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Simon Jackson09/11/13
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Intel Perceptual Computing and the Perceptual Challenge

Not so long ago Intel launched their new perceptual computing vision which effectively is a cheaper alternative to Microsoft Kinect sensor, alongside that they began a challenge to create some inventive apps using the camera and to a select few (about 125+ developers) they offered the chance to win and own one.

Giorgio Sironi09/11/13
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How a LazyDecorator can let your application avoid building massive object graphs

Wiring code is a great way to document your designs, as it's always in sync with the rest of the code while diagrams aren't. However, it's important to consider all non-functional concerns of your Factories: how readable they are, but also how efficient they are in creating objects to satisfy the most common use case in your application.

Allen Coin09/11/13
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Dev of the Week: Duncan Brown

This week we're talking to Duncan "The Mad Grapher" Brown, graph-based database enthusiast, and wearer of many hats.

Mike Bushong09/11/13
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The 10 Commandments of 1:1s

There is probably no more ubiquitously abused professional growth tool than the one-on-one meeting between an employee and his or her manager.

Tim Kitchens09/11/13
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Wise Project Management Always Starts With “Why?”

If we want our teams to be successful, we need to start our conversation with what we believe to be the most important principles to pay attention to in software projects and use those principles as our true North.

Ayende Rahien09/11/13
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With Malice Aforethought, We Can Try Even Better

Continuing on with the same theme from our last post, how can we improve the speed in which we write to disk? In particular, I am currently focused on my worst-case scenario:

Allen Coin09/11/13
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Put on Your Asynchronous Hat and Node

This presentation by Marc Fasel will explore the asynchronous features of Node.js, describes code patterns for asynchronous applications, and shows how asynchronous libraries can be leveraged to build maintainable and scalable Node.js applications.

Paul Underwood09/11/13
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Troubleshooting: Share Your Code

The best way of asking for help with your front-end code is to be able to share your exact code. But this is hard to do as most development problems should occur on your local machine with all the code on your local computer.

Blog Team At In...09/11/13
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What is a wireframe and why are they useful?

A wireframe is a visual guide that portrays how a page or screen of a website or system may look. Wireframes can range from very unfinished and "sketchy" in appearance, to very polished looking and reflective of how the system will look at 100 percent completion.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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Debating Admin Functionality in Nanomsg

Nanomsg creator Martin Sustrik has a new blog post out this week about some discussions happening in the early stages of Nanomsg's development. These discussions are currently about adding administrative functionality and giving Nanomsg a config file. It's something that it's ancestor, ZeroMQ, doesn't have.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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A NoSQL Schema Evolution Language

Many NoSQL data stores have the advantage of being schema-free (although the data still has an implicit structure). However, NoSQL stores don't have convenient schema management tools for when the schema evolves with the application. Meet the NoSQL schema evolution language.

Mitch Pronschinske09/11/13
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Apache Camel Has Broker Component for Upcoming ActiveMQ 5.9

Rob Davies, the CTO of FuseSource, which is now a part of Red Hat, has a new blog post out about a feature in the upcoming ActiveMQ 5.9 release that will allow developers to include a camel.xml file in their ActiveMQ broker config to do some cool stuff...

James Meickle09/11/13
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Tracing Black Boxes II: Monitoring Solr

It’s hard to implement an effective, scalable search system, which is why Apache Solr is probably the most popular "black box" in web app infrastructure.

Mitch Pronschinske09/10/13
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Hutch, an Awesome Async Library for RabbitMQ, Open Sourced

Hutch is a Ruby library for enabling asynchronous inter-service communication in a service-oriented architecture, using RabbitMQ.

Mitch Pronschinske09/10/13
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STEFFI Joins the Graph DB Ecosystem

A new distributed graph database made its debut recently, saying it's comparable to Neo4j and Titan. The new database, called STEFFI, is in-memory and claims that it has recorded better performance metrics than Titan and Neo4j in several benchmarks.