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Abhishek Kumar08/04/13
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Puppet: A Beginner's Concept Guide (Part 4) ~ Where is my Data?

When I started my Puppet-ry, the examples I used to see had all configuration data buried inside the DSL code of manifests, people were trying to use inheritance to push down data. Then I got to see a design pattern in puppet manifests keeping out separate parameters manifest for configuration variables.

Matt Lacey08/04/13
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Programmatically restarting a device

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me discussing a bug in the SDK which causes devices to reboot. This wasn't as a result of doing anything untoward or deliberately malicious. This was just as a result of passing what should be valid data to a method in the API.

Christian Grobmeier08/03/13
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Recursive Menus with AngularJS Templates

AngularJS supports Templates and you can do a lot of great stuff with them. Recently I created a tree-like structure with an unknown depth. Templates are great to work with recursion.

Rob Williams08/03/13
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The Language of Math

I've been reading this book, and finding it really interesting, engaging, and full of great content. However, I also constantly hit little nuggets ground up in the feed that make me gag.

Mitch Pronschinske08/03/13
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Getting Started with the Neo4j Batch Importer

Batch importing and processing is getting more and more popular it seems. This video, featuring DZone MVB Mark Needham, gives a brief tutorial on how to use the neo4j batch importer - a tool used to import large data sets.

Claus Ibsen08/03/13
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Apache ServiceMix How-to Book Published

The book is a practical how-to book with 19 recipes for using and working with Apache ServiceMix. Starting with how to install and start ServiceMix, and showing how the shell and web-console works as well how to access the logs, install applications and the more.

Sagar H Ganatra08/03/13
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My First Book Titled "Kendo UI Mobile" is Here!

Writing a book was both a personal and a professional goal that I had set for myself. Today I have realized it and I feel accomplished.

Peter Zaitsev08/03/13
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Advanced MySQL Query Tuning: Webinar followup Q&A

This post comes from Alexander Rubin at the MySQL Performance Blog.

Chris Haddad08/03/13
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Enterprise Private PaaS Adoption and Differentiation

The secret is starting to leak out from multiple sources; Private PaaS adoption by enterprise end-user organizations is off to a slow start in 2012-2013.

Gary Sieling08/03/13
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Examining Citations in Federal Law using Python

Congress frequently passes laws which amend or repeal sections of prior laws; this produces a series of edits to law which programmers will recognize as bearing resemblance to source control history.

Phil Wilkins08/03/13
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Book Review – MySQL Workbench: Data modelling & Development by Michael McLaughlin

I was offered the chance to look at MySQL Workbench: Data Modelling & Development by Michael McLaughlin which I took up as I was interested to know more about the Workbench tool (despite having...

Amit Saha08/03/13
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Notes on writing systemd unit files for Beaker’s daemon processes

Recently, I had a chance to write systemd unit files for the daemon processes that run as part of Beaker: beakerd which is the scheduling daemon running on the server and the four daemons running on the lab controller – beaker-proxy, beaker-provision, beaker-watchdog and beaker-transfer.

Michael Mccandless08/03/13
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A New Version of the Compact Language Detector

It's been almost two years since I originally factored out the fast and accurateCompact Language Detector from the Chromium project, and the effort was clearly worthwhile: the project is popular and others have created additional bindings for languages including at least Perl, Ruby, R, JavaScript, PHP and C#/.NET.

Andriy Redko08/02/13
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Easy Messaging with STOMP over WebSockets using Apollo

In my previous post I have covered couple of interesting use cases implementing STOMP messaging over Websockects using well-known message brokers, HornetQ and ActiveMQ. But the one I didn't cover is Apollo as in my own opinion its API is verbose and not expressive enough as for a Java developer.

Dan Wilson08/02/13
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Using MongoDB Aggregation Framework to Filter Trello Cards

When I was helping prepare for the CFSummit conference, we organized the sessions on Trello. The MongoDB aggregation framework is a relatively new addition to the platform. Using this framework, you can group, sort, calculate and handle information gathering in the aggregate sense. Here's how I did this for the Trello JSON data.