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Brian Gracely09/26/14
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The Cloudcast #162 - Building and Managing Scalable SaaS Services

On this episode of the Cloudcast, Aaron & Brian talk with Manoj Chaudhary (CTO & VP of Engineering @loggly) about building and managing massively scalable SaaS applications.

Bilgin Ibryam09/26/14
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Apache Camel for Micro­service Architectures

There is nothing new in microservices. Many applications have already been designed and implemented as such for a long time. Microservices is just a new term that describes a style of software systems that have certain characteristics and follow certain principles.

Adam Diaz09/26/14
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The Evolution of MapReduce and Hadoop

With MapReduce, companies no longer need to delete old logs that are ripe with insights—or dump them onto unmanageable tape storage—before they’ve had a chance to analyze them. Today, the Apache Hadoop project is the most widely used implementation of MapReduce.

Allan Kelly09/26/14
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Nightmare on Agile Street 2: Managed Agile

Blow me down, its happening again… I’m awake. I’m wet, its a cold sweat. Its the small hours of the morning and the dream is horrid....

Anh Tuan Nguyen09/26/14
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Agile is a simple topic

Let's face it, being pure isn't about what you have, it is about what you don't! Pure gold has nothing but gold that's why it is super valuable. We should build our teams on developers, code and business needs. The three pure ingredient of a team, any one taken away and the team is no more.

Mike Cottmeyer09/26/14
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Telling Executive Stories

Delivery teams manage and deliver value supported by the tool user stories. While these forms support delivery team conversations well, they are inadequate to support the richer conversation needed by executives to manage investment and value. What forms the basis of these stories?

Erich Styger09/26/14
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Preventing Reverse Engineering: Enabling Flash Security

Now I have invested a lot of time into my application, ready to be flashed on the devices and shipped. But wait: I don’t want anyone to be able to read out the code from my device and have it reverse engineered. For this, I can ‘secure’ the device.

Doug Winfield09/26/14
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Introducing the LINQ Provider for Couchbase

To demonstrate the ability of the LINQ provider, we will fetch data from the Couchbase sample repository, a beer-sample bucket that includes documents about beers and breweries.

John Jacob09/25/14
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Next Generation API Management

Current API management enables throttling an API call request based on user or system throttling rates. It is ignorant to the performance characteristics of the API provider system. The next generation of API management tools needs to do much more...

Tim Spann09/25/14
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Blue-Green Deployment with CloudFoundry

How to do blue-green deployment with CloudFoundry.

Evert Pot09/25/14
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Accessing protected properties from objects that share the same ancestry.

I realized something odd about accessing protected properties the other day. It's possible in PHP to access protected properties from other objects, as long as they are from the same class, as illustrated here:

Antoine Girbal09/25/14
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Product Catalog with MongoDB, Part 1: Schema Design

This post is part of the Product Catalog MongoDB Series, in which we will cover many aspects of building a Product Catalog with MongoDB. This approach has been tested with a varied product catalog of 130 million items running on a single server (EC2 i2.2xlarge).

Benjamin Ball09/25/14
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The No Fluff Introduction to Big Data

Due to the obstacles presented by large scale data management, the goal for developers and data scientists is two-fold: first, systems must be created to handle large scale data, and two, business intelligence and insights should be acquired from analysis of the data.

Rob Galanakis09/25/14
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Two weeks is the worst sprint length

I still prefer one week sprints, which isn’t surprising as I’m an XP advocate. But if a team isn’t able or willing to move to one week sprints, don’t default to two weeks.

Alec Noller09/25/14
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The Internet of Things Costs Too Much

So, you heard about IoT. All you have left to do is check all the entries on your IoT shopping list and get your home fully automated. Before you worry about the technological singularity, though, you may want to consider something more immediately threatening: your rapidly emptying bank account.