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Eric Genesky05/13/13
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CloudStack API Walkthrough

A walkthrough of CloudStack API, including screencast of signing a request and screencast of doing a REST wrapper using Flask.

Seth Proctor05/13/13
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NuoDB for PHP

In this article, I’ll show you how to install, configure, and use the NuoDB PHP PDO Driver. The instructions below are for Windows, but other NuoDB platforms are installed and configured in a similar way.

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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My Mom Told me That Git Doesn't Scale

Did you have a good Mother's Day? This GitHub developer's mom is certainly interesting... Since day one, we've faced an unique engineering problem: making terabytes of Git data always available, either directly or through our website.

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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OpenStack Integration Case Study on a Hybrid Cloud

How do you design and deploy a hybrid cloud application service using Openstack, VMware Vcenter and HP Public Cloud Service? How do you automatically scale your multi-tier application to respond to peak demand?

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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Building an Enterprise CRM with Grails and Spring Integration

This session will present a case study focusing on the development of a robust, horizontally scalable, enterprise CRM system at Dealer.com built primarily upon a Spring technology stack.

Mitch Pronschinske05/13/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 13)

See why Ars Technica thinks that the W3C’s new DRM framework will empower the open web and check out the benchmarking of Dart and Java. Plus a iOS 7 concept design and 7 tips on minion management.

Steven Willmott05/13/13
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Looking at the CabForce API

There’s a lot of hype around door-to-door travel search. To be fully capable of providing user awesome travel search results, not just from airport to airport, these companies will need to plug in content from different sources including flights, trains, ferries and ground transportation.

Gaurav Mantri05/13/13
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Windows Azure SDK 2.0 For .Net – Taking A Second Look At Windows Azure Diagnostics

We’ll talk about improvements in SDK as well as changes in the Service Management API to facilitate these changes.

Christopher Taylor05/13/13
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Dark Clouds on the Horizon of Cloud Computing?

Cloud is red hot. You can’t attend a conference or take two steps out of your house without hearing something about cloud computing. It isn’t a shocker, as the concepts behind Cloud form . . .

Arthur Charpentier05/12/13
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Playing Cards with R

In my courses on R, I usually show how to insert a picture as a background for a graph. But it is also to see the picture as an object, and to insert it in a graph everywhere we like to see it.

Arthur Charpentier05/12/13
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Poisson Regression on Non-Integers

In my course on claims reserving techniques, I mentioned the use of Poisson regression, even if incremental payments were not integers. For instance, we did consider incremental triangles...

Eric Genesky05/12/13
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An Introduction to NoSQL

Here's an 8-minute introduction to various NoSQL options and top vendors.

Peter Zaitsev05/12/13
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Open Source, the MySQL market (and TokuDB in particular)

Open Source should be considered as a way of providing additional value to customers of your product. Namely, if your product is Open Source, you provide the following benefits to your customers:

Sasha Goldshtein05/12/13
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Virtual Machines Are The New Processes

Once upon a time, threads were a new thing. Hardcore Unix architectures were processes-only, cheap forking, and would have none of this lightweight threads business.

Seth Proctor05/12/13
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Getting Started: Migrate a Database from SQL Server to NuoDB

The new .Net driver for NuoDb, currently in beta, allows to interact with the NuoDB database from a wide range of existing tools.