL queries.

Sarah Ervin04/14/14
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Measuring Your DevOps Success

DevOps is not a process or a tool – but there are a number of processes in the software development lifecycle (SDLC) that affect both traditional development and operations staff. All of these components can be optimized, and all of them can then be improved upon further using appropriate software tooling.

Paul Fremantle04/14/14
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Internet of Things - Protocols and Access Keys

There was considerable interest in the MQTT interop session on standardizing the use of OAuth2 tokens with the protocol. My personal prediction is that MQTT and HTTP become the most-used IoT protocols, and I strongly urge (and hope) that OAuth2 tokens will become the de-facto model across both of these.

Amar Mattey04/14/14
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Effective Testing around Hibernate/ORM layer

As applications that use Hibernate or any ORM frameworks grow complex, lots of performance issues don't get enough attention until it is too late. This article accounts for SLA time as part of the junits and allows developers to think in terms of calculating the number of calls hibernate is going to make in the background. This allows for developers to deal with facts rather than assumptions.

Grzegorz Poznac...04/14/14
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Mule best practices backed by MUnit tests

A few words about coping with complex flows (not the ones you would see in every demo app) and how to properly test them using thriving Mule testing framework - MUnit.

Mpumelelo Msimanga04/14/14
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Make Your Reports Dynamic by Putting HTML Code Snippets in Your Data Warehouse

This post details how you should put some of your HTML reporting components in your data warehouse to give you a flexible and easily maintained set of components to include in all your reports.