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Allen Coin08/01/13
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Lucene 4 Performance Tuning

This video covers some of the highlights of Lucene 4, which has gone through a major overhaul recently. Many of the key characteristics have changed dramatically, but this video will get you up to speed with those new features and show you how to do some performance tuning in Lucene 4.

Peter Lawrey08/01/13
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Tutorial on Writing and Monitoring Law-Latency, High-Throughput Systems in Java

I am providing a three hour tutorial at JAX London this year covering writing and monitoring low latency, high throughput systems in Java.

Trisha Gee08/01/13
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Speaking at JavaOne Shanghai 2013

Trisha Gee, a speaker at JavaOne Shanghai 2013, recounts her experience at the conference and exploring the city of Shanghai.

Ofir Nachmani08/01/13
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The CloudChronicle Show: VMware, Ravello and Openstack (birthday party)

I recently joined forces with Patrick Pushor of CloudChronicle.com to discuss timely news in Cloud Computing.In this episode we discuss VMWare.

Christopher Taylor08/01/13
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Continuous Improvement that Actually Works

While working on my own project at the-skore.com I met with Sean Dukes, the founder and principal owner of Learnsmarter, a software developer creating solutions on the Salesforce.com platform. Here’s what Sean had to say about his experience moving to a cloud offering.

Julien Danjou08/01/13
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OpenStack meets Lisp: cl-openstack-client

Welcome cl-openstack-client, the OpenStack client library for Common Lisp! The project is hosted on the classic OpenStack infrastructure for third party project, StackForge.

Mitch Pronschinske08/01/13
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Spring Integration Vs. Apache Camel: A Statistical Comparison

This month, a very interesting comparison grid was released by Kai Waehner on JavaCodeBook.com which measures mainly activity and the amount of code committed to Apache Camel vs. Spring Integration.

Mark Needham08/01/13
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Getting Started with Screen

I’ve previously come across screen and tmux which allow you to create a session in which you can do some work even if you aren’t currently connected to it which was perfect for my use case. screen was a bit more familiar so I decided to use that and I thought I should make a quick note of some of its basic flags for future me.

Svend Vanderveken08/01/13
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Scalable Real Time State Updates with Storm

In this post, I illustrate how to maintain in DB the current state of a real time event-driven process in a scalable and lock free manner thanks to the Storm framework.

Eric Gregory08/01/13
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What is NoSQL?

One of the challenges with NoSQL is defining it. The term NoSQL is problematic since it doesn't really describe the core themes in the NoSQL movement. Dan McCreary and Ann Kelly define NoSQL and discuss the business drivers and motivations that make NoSQL so intriguing and popular to organizations today.

Mikko Ohtamaa08/01/13
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Secure User Uploads and Exploiting Served User Content

Hosting user uploaded files opens a potential attack vector against your website. This post discusses the pitfalls of user content and strategies for dealing with those challenges in Python, Django, and Plone CMS, but the advices applies on all systems.

Jim King08/01/13
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Five Useful Computation Layers Solve Java’s Data Calculation

The data computation layer in between the data persistent layer and the application layer is responsible for computing the data from data persistence layer, and returning the result to the application layer. The data computation layer of Java aims to reduce the coupling between these two layers and shift the computational workload from them.

John Cook08/01/13
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Smith's Determinant

Here’s a curious identity I ran across while browsing Knuth’s magnum opus...

Brian Hitney08/01/13
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APIMASH Quakes & Astronomy

What makes the APIMASH concept so fun, to me, is that we’re consuming real-world data. Whether you use one of our APIs we consume in the kits, or find one through a site like Mashery, Programmable Web, the Azure Datamarket, or others, mashup applications are a LOT of fun to create.

Mitch Pronschinske07/31/13
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Masking URIs in the Next Apache Camel Release

In the JMX section of the Apache Camel docs, a new section has revealed an upcoming feature for Camel 2.12.