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Andreas Kollegger08/12/13
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Neo4j 2.0 Reaches M4

Previously it was considered good practice to wrap read operations inside a transaction. The 2.0.0-M04 release makes this recommendation mandatory. Cypher got its fair share of changes too.

Mitch Pronschinske08/12/13
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So You Think You Can Do Messaging?

So you've decided to try messaging. You've built distributed systems before - everyone's called a web service, right? You've looked at MSMQ, RabbitMQ, Azure Service Bus or ActiveMQ. But where do these technologies fit in?

Jean-baptiste Rieu08/12/13
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They Don't Always Have to Use Your App

Our application’s goal is to help people who already work closely together to do so with a tablet. They already talk to each other, they are trained to work together. They've worked this way since 1933 at least.

Christopher Taylor08/12/13
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When Software Ate Police Work

If you live in California and had your phone turned on one evening last week, you were probably startled to get a text from the statewide system that alerts residents to emergencies.

Mark Needham08/12/13
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neo4j: Extracting a subgraph as an adjacency matrix and calculating eigenvector centrality with JBLAS

Earlier in the week I wrote a blog post showing how to calculate the eigenvector centrality of an adjacency matrix using JBLAS and the next step was to work out the eigenvector centrality of a neo4j sub graph.

Venkatesh Kris...08/12/13
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What am I Reading? Brick by Brick

As I am learning, experimenting and playing around Lean Startups, Design thinking and Innovation, this book Brick by Brick, How LEGO rewrote the rules of innovation and conquered the toy industry provided additional evidence to support my thinking around innovation and creativity.

Amit Saha08/12/13
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Get Started with Beaker on Fedora

If you do not know what Beaker is, the Architecture guide is a good start...

Peter Verhas08/12/13
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Should I Write a New Unit Test?

Recently in a project a method was altered from private to be public. The functionality that was used only inside the class was needed from outside and the without any other change the method got into the interface the class implemented and the keyword private was changed to public. To do that this was a task.

Mitch Pronschinske08/11/13
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MongoDB Hadoop Adapter Reaches 1.1

The 10gen blog announced the release of Mongo-Hadoop 1.1 in a post that recaps the project's progress so far.

Mitch Pronschinske08/11/13
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DDD, Rails, and MongoDB

DDD isn't well known in Ruby developer circles. Don't discount it. DDD could be a boon to the Ruby community if it gained momentum. See how this sample Ruby on Rails/MongoDB app was built using DDD techniques.

Paul Lothridge08/11/13
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NuoDB 1.2 Sneak Preview

Get the details on the upcoming NuoDB 1.2 release, follow below. No window dressing, just the facts, so read on...

Blog Team At In...08/11/13
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Introduction to Systematic Programming – Part 5

In this part, learn about Arbitrary Sized Data, as well as working off of a list. Arbitrary sized data represents data that is of an unknown amount, or something we just don’t know up front.

Blog Team At In...08/11/13
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Introduction to Systematic Programming – Part 6

In this part, we’re reminded that the purpose of the HtDF recipe is to break your large, seemingly insurmountable problems down into smaller more manageable ones.

Raymond Camden08/11/13
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Sharing ColdFusion WebSockets Among Different Applications

ColdFusion 10's WebSockets are specific to one application. Given a WebSocket channel named "chat" in application one, if you have one with the same name in application two they won't share messages.

Drabo Constantin08/11/13
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Mixing ExtJs, JSON-P and Java Web on NetBeans

In a previous article I demonstrated how to build a ExtJs application. In the next lines I will show the content of a small patient management application using ExtJs as client-side framework and Java web with Spring framework in server-side.