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Chase Seibert08/06/13
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Diagnosing Memory "Leaks" in Python

We assumed we had a memory leak on our hands; somehow we were leaving references around to our data structures that were remaining in memory and not being garbage-collected between tasks. But how do you go about investigating exactly what is happening?

Maarten Balliauw08/06/13
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An Autoscaling Build Farm Using TeamCity and Windows Azure

What if we could move the build agents to a platform like Windows Azure and have them autoscale, depending on the actual load on the build farm?

Marina Sprava08/06/13
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Java and PHP Data Synchronization in the Cloud

Sometimes your Java or PHP application can’t cope with any additional load, whether it’s from high traffic or performance reducing tasks. So, how do you solve this issue quickly? We’ll show you how to add PHP or Java application servers to your environment and synchronize your application data within seconds.

Omri Erel08/06/13
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SaaS Contract Writing Tips

I am going to explore a topic that a lot of people have been asking me about, that being legal and contractual issues regarding SaaS.

Geoffrey De Smet08/06/13
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Algorithm of the Week: False Assumptions for the Vehicle Routing Problem

Many companies are faced with the vehicle routing problem. These companies want to minimize their fuel and time usage, to reduce their costs and ecological footprint. Sounds easy, right? Just take the shortest route. Unfortunately it’s not that simple. We need good, flexible algorithms.

Mitch Pronschinske08/06/13
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New DB Rankings: Mongo DB Beats MS Access in Popularity

In the new data for this month's DB-Engines.com DBMS rankings, MongoDB has surpassed Microsoft Access in popularity and is only slightly behind IBM DB2 with a rank of 6 overall. It's also the most popular NoSQL data store.

Ioannis Canellos08/06/13
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Hawtio & Apache jClouds

This is only a first draft of the jclouds plugin and there are more cool things to be added, like executing scripts, downloading blobs and also have a better way of creating new services (the last is already supported but could be really improved).

Adrian Milne08/06/13
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MongoDB in 3 Easy Steps!

If you're entirely new to MongoDB - this is just a very gentle introduction that gets you up and running with a sample database in just a few easy steps.

Altuğ Altıntaş08/06/13
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Considerations in Bug Reporting

It is not possible to escape from bugs in software world. No matter what type of application, bugs may occur at any time and this is a very natural process. But feedback of the bugs found to the application developers may be unnatural.

Gary Sieling08/06/13
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Counting Citations in US Law (in XML)

The U.S. Congress recently released a series of XML documents containing U.S. Laws. The structure of these documents allow us to find which sections of the law are most commonly cited. Examining which citations occur most frequently allows us to see what Congress has spent the most time thinking about.

James Carr08/06/13
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Immutable Servers with Packer and Puppet

Lately I’ve been becoming more and more of a fan of is the concept of Immutable Servers while automating our infrastructure at Zapier. The concept is simple: never do server upgrades or changes on live servers, instead just build out new servers with applied updates and throw away the old ones.

Hüseyin Akdoğan08/06/13
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NoSQL with JPA

EclipseLink, reference implementation of JPA, has JPA support for NoSQL databases (MongoDB and Oracle NoSQL) as of the version 2.4.

Rahman Usta08/06/13
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Integration of Spring MVC and Mustache

Spring MVC uses InternalResourceViewResolver class as default resolver, and this resolver class works with JSP view objects. But in Spring MVC, there are also resolvers that can resolve the different view technology. Here you will be introduced with the MustacheViewResolver class which resolves the Mustache template architecture.

Steve Francia08/06/13
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MongoDB in PHP

This is a MongoDB tutorial on using MongoDB in PHP which I gave as a webcast for O’Reilly last year. The tutorial covers everything from Installing MongoDB along with installing and configuring the MongoDB PHP driver.

Rudra Gautam08/06/13
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Here is a little mnemonic device. If NoSQL is No SQL, it must be an anti-RDBMS system. The logical flow explaining why NoSQL is the opposite of RDBMS is as follows...