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Michael Mccandless06/24/13
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Screaming fast Lucene searches using C++ via JNI

Lucene's hot-spots are so simple that optimizing them by porting them to native C++ (via JNI) was too tempting! So I did just that, creating the lucene-c-boost github project, and the resulting speedups are exciting:

Avishek Sen Gupta06/24/13
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Some opinions on developing with AngularJS

I gave a short internal talk today at ThoughtWorks about my experiences working with AngularJS. Peppered in this discussion were several of my opinions on what practices/libraries I’d consider using while working on an AngularJS app. I’ve listed them down here, in no particular order.

Raymond Camden06/24/13
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Great questions about client-side development from a server-side developer

This question came in today and I thought it was an excellent one to share with my readers. It is also one of those questions with a lot of different takes so I hope my readers chime in with their own opinions as well.

Bozhidar Bozhanov06/24/13
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You're Not an Expert in All Levels of Abstraction

Not being an expert in all these levels is fine. Be an expert in a couple. And be sure to know how the others below and above work in principle, so that you can become an expert when there’s a need for that.

Istvan Szegedi06/24/13
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Splunk Storm - Machine Data Processing in the Cloud

Splunk is a platform to process machine data from various sources such as weblogs, syslogs, log4j logs and can also work with JSON and CSV file formats. As the volume and variety of machine data are increasing, Splunk is becoming a more and more interesting player in big data world, too.

Eric Genesky06/24/13
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An Interview with Ian Robinson, Author of Graph Databases, from O'Reilly

I recently had the opportunity to interview one of the authors of O'Reilly's recently-published Graph Databases.

Michael Collier06/24/13
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Using Remote PowerShell with Windows Azure VMs

With Remote PowerShell, it’s possible to create a remote connection to the VM, and execute PowerShell cmdlets against that VM.

Eric Genesky06/24/13
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AvocadoDB Explained

Avocado's software architect, Martin Schönert, explains the ideas behind AvocadoDB.

Cody Powell06/24/13
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Tragedy of the Common Library

Good intentions can go awry quickly in the world of software development. Imagine this common scenario: there are multiple teams building related projects at the same company. At some point, someone realizes that these teams tend to generate a lot of duplicate code; why not create a common library?

Dalip Mahal06/24/13
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Let the Machines Take Over

We write software because automation makes a difference. We also know that automation helps to build software, but it is hard to convince management to buy tools. To help you win win that battle with management here are the statistics -- in particular, automated static analysis can raise code quality by 31%!

Eric D. Schabell06/24/13
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JBoss BPM BAM Dashboard Preview in the OpenShift Cloud

As promised, I have put together a preview of the JBoss BPM BAM Dashboard Builder component and pushed it into the Cloud.

Geoffrey Papilion06/24/13
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Getting Unique Counts from a Log File

Two colleagues of mine ask a very similar question for interviews, something that as a developer or as ops guys you might find yourself needing to do. Given a log file of a particular format, how many times does something occur in that log file?

Gary Sieling06/24/13
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Identifying Important Keywords with Lunr.js and the Blekko API

Lunr.js is a simple full-text engine in Javascript. Full text search ranks documents returned from a query by how closely they resemble the query, based on word frequency and grammatical considerations – if a rare word occurs in a document several times, it boosts the ranking significantly.

Michael Mccandless06/24/13
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A New Lucene Suggester Based on Infix Matches

Suggest, sometimes called auto-suggest, type-ahead search or auto-complete, is now an essential search feature ever since Google added it almost 5 years ago. Lucene has a number of implementations; FuzzySuggester extends AnalyzingSuggester by also accepting mis-spelled inputs.

Sadayuki Furuhashi06/24/13
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Treasure Data's Plazma: Columnar Cloud Storage

Treasure Data has been developed by Hadoop experts. We get Hadoop, and, in many ways, it’s part of our core . . .