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Amy Armitage07/16/13
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Jelastic and NetBeans IDE Plugin Podcast

If you’re not already aware, earlier this year we released the Jelastic plug-in for the NetBeans IDE.

Eric Genesky07/16/13
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Scaling SQL and NoSQL Databases in the Cloud

Scaling an application in the cloud often hits the most common bottleneck – the database tier. Not only is database performance the number one cause of poor application performance . . .

Timothy Bish07/16/13
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ActiveMQ-CPP v3.7.1 Released

A new patch release of ActiveMQ-CPP went live this week. A lot of bugs have been fixed that were found in the v3.7.0 release which should reduce memory consumption and improve overall stability.

Mark Needham07/16/13
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Git/GitHub: Squashing All Commits Before Sending a Pull Request

My colleague Michael has been doing some work to make it easier for people to import data into neo4j and his latest attempt is neo4j-shell-tools which adds some additional commands to the neo4j-shell.

Michael Crump07/16/13
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In-App Purchasing for Windows Phone 8

In-App purchasing helps you make money after the initial sale. Learn how to use the new API to set it up.

Eric Genesky07/16/13
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5 Reasons to Choose Okta

If “streamline my IT operations system and move to the cloud” is on that to-do list, then you stumbled upon the perfect place to procrastinate.

Paul Underwood07/16/13
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Organize Your GitHub Gists with GistBox

Because I use sublime text 3 as my code editor I used to just store all my code snippets as a snippet in sublime. This was fine if I was always working on one computer but what if you code on multiple computers?

Eric Genesky07/16/13
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StrongLoop nodeJS Enterprise App Store

Here's a 17-minute demo of how to Build an Enterprise Appstore for iPhone and Android using StrongLoop Node.js and Appcelerator Titanium

Rob J Hyndman07/16/13
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Reflections on UseR! 2013

This week I’ve been at the R Users con­fer­ence in Albacete, Spain. These con­fer­ences are a lit­tle unusual in that they are not really about research, unlike most con­fer­ences I attend. They pro­vide a place for peo­ple to dis­cuss and exchange ideas on how R can be used.

John Cook07/16/13
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Bayes : Python :: Frequentist : Perl

Perl has the slogan “There’s more than one way to do it,” abbreviated TMTOWTDI and pronouced “tim toady.” Perl prides itself on variety. Python takes the opposite approach.

Gary Sieling07/16/13
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SQL Execution Plans in Javascript

Various companies, frameworks, and libraries have built functionality resembling relational databases to serve various goals: tighter language integration (R, pandas, linq), niche data applications (solr, mapping software), scaling machines or memories (hadoop, datomic, memcached), etc.

Mark Hinkle07/16/13
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The Citrix Open Source Prize

Mark Hinkle announced that Citrix was announcing its own Open Source Prize. The first objective is to integrate Asgard, one of the Netflix OSS tools, with Apache CloudStack.

Mariano Gonzalez07/15/13
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Data as a Service: An OData Primer

The goal of this post is not to dive deep into the Mule OData connector but to give an overview of it and its utility in Mule. This example app consumes the OData feed from the city of Medicine Hat in Alberta, Canada.

Max Katz07/15/13
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Build an Android App in Five Minutes with Appery.io

This tutorial will show you how to build an Android app in about 5 minutes and install it on a device.

Senthil Kumar07/15/13
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Kineticwing IDE – Lightweight And Cross Platform IDE

Kineticwing IDE is a simple, lightweight and portable IDE for quickly developing websites without installation.