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Vladimir Kornev09/24/13
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"Lazy" Database Synchronization Using RabbitMQ

Due to internet connection degradation between the home office and branch offices, we have to sync everything within short-term sessions. RabbitMQ and EasyNetQ are the tools we will use for this.

Kosta Stojanovski09/24/13
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Java and XML - Part 2 (JDOM2)

In my first article, I mentioned some terms and posted links about Java and XML in general. In this article, I want to write something about the DOM parsing method and the differences between the JDOM2 and DOM parser from the Java Standard Edition.

Idan Fridman09/24/13
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Monitoring and Detecting Memory Leaks in Your Java Application

So your application is running out of memory, you’re spending days and nights analyzing your application hoping to catch the memory holes in your objects. This article will explain how to monitor and detect your memory leaks to make sure your app is on the safe side.

Aaron Nichols09/24/13
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Why I Infracode

The only reason I’m still doing ops work is because I get to write code. If you were to offer me an ops job where all I did all day was figure out tough problems for other people to code solutions to, I’d tell you to suck it.

Allen Coin09/24/13
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Valve Announces SteamOS

Yesterday, Valve officially announced SteamOS. SteamOS, according to the announcement page, is an operating system optimized for gaming and meant as a "free stand-alone operating system for living room machines."

Jenny Yang09/24/13
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DevOps Dojo: Infrastructure Monitoring and Stability

Yesterday I was invited to share my thoughts on infrastructure monitoring and stability in an Atlassian Open DevOps Dojo hangout. It was great to be able to join infrastructure gurus Roy Rappaport (Netflix), Jeff Behl (Logic Monitor), and Mark Breitung (Atlassian) for some data-nerd-on-data-nerd conversation.

Steve Smith09/24/13
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Organization Antipattern: Project Teams

The process of forming a team of complementary personnel that establish a shared culture and become highly productive is denied to project teams from start to finish. The alternative to building a project team is to grow a product team.

Swizec Teller09/24/13
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My New Favorite Pomodoro App

It’s been over two years since I started living life in 25 minute increments. Since then I have done 4,352 pomodoros – that's 1,813 hours of pure focused, productivity – and it’s been amazing. But it's time for a change ...

Patroklos Papapetrou09/24/13
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SonarQube Meets SCM Statistics

A few months ago I decided to start implementing the SonarQube SCM Stats plugin that gathers statistics from a project’s source control repository and graphically display them in various ways

Chase Seibert09/24/13
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Using Grep from Inside Vim

There are a thousand ways to grep over files. Personally, I use a couple of Vim macros. The first command is just a simple alias for the native grep. It also displays the results in a nice little buffer window, which you can navigate through with normal HJKL keys, and open matches in the main editor window.

Olga Kouzina09/24/13
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The Dangers of Small Talk

In line with my previous posts on non-violent communication for agile teams and "assuming dumbness," I’d like to share some ideas that might help foster non-violent communication and alleviate the “are you dumb?” syndrome.

Pavel Bernshtam09/24/13
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Replace your Scripts with Gradle Tasks

I really like Maven, and I really like the declarative build style, but recently I finally came to understand why Gradle is better. For small projects that produce a common library JAR, you can still use Maven, but real-life, complex software projects always contain a lot of support scripts for deployment, copying artifacts, and so on.

Sasha Goldshtein09/24/13
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An Exercise in Virtual to Physical Memory Translation

In this post, we will explore virtual address translation through a real-world example. If you’d like, the instructions here should be sufficiently detailed enough for you to perform this experiment on your own with a kernel debugger.

Allen Coin09/24/13
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Explore Web Performance with Google's BigQuery

This article by Google web performance engineer and developer advocate Ilya Grigorik is a great introduction to Google's BigQuery, which you can use to peruse some performance satistics about 300,000 of the web's most popular websites.

Ariya Hidayat09/24/13
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Fast-forward Git Merge

Merging a branch is a pretty common operation when using Git. In some circumstances, Git by default will try to merge a branch in fast-forward mode. How is this different from a merge without fast-forwarding?