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Eric Genesky05/17/13
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Apache Drill: Interactive Query and Analysis

This 50-minute presentation from NoSQL Matters was given by Michael Hausenblas and covers Apache Drill.

Eric Genesky05/17/13
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OpenStack, SDN, and the Future of IaaS

Infrastructure-as-a-Service, as exemplified by the success of commercial cloud computing service providers, has clearly proven to be the fastest way to develop and deploy elastic web applications.

Dror Helper05/16/13
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How to Write a Unit Test

I found myself thinking – what are steps I take when writing a new unit test? I’ve been writing them for so long and never noticed I’ve been following a “methodology” of sort. And so without further ado – here is the steps I take when writing a new unit test...

Christopher Taylor05/16/13
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Can IT Organizations Deliver Business Outcomes?

Most people within technology feel a healthy amount of concern about how they’ll navigate so many disruptive changes happening simultaneously. Each of what Gartner calls the Nexus of Forces, social, mobile, cloud, and information is highly disruptive on their own.

Andreas Kollegger05/16/13
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New Incubator Project: Neo4j Mobile for Android v0.1!

During this busy week of Android hacking at Google I/O, we are pleased to announce an amazing new Community project, for all of those who have been yearning to . . .

Arthur Charpentier05/16/13
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Data News: The Wait for Natural Language Processing and More

Arthur Charpentier's regular data link roundup explores the paradox of the proof, the sex in economics, the long wait for natural language processing, and much more.

Seth Proctor05/16/13
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Distributed MVCC with NuoDB

Greetings oh-so-persistent nuonians! Your faithful consistency nerd is here to continue the discussion of MVCC.

Robert Diana05/16/13
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The Big List of 256 Programming Languages

I am not recommending a specific language over others at this time, but providing a long list of languages based on GitHub and TIOBE.

Paul Reed05/16/13
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The Ship Show: Does Your Entire Team Have to Git It?

Version control is becoming a ubiquitous part of the “DevOps movement,” and we talk through what level of understanding should be expected, what level of training should be provided, and whether those are different for different teams or different tools.

Tim Murphy05/16/13
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Learn A New Programming Language Every Year?

As I thought about it I realized that it isn’t important for it to be a language that you learn, it is just important that you learn something new. Experiment with a new platform, study data theory, join the enemy’s camp and understand their point of view.

Artem Tabalin05/16/13
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AngularJS - Get a First Impression

AngularJS is amazing JavaScript framework designed to create single-page applications (SPA) using MVC architecture. In this article I would like to demonstrate the strength of the framework and show how to use angular basic features in action.

Raymond Camden05/16/13
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JavaScript Design Patterns - The Revealing Module Pattern

As a reminder, the idea behind this series is to create real, practical examples of various JavaScript design patterns based on the book, "Learning JavaScript Design Patterns" by Addy Osmani. (See my review here.) In this blog entry I'll be discussing the Revealing Module pattern.

Dmitry Sheiko05/16/13
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Importing External Files in JavaScript

As a JavaScript application grows, navigation on the code becomes hellish. It comes to mind how useful it would be to have the ability to include JavaScript files.

Allen Coin05/16/13
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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 16)

Today: A full-text client-side search in CSS3, Georgia Tech's online MS in Computer Science for $7,000, 3 new APIs for Android announced at Google I/O, and a Klingon translator!

Patrick Debois05/16/13
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Compiling a nodejs projects as a single binary

Let's face it, if you write software it's often hard to distribute it: you have the runtime , the modules you depend on and your software itself. Sure you can package that all but packages ofter require you to have root-privileges to install.