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Ayende Rahien08/26/13
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Memory Mapped Files, File I/O and Performance

I have been testing out several approaches for writing out to files and I thought that the results are interesting enough to share. The accessor code adds a lot of overhead when using Memory Mapped Files.

Ricci Gian Maria08/26/13
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Really Impressed by ASPnix Web Hosting

I asked some friends for an hosting that had monthly billing and they directed me toward ASPnix. After one month I was really surprised looking at Google Webmaster tools, because the decrease in response time was really huge and not just my imagination.

Mark Needham08/26/13
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Products and Infinite Configurability

Although I haven’t used it I’m told that Azul’s Zing JVM takes the minimal configuration approach by only requiring you to specify one parameter – the heap size – and it handles everything else for you.

Omri Erel08/26/13
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Top Three SaaS Landing Page Service Providers

"The cloud" was among the trending topics at the World Congress held in Barcelona recently. So, it should come as no surprise that SaaS landing pages have become the new rage.

Michael Mainguy08/26/13
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An Unflattering Commentary on Rackspace Cloud Server Security

Being open minded and assuming things have changed in the last couple years I thought I'd go back and try out Rackspace cloud for my testing. My first and most shocking revelation is that they have NOT fixed a key security problem.

Mark Needham08/26/13
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Unix: tar - Extracting, Creating and Viewing Archives

I’ve been playing around with the Unix tar command a bit this week and realized that I’d memorized some of the flag combinations but didn’t actually know what each of them meant.

Mark Needham08/26/13
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Ranking Systems: What I’ve Learned So Far

After playing around with calculating the eigenvector centrality of a sub graph I learned that this algorithm can also be used in ranking systems. This is applicable for network-based ranking systems as we can build up a matrix of teams, store a value representing their performance against each other, and then calculate an ordered ranking based on eigenvector centrality.

S M Sohan08/26/13
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Hybrid Persistence

Hybrid persistence works fine for caching. But whenever your data is split into multiple sources in way that you’d have to combine the parts from each, it’s not gonna be fun time. Just so you know.

Doug Turnbull08/26/13
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4 Reasons We’re Really Excited About FoundationDB

As you might have heard, FoundationDB became publicly available last week. As we’ve discussed in the past, we’re very excited here at OpenSource Connections about this emerging database.

Calvin French-owen08/26/13
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Building Purgatory: Using Node.js to Build a Delayed Queue

In our use of purgatory, we queue messages if there are database connection problems, but this approach can extended to nearly every type of service. The module itself is agnostic to the types of connection errors which can occur.

Mark Needham08/26/13
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Model to Answer Your Questions Rather Than Modelling Reality

"We are not modelling reality, but the way information about reality is processed, by people." This is advice that is helpful when designing a model in a graph database.

Mitch Pronschinske08/26/13
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MongoDB Encryption Options

MongoHQ wrote a helpful blog on the encryption features in MongoDB. Its a big deal for the larger, more cautious companies as well as smaller ones, so it behooves a MongoDB host in company like MongoHQ to help share information about MongoDB's security.

Tom Howlett08/26/13
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An End and a Beginning

Tom Howlett is currently tweaking the ending of his book on the workplace and he shares the current draft here for your thoughts.

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/13
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Cloud Message Oriented Architecture with Node.js and RabbitMQ

Learn about the advantages of a message oriented architecture to be able to mash up together a polyglot system of apps and services with with Node.js and RabbitMQ.

Mitch Pronschinske08/25/13
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Companies Don't Want to Bet on the Wrong SDN Vendor

The technology for software-defined networking is already here, but vendors are still thinking about how they want to commoditize it, and that is the main thing that is holding back its widespread adoption according to Patrick Moorhead.