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Mitch Pronschinske08/28/13
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Neo4j Users Build Cypher Shell for Logging

On the BioCodersHub community website, a recent post announced a little tool for Neo4j and the graph database query language, Cypher. These developers needed Neo4j and Cypher to perform a certain style of logging, so they built a utility that did that and open sourced it.

Steven Willmott08/28/13
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PinnedURL API: URL Shortening API

PinnedURL is a new company providing link redirects and URL shortening services to the vertical marketing and pay-for-performance online marketing sectors. Here's an overview of their API.

Allen Coin08/28/13
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A Novel Idea: Write a Book with GitHub

GitHub stands to revolutionize the revision and management of writing something other than code: books.

Robert Greathouse08/28/13
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Some Thoughts on Pair Programming

Two programmers, one computer. To management, it sounds like waste. To agile mentors, it sounds like the answer. What does it sound like to developers? The answer (as with most things) is “depends”.

Marco Siccardi08/28/13
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Getting Productive with WAMS: How to Call Twitter REST API 1.1 From a Scheduled Script

Like I promised in my first post about Windows Azure Mobile Services, I will show you how to call the Twitter Rest API 1.1 from a scheduled script.

Allen Coin08/28/13
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Dev of the Week: Jurgen Appelo

This week we're talking to Jurgen Appelo, developer turned Agile writer and entrepreneur interested in the creative economy and workplace happiness.

Blog Team At In...08/28/13
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Develop HTML5 Apps for Any Browser or Mobile Device

Companies supporting BYOD can kill two birds with one stone. Given that staff members are using Android, iOS and Windows devices, companies cannot simply support just one operating system.

Adi Gaskell08/28/13
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The Social Race Toward Mobile Healthcare

Mobile healthcare is supposed to be the next big thing, with experts like Eric Topol predicting an age where our mobile devices are increasingly used to record and communicate our health data with professionals, who can then act accordingly on the data we send them.

Nikita Ivanov08/28/13
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Why MCS Means Rapid In-memory Computing Adoption

What does the relatively new acronym MCS have to do with the accelerated adoption of in-memory computing? I’d say everything. Welcome to the future.

Raymond Camden08/28/13
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Another Node Experiment: AndKittens

I built what follows as an excuse to practice my Node chops more, not to bring anything actually worthwhile into the Internets. Unless you like kittens. If so, this is epic.

Dustin Whittle08/28/13
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How Edmunds.com Builds DevOps with Beer and Whiteboards

Check out the video below to find out how Edmunds.com learned from failure, began opening communications between silos, and built a DevOps culture over beer and whiteboards.

Martin Hinshelwood08/28/13
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The Fallacy of the Rejected Backlog Item

To my understanding, there is a frustrating misunderstanding of reality when one thinks that the product owner can reject a single story at the sprint review. This is the fallacy of the rejected backlog item.

John Cook08/28/13
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Standing Desks Considered Harmful

Several studies have suggested that sitting all day is bad for you. So, a growing number of people have decided to stand all day instead. This may not be any better, and may be worse.

Gil Zilberfeld08/28/13
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The Agile Autumn of 2013

Autumn is upon us, and the conference cycle resumes. On October 4-5, I’ll be in Kiev, going back to Agile Eastern Europe again. Then the spaceship goes to Potsdam, Germany to Agile Testing Days!

Michael Georgiou08/28/13
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A Private Conversation: Heml.is and Whistle.im

Heml.is, engineered by the co-founder of the Pirate Bay bit torrent, is taken from the word “Helmis,” which is Swedish for secret. It is a text-messaging app that relies on XMPP with PGP for security.