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Alec Noller10/02/13
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Load Impact Introduces Cloud-based Server Metrics Agent

Load Impact, a cloud-based service for load testing and optimization of websites, apps, and APIs, recently introduced a free, server-oriented tool called the Server Metrics Agent. It allows developers to do preventative work on server problems, as well as analyze and optimize performance.

Allen Coin10/02/13
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Dev of the Week: Mike McCandless

This week we're talking to Mike McCandless, author of "Lucene in Action," Apache member, and smart home automation enthusiast

Jari Timonen10/02/13
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Python Tutorial - The Basics

I have wanted to try Python, and now I've had enough time to try it out. My goal was to learn why it is so popular and widely used. I started out with Django, but soon find out that it was too much. I needed to learn the basics of Python first.

Jim Hirschauer10/02/13
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What is Node.js and why should I care?

Node.js is a server-side implementation of JavaScript and is also single threaded. This brings up an important question: Isn’t it a bad thing to have a single threaded application server if you want high scalability? I had to do more research.

Clare Cini10/02/13
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Large Dataset Retrieval in Mule

You might how to perform large dataset retrieval in Mule. The documentation page briefly explains how this may be achieved, however there is no working example on how to do this as far as I can tell.

jb j10/02/13
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Useful and Ready-to-use HTML5 Snippets

HTML is super easy to write, but when creating webpages, you often need to do the same repetitive tasks, such as creating forms. In this article, the author has compiled 10+ ready-to-use HTML snippets to help you speed up your frontend coding.

Ricky Yim10/02/13
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Guicing up the Play Framework: Dependency Injection with Guice and Play

One of the features lacking out of the box for Play is Dependency Injection. Coming from a background of JEE, this seems to be quite a significant omission. Fortunately, it is not very difficult to set it up. This article will take you through the steps of adding Guice to your Play application.

Tom Howlett10/02/13
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The Shame of Pair Programming

When I tell people that most of my team pairs most of the time, and that it’s not mandated, they nod and say “Yes but I don’t think my developers would be happy doing that.” Why are people reluctant to pair?

Jim Marino10/02/13
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Wiring-in-the-Large: The Missing Technology for Java Cloud Applications

Returning to Maritz’s picture of next-generation applications that consume, process and distribute data at a massive scale, wiring-in-the-large will hopefully play the same modernizing role that local dependency injection did for Java EE in the corporate datacenter.

Carlos Sanchez10/02/13
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Testing Puppet and Hiera

We have been using Puppet 3 for a quite some time now, and one of the main reasons to upgrade from Puppet 2.x was the ability of using Hiera as a data backend for all the variables that customize the different VMs

Mark Hinkle10/02/13
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Cloud Security: The 800lb Red Herring in the Room

If you take a truly secure system and place it in an external or hybrid cloud, it will remain secure. Simply exposing a secure system to a larger number of potentially hostile assailants is not enough to make it vulnerable.

Ayende Rahien10/02/13
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File I/O: Flush or WriteThrough?

WriteThrough is the .NET name for FILE_FLAG_WRITE_THROUGH which tells the OS to skip any caching and goes directly to the disk. Writes will block until the data is sent to the disk. That is usually the wrong thing to do, actually

Gonzalo Ayuso10/02/13
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Multiple Phonegap Push Notifications in Android’s Status Bar

When you use the push plugin “out of the box,” you will see one message in Android’s status bar every time you send a single push notification, but if you send more than one, only the last will be shown. In this article, you will learn a small hack that allows you to change the default behavior of push notifications.

Edmund Kirwan10/02/13
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Structure and Information

We can estimate information of an unknown quantity by asking a series of questions that admit only yes or no answers. Information theory has long offered such insights, but can we shine its perspicacious beam onto Java source code? Can we calculate the amount of information in a Java program's structure?

Eric Pugh10/02/13
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Using SolrCloud to Clone Your Search Index

The search engine GPSN has a fairly static dataset of Chinese patents that is delivered via roughly 5 TB worth of very large Zip files. In this article, the author creates a script to check the data for various error conditions, and uses SolrCloud and Curl to clone his search index.