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Allen Coin10/03/13
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Use Your Dev Skills to Give Back, Anytime, Anywhere

What if there were way that you could use a spare hour here and there and use your development expertise to help out charity organizations? MakeADiff is a place where vetted charitable organizations can post their tech projects they need help with.

Mike Cottmeyer10/03/13
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Enabling Distributed Agile Teams

In this presentation I attempted to drive toward a shared understanding among the group as to how we could better understand the challenges of distributed teams and how to accept them — not working for or against them.

Venkatesh Kris...10/03/13
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Is Agile good enough for innovation?

There is a myth that just by embracing Agile or Lean, one could build innovative products. Based on my personal experience working in several research projects and being part of innovation team, I have found that we need much more than Agile.

Gerard Davison10/03/13
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Write an Auto-debugger to Catch Exceptions During Test Execution

A few days ago I came across this blog entry on how to write your own debugger, and I wondered if it was possible for a Java process to debug itself. Turns out, you can, and here is the code I came up with as part of this little thought experiment.

Alan Cassar10/03/13
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XA Connection Pooling

When dealing with databases from a Java application, one of the issues that many people are faced with is performance. One thing we learned the hard way is that pooling of XA connections is not that easy. So we need a connection pool that supports XA connections.

Alan Hohn10/03/13
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Performance of Java Collections

What is the real-world effect of choosing the wrong kind of collection? I wanted to show the real-world effects of making the correct or incorrect decision, so I put together an example. I used the excellent Caliper library to create a class that benchmarks pulling data from existing collections.

Ofir Nachmani10/03/13
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DevOpsDays TLV and TDD = Test Driven Dev

The last two days were extremely interesting at the DevOps Days Conference in Tel Aviv. It was impressive to see the amount of professionals that attend and the amazing energies that supported a great open space sessions and networking.

Alex Holmes10/03/13
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Next Generation Hadoop: It's Not Just Batch!

In his JavaOne talk last week, the author presented changes that are happening in Hadoop: It’s shaking off it’s batch-based shackles and enabling a new Hadoop platform that can support a mix of processing systems, from stream-processing systems to NoSQL systems.

Chase Seibert10/03/13
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Getting Started with Splunk as an Engineer

What is Splunk, and how can you make the best use of it as an engineer? Splunk is first and foremost a hosted web-based tool for your log files. Rather than re-hashing the install steps, this article focuses on what you can DO with Splunk once all your logs are in there.

Eric Pugh10/03/13
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Using SolrJ with BASIC Authentication and SSL Wrapped Solr

Do you have BASIC authentication turned on for Solr? Are you using a self signed SSL Certificate? Do you want to index to this server using SolrJ? The author has taken a couple of tries to get all the magic incantations to work, but finally has done it. Hopefully this saves you some of the pain he experienced in searching.

Andreas Kollegger10/03/13
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Amazingly Cool Graph DB Use Case Whiteboarding

Interested in seeing the products that Breaking Bad characters would be interested in? Or maybe the IKEA furniture graph would be more intriguing? These are just some of the awesome graphgists that have appeared thanks to Neo4j's recent Graph Challenge.

Mitch Pronschinske10/02/13
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How to Design Great APIs

To build a great API, it has to be intuitive. To maintain your great API, it has to have great documentation. And to build an engineering organization capable of expanding your great API, you have to be strongly opinionated.

Mike Bushong10/02/13
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The Snowflake Conundrum (aka Why it is Hard to Make Money in Network Management)

Point of Control, despite its role in so much of what is going on, it isn't getting near enough air time. For the network, the Point of Control is the point of interaction.

Alec Noller10/02/13
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Load Impact Introduces Cloud-based Server Metrics Agent

Load Impact, a cloud-based service for load testing and optimization of websites, apps, and APIs, recently introduced a free, server-oriented tool called the Server Metrics Agent. It allows developers to do preventative work on server problems, as well as analyze and optimize performance.

Allen Coin10/02/13
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Dev of the Week: Mike McCandless

This week we're talking to Mike McCandless, author of "Lucene in Action," Apache member, and smart home automation enthusiast