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Eric Genesky07/12/13
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7 Advantages of HTML5 Mobile Apps

This video explains seven strategic advantages cross platform HTML5 Mobile Web Apps have over platform specific Android, Apple iOS and other native OS apps.

Marina Sprava07/12/13
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How to Deploy Joget Cluster into the Cloud

Joget Workflow is an open source platform that allows youto build enterprise web applications easily, due to its rich set of tools.

Gary Sieling07/12/13
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Visualizing Six Million Files and Folders

Each year there are nearly 300,000 of these in Federal Federal Civil Court, 1.3-1.6 million in Federal Bankruptcy Court, but this pales in comparison to state courts, which accept just over 100 million cases each year. Even a small extract of these takes up a fair amount of space.

Ayende Rahien07/12/13
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Reviewing Lightning Memory-Mapped Database Library: Partial

LMDB has an interesting feature set, and a really small codebase. I was anxious to see how they managed to do so much.

Sean Hull07/12/13
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3 Simple Patterns for Tighter MySQL Code

SQL is derided by many and for good reason. It’s key to scalability yet terribly difficult to write good code.

Sony Arouje07/12/13
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Is Our Strategy of Identifying Experience Flawed?

In our current system we judge experience based on number of years. Is number of years the best criteria for judging a person’s experience?

John Cook07/12/13
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Triangular Numbers and Simplices

A simplex is a generalization of a triangle, and you can prove the equation above by counting the number of edges in simplices.

Esen Sagynov07/12/13
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Meet Impala: Open Source Real-Time SQL Queries on Hadoop

In this article I would like to introduce you to Cloudera Impala, an open source system which provides real-time SQL querying functionality on top of Hadoop. I will go over when and how Impala was created, Impala's architecture, its advantages and drawbacks, and compare it to Pig and Hive.

Dave Bush07/11/13
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SSD–The Single Best Investment You can Make In your Computer

Hear about the author's first had experience that proves just how much faster an SSD drive makes your computer. Looking for a way to increase your productivity? This is it.

Mitch Pronschinske07/11/13
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SwitchYard Ep 3: Installation and Runtime

This episode covers the SwitchYard installer and standalone server distribution. It also demonstrates deployment of an application and viewing details of that application in the integrated admin console. It's time to get familiar with JBoss ESB's awesome new successor!

Mitch Pronschinske07/11/13
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SwitchYard Ep 2: Quickstarts

It's time to take a look at the Quickstart applications available with SwitchYard, the JBoss ESB successor. See how you can test and deploy an example application.

Bruno Terkaly07/11/13
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Migrating iOS MVC Applications to Windows Phone 8 (and MVVM)

This post is about getting iOS developers up to speed on implementing their MVC applications on Windows (Phone 8/8). The goal is to understand the equivalent constructs in the Windows world, so that migration of iOS MVC apps to Windows 8 is straightforward.

Allen Coin07/11/13
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Dart: HTML of the Future, Today! - Google I/O 2013

Get crazy productive with Dart's tools, smooth HTML libraries, cross-browser polyfills, and web components based framework.

Allen Coin07/11/13
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Scaling Backbone.js at SoundCloud

This talk is geared towards the developer who is using, or is interested, in Backbone.js. Darrell shows some of the issues that his team faced while re-imagining the site as a single page app, how they addressed these concerns, and uses examples from the SoundCloud page.

Robert Maclean07/11/13
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Amazing Lock Screen + Windows 8.1

When the Windows 8.1 Preview came out a few weeks ago I was in no place to test it, because I needed my machine stable for a bunch of conferences I was speaking at. However . . .