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Maneesh Joshi11/20/14
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Top 5 Mobile APM Myths: Myths 1 & 2

There is a lot of confusion in the market today. So in this blog post, I’d like to dispel some key myths around mobile apps. And how, with the right mAPM tool, you can nail your mobile app experience — both interactivity-wise and performance-wise — and thereby win the market.

Ayende Rahien11/20/14
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Large Scale Distributed Consensus Approaches: Computing with a Hundred Node Cluster

I’m using 100/99 node cluster as the example, but the discussion also apply for smaller clusters (dozens of nodes) and bigger clusters (hundreds or thousands). Pretty much the only reason that you want to go with clusters of that size is that you want to scale out your processing in some manner.

John De Goes11/20/14
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NewTypes Aren't As Cool As You Think

My last post talked about what’s wrong with type classes. This post generated some great feedback on Reddit, so I took some of that feedback and incorporated it into a revised version of the post, but I have even more to say about “newtypes," so I decided to write another blog post.

Max Katz11/20/14
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How To Build a Farmers Market Search Hybrid Mobile App

This video shows how to build a Farmers Market search app based on a zip code. The app has two pages. The first page allows to search for farmers markets by entering a zip code. The second page shows details for a selected farmers market.

Omri Erel11/20/14
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Implementing the SaaS Maturity Model

When it comes to SaaS maturity model, maturity is not an all-or-nothing proposition, as a SaaS application can possess one or two important attributes and still manage to fit the typical definition and meet the essential business requirements.

Pieter Humphrey11/20/14
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Spring XD 1.1 M1 and 1.0.2 Released

On behalf of the Spring XD team, I am very pleased to announce the first milestone release of Spring XD 1.1 and the 1.0.2 maintenance release.

John Walter11/20/14
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WatchKit SDK Launches

With the WatchKit SDK launching, here's a preview of all of the features for developing on the Apple Watch.

Courtney Symons11/20/14
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Don't Get Caught with Your App Down on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

It's been said that a man's life can be defined by one key moment, one decision, or, maybe most importantly, a lack of a decision. I've come to learn that something similar can be said of an ecommerce company or ecommerce app on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Remy Sharp11/20/14
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My Five Promise Patterns

I've been getting big into promises over the last year. There's been some JavaScript patterns that I use over and over, so I wanted to share and document them.

Troy Hunt11/20/14
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Does an Insecure Website Compromise the Security of a Payment System in an Iframe?

Everyone remembers the problem with SSL 3, right? But we’re also seeing SSL 2 supported. In this post, I will analyze the assertion that the security proposition of the merchant’s site is inconsequential so long as the payment provider is in ship shape.

Lauren Clapper11/20/14
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The Apple WatchKit is Now Available for Devs. What Does that Mean for Mobile?

On Tuesday, Apple announced the release of Watchkit for developers to create apps for the Apple Watch, set to be released sometime in 2015. Is it the death of mobile apps as we know it? Or are they changing the game by improving it?

Rick Delgado11/19/14
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Desktop-as-a-Service and BYOD: Two Growing Complementary Trends

BYOD and DaaS are both growing trends that are making bigger impacts in the business world with each passing year. One of the reasons both are growing at such a steady pace is how they work together so effectively.

Benjamin Ball11/19/14
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hack.summit() On Pace To Be Largest Developer Conference Ever

I just wanted to let everyone know about this great virtual developer conferencing coming up called hack.summit(), which takes place Dec 2-4; there's already more than 13,000 developers signed up for the conference.

Markus Winand11/19/14
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Seven Surprising Findings About DB2

I’ve just completed IBM DB2 for Linux, Unix and Windows (LUW) coverage here on Use The Index, Luke as preparation for an upcoming training I’m giving. This blog post describes the major differences I’ve found compared to the other databases I’m covering (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL).

Phil Whelan11/19/14
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The Cloud Foundry Jenkins Plugin

There's a lot of interest in using Stackato in conjunction with continuous integration tools, and the most popular of those tools is Jenkins CI. Until now, the only ways to deploy your applications to Cloud Foundry or Stackato from a Jenkins build are included in this article.