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Allen Coin07/11/13
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Scaling Backbone.js at SoundCloud

This talk is geared towards the developer who is using, or is interested, in Backbone.js. Darrell shows some of the issues that his team faced while re-imagining the site as a single page app, how they addressed these concerns, and uses examples from the SoundCloud page.

Robert Maclean07/11/13
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Amazing Lock Screen + Windows 8.1

When the Windows 8.1 Preview came out a few weeks ago I was in no place to test it, because I needed my machine stable for a bunch of conferences I was speaking at. However . . .

Alex Curylo07/11/13
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One More Day Left to Get Free Tapstream Mobile Analytics

Sorry DZone caught this deal a bit late, but you have until July 12th to get in on it. All you have to do is sign up for the iOS Weekly newsletter (no spam at all either) and Tapstream will give you a $99/month Pro account at no... cost... for... LIFE!

Seth Proctor07/11/13
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Setting Up a NuoDB Data Source for Railo

This article details the process of provisioning a NuoDB-specific data source in Railo.

Eric Genesky07/11/13
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Concurrency is Not the Same Thing as Parallelism

The following presentation by Rob Pike is an educational talk in concurrency that covers important topics like speed, efficiency, and productivity.

Mark Hinkle07/11/13
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In Case You're Not Already Sold on DevOps...

I won't lie, I'm a bit of a Gene Kim fanboy. David Nalley suggested, actually sort of insisted, that I read The Phoenix Project almost immediately after it came out. This turned out to be a Good Thing™.

Greg Ness07/11/13
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Cloud Migration is Bigger than Image Portability

Rather than take a swipe at a range of tactical tools, I would like to offer up my own view of cloud migration and its base requirements.

Peter Lawrey07/11/13
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OpenHFT Java Lang Project

The Java Lang library is taking the step of making it easier to use native memory with the same functionality available on the heap. The language support is not as good, but if you need to store say 128 GB of data you will get a much better GC behavior using off heap memory.

Ayende Rahien07/11/13
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World’s smallest No SQL Database: Memory

What happens when we grow really big? What about when we are paging? How would that work?

Eric Genesky07/11/13
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Production MongoDB Replica Sets now available on Windows Azure!

After many months of development and testing we are pleased to announce MongoLab‘s first production-ready database plans on the Windows Azureplatform with immediate availability in Windows Azure’s East US and West US datacenters.

Robert Greene07/11/13
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Java Persistence Standards Applicability to NoSQL Database Technology

Now it's clear: different workload, different agility requirements, different database technology. How Java Persistence standards may be ahead of the curve as the next big thing in data management hits the enterprise.

Trisha Gee07/11/13
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Spock Passes the Next Test - Painless Stubbing

In the last post I talked about our need for some improved testing tools, our choice of Spock as something to spike, and how mocking looks in Spock. As that blog got rather long, I saved the next installment for a separate post. Today I want to look at stubbing.

Dustin Whittle07/11/13
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Tools of the Trade for Performance and Load Testing

In this post I will give an overview of the tools of the trade for performance and load testing web applications.

Mitch Pronschinske07/11/13
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Moco: An Enterprise Integration Response/Request Testing Tool

Integrating test cases along with your applications can wreak havoc on the build process. A different approach is usually required for testing integration points on your enterprise applications and today I came across a nifty open source tool that can possibly help alleviate some of that difficulty.

Leigh Shevchik07/11/13
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More From Velocity: Picking the Right Data Visualization

Each way you display your web performance data tells a completely different story. And before you can determine what to optimize, you need to find the right view.