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Eric Genesky06/11/13
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Redefining Fast Big Data with NoSQL and Flash SSDs

Aerospike CTO and co-founder, Brian Bulkowski, examines this emerging generation of fast big data applications, the demands these apps . . .

Ricci Gian Maria06/11/13
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Running Coded UI Tests in a Virtual Machine

While Coded UI tests are running you can't do anything else on your computer, because mouse and UI are used to run the test. So can you use a VM?

Esen Sagynov06/11/13
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Embrace SQL with CUBRID and jOOQ

"Social" Big Data was generated by millions of users over the web. It seemed too big to fit in classic relational databases . . .

Eric Genesky06/11/13
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Developing/Deploying Apps on Google App Engine

This 10-minute video introduces developers to building apps on Google App Engine.

Brian Gracely06/11/13
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The Mobilecast: CISO and the Art of Mobility

Brian Katz talks with Eric Cowperthwaite, the CISO of Providence Health & Systems about how they approach mobility and some of the lessons he learnt as mobility was brought into the company.

Ross Mason06/10/13
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Lightweight publish/subscribe with Mule and MQTT

In this blog we will look at an example where Mule is used to integrate conference booth QR Code scanners with an MQTT broker.

Ekkehard Gentz06/10/13
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Should I Stay or Should I Go? One Device Only

Working on a mobile app for Service Car Management. Goal: easy to use, one device to rule them all, some customers will have own servers, smaller ones want to avoid IT overhead, so the solution should work with / without extra servers.

Mitch Pronschinske06/10/13
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AJUG's Introduction to Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka (kafka.apache.org) is a "distributed publish-subscribe messaging system" with some very interesting features for handling massive volumes of data without the traditional management and scale issues of JMS implementations. Written in Scala, it runs on the JVM and is easily integrated into Java apps.

Yaron Naveh06/10/13
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gSoap and WCF Routing Services are Not Friends

One of the common patterns with web services is the router service. It can hide routing logic from the client or help with load balancing. Wcf 4 ships with libraries and samples to help build such a router very quickly.

Mark Morrell06/10/13
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A great mobile experience needs….

In my previous post in this series on mobile ‘Good governance signals right mobile direction’ I said mobile is one of the key drivers for the transformation . . .

Alex Soto06/10/13
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Searchable Documents? Yes You Can. Another Reason to Choose AsciiDoc

Elasticsearch is a flexible and powerful open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud based on Apache Lucene which provides full text search capabilities

Ayende Rahien06/10/13
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What Comes After LevelDB

I was already pointed out to HyperDex’s port of leveldb, and I am also looking into what Basho is doing with it.

Leigh Shevchik06/10/13
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Three Factors Driving Mobile Revenue in the Next Three Years

The annual revenue generated by mobile content is predicted to surge from $40 billion to $65 billion by 2016, according to new information released by Juniper Research. This jump will be driven primarily by the greater market penetration of tablet devices, and by tablet game, video and eBook purchases, Juniper predicts.

Dustin Whittle06/10/13
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PHP Performance Crash Course, Part 1: The Basics

In this series I’ll tell you about the strategies and technologies that (in my experience) have been the most successful in improving PHP performance. To start off, however, we’ll talk about some of the easy wins in PHP performance tuning.

Peter Zaitsev06/10/13
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Choosing a MySQL HA Solution – Post-Webinar Q&A

Thanks to everyone who was in attendance on 05 June 2013 for my “Choosing a MySQL HA Solution” webinar. If you weren’t able to make it but are interested in listening to the presentation, it’s currently up and available for viewing over at percona.com.