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Tim Murphy05/30/13
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What Software Architects Can Learn from Baseball Teams

Every team member has their specialty. Infielders have great reactions and throwing accuracy. Outfielders can cover distance quickly and throw long distances. Likewise, there are specialized positions on a development team.

John Cook05/30/13
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A Priori Overfitting

The term overfitting usually describes fitting too complex a model to available data. But it is possible to overfit a model before there are any data.

Christopher Taylor05/30/13
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Is Big Data in the Trough of Disillusionment?

Big Data is showing the first signs of heading for Gartner’s Trough of Disillusionment as a spate of voices, some very well known, like Nassim Taleb, author of Antifragile and other prescient books, begin to question the hype.

Toni Petrina05/30/13
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Single Sign-On Adds More Friction as Private Data Spills Out

What was once a beautiful idea that promised a future without (too many) passwords has now become completely useless feature.

Tim Spann05/30/13
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30+ Droid Development Links

Here's a healthy dose of Android development-related links that cover a range of topics.

Eric Gregory05/30/13
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Thoughtcrime and Big Data

Jim Adler thinks big about the implications of big data-powered inference for ethics and for crime in these talks from Strata. "Police can predict where and when crime is more likely to occur. So, if we can make these inferences, should we?"

Pritiman Panda05/30/13
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Release Engineering & Parallel Deployment

Tomcat is always considered as a poor-man’s server, but the Tomcat 7 has something really interesting to offer i.e.Parallel Deployment. Parallel Deployment is an approach that allows several online deployment operations to run simultaneously or in simple words it is the ability to deploy more than one version of your web application in parallel, making all versions available under the exact same URL. The parallel deployment also helps in the patch releases and advocating the best version of the application based on the performance and traffic

Chris Haddad05/30/13
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David Linthicum on Accelerating Business Agility with PaaS

Business agility means the ability to change IT around emerging business opportunities. However, IT has been less than nimble in recent years . . .

Lubos Krnac05/30/13
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Instanciating Spring component with non-default constructor from another component

I'd like to show how to instantiate Spring's component with non-default constructor (constructor with parameters) from other Spring driven component because it seems to me that . . .

Mark Needham05/30/13
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Viewing the Contents of an Archive

Everyone now and then I want to check the contents of an archive without unpacking it, and I tend to use unzip to do so...

Brian Pince05/30/13
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Updated Policies: Windows Azure Guest Operating System Images

I just received this email from the Windows Azure team about some updates to the Windows Azure Guest Operating System. As a side note, I have tried for years to get the team to call this WAGOS, but . . .

Don Pinto05/30/13
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A Couchbase Cluster in Minutes with Vagrant and Puppet

Since I work as part of the engineering team at Couchbase, I need to run my code against a variety of server deployments.

Anders Karlsson05/30/13
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JSON Datatype in MariaDB Prototype

I have patched up a MariaDB version with JSON support, just for the fun of it. This is not the best version of MariaDB around, as I am not a MariaDB developer . . .

Kevin Remde05/30/13
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Article Series - Building a Private Cloud with Windows Azure

I hope you found our articles informative, that you have downloaded your free System Center 2012 SP1 trial, your Windows Server 2012 evalution, and have started your Windows Azure FREE TRIAL.

Andreas Kollegger05/30/13
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Neo4j 2.0 Milestone 3

The latest M03 milestone release of Neo4j 2.0 is as you expected all about improvements to Cypher.