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Nicolas Frankel03/17/13
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KISS Your Architecture

The project I’m working on these days is not properly “legacy” but has seen some twists that renders it less than ideal.

Brian Gracely03/17/13
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The Cloudcast - Open Source Software 101

This week's guest is Mark Hinkle (@mrhinkle), Sr. Director of Open Source Communities at Citrix

Larry Franks03/17/13
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Last Week's Pie in the Sky Cloud Links

It's spring and everything is blooming where I live. Which means it's also allergy season; I've been sneezing all morning. Hopefully you're not allergic to some weekend reading, as we've got some good links today

Istvan Szegedi03/16/13
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Amazon Web Services Redshift – Data Warehouse in the Cloud

Amazon Web Services has made publicly available its fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse cloud service in February, 2013. Let's take a look at the service.

John Berryman03/16/13
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Finally! A Hadoop Hello World That Isn’t A Lame Word Count!

So I got bored of the old WordCount Hello World, and being a fairly mathy person, I decided to make my own Hello World in which I coaxed Hadoop into transposing a matrix!

Itamar Syn-hershko03/16/13
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The story of a massive system refactoring for the cloud: prologue

A couple of months ago I started working at Buzzilla, a company developing "cutting edge technologies and revolutionary analysis and research methodologies that combine to create advanced solutions aimed at harnessing the vast opportunities presented by online conversation".

Mitch Pronschinske03/16/13
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ICE Demo to have Java talk to C#

Ice provides a communication solution that is simple to understand and easy to program with. Yet, despite its simplicity, Ice is flexible enough to accommodate even the most demanding and mission-critical applications.

Davinder Singla03/16/13
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Ext JS Forms Integration with Struts2

This article provides the steps to integrate a form created using Ext JS with Struts2 back-end.

Esen Sagynov03/16/13
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Announcing CUBRID 9.1 stable release with big improvements

We released CUBRID 9.0 beta version in October last year. Since then we have been working hard on stabilzing the beta features, fixing bugs, and improving the overall engine performance.

Madhuka Udantha03/16/13
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Client For ActiveMQ

This Post explains Topics in Active MQ (Message Broker) with Subscribing and Publishing. For this we will write two java clients.

John Cook03/15/13
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Outliers and Kettleballs

When you reject a data point as an outlier, you’re saying that the point is unlikely to occur again, despite the fact that you’ve already seen it. This puts you in the curious position of believing that some values you have not seen are more likely than one of the values you have in fact seen.

Artem Tabalin03/15/13
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Backbone.js App with WCF OData Service

Today's frontend part of web application becomes very complex. Customers expect functional high-performance apps with beautiful UI that working in the browser just like general desktop app.

Vinitha Rajagopal03/15/13
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A quick glance into Distributed Transaction

A typical online shopping would have an order management system, inventory system, purchase order system.

Eric Genesky03/15/13
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NoSQL Week in Review #18

This week we have a couple illuminating articles from two database experts from two leading NoSQL enterprises. Kristina Chodorow of 10gen and Mark Needham of Neo4j. Also, if you haven't checked it out, you can download DZone's Couchbase Refcard herein.

Paul Hammant03/15/13
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Facebook's Trunk Based Development (Take 2)

A week ago, I wrote an article before on Trunk Based Development (TBD) at Facebook, but there’s newer source material. At InfoQ’s QCon this time, Chuck Rossi presented newer TBD practices and release workflow at Facebook.