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Antonin Januska08/07/13
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Best New Features in Bootstrap 3.0

Bootstrap 3.0 RC1 is looking great and I’m so happy to say that it’s a great transition and it looks much better than Bootstrap 2.X.

Blog Team At In...08/07/13
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CSS-Tricks: HTML5 Resource of the Day

Today’s resource is CSS-Tricks. Although CSS-Tricks is primarily known for its namesake tips and tricks for doing cool things with CSS, the site offers many other things modern web developers might find useful.

Henri Bergius08/07/13
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My Interview on the Origins of NoFlo

Here is a video interview of me talking about the origins of NoFlo, the flow-based programming environment for JavaScript:

Sasha Goldshtein08/07/13
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Searching for and Displaying C++ Heap Objects in WinDbg

You can use WinDbg with the SOS extension to dump all objects of a particular type and execute additional scripts and commands for each object. C++ has nothing of that sort. And this is something I wanted to change.

Faheem Sohail08/07/13
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Comparing the Search Performance of CQEngine with Standard Java Collections

In this post, we will see exactly how fast CQEngine is compared to iterating over a collection and also how the search time grows as you increase the size of your collection.

Simone Chiaretta08/07/13
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How to Two-Way Bind a jQuery Mobile Flip Switch to a Knockout.js Variable

I’m currently building a mobile JavaScript application and I wanted to render a Yes/No as a flip switch using jQuery Mobile. To track the status of the variable and pass it to the logic of the application I’m using Knockout.js.

Mehdi Daoudi08/07/13
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Top Shelf vs. Watered-Down RUM

Real User Measurement (RUM) is a method of capturing performance metrics from actual people browsing a webpage via JavaScript. While the heuristic approach to RUM provides useful data, it is very limited compared to the data provided by the Navigation Timing API.

Clemens Helm08/07/13
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Testing Tuesday #17: How to Spy on JavaScript Methods with Jasmine

Last week we introduced testing JavaScript with Jasmine. Jasmine provides a feature called spies. In this screencast, we show you how you can use spies to check if methods got called.

Omri Erel08/07/13
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SaaS SLA Best Practices

Today we're going to look at the Service Level Agreement. This one is probably the most important agreement and unfortunately it’s the one that nobody ever reads when they install software or subscribe to a service.

Adam Grocholski08/07/13
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Hot off the Cloud: Windows Azure Training Kit for August 2013

Yesterday Microsoft released the Windows Azure Training Kit 2013 Refresh. This is a great resource for both developers and IT professionals who want to learn about the Windows Azure platform

Peter Karussell08/07/13
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The Scalable Array

In GraphHopper we can create very tiny graphs for indoor routing, but we can also scale to graphs holding the road network from the planet. And we can expand to this size on demand. The reason is a very simple trick...

Erich Styger08/07/13
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A New Freedom Board: FRDM-KL46Z

My opinion? The best Freedom board so far, I love it!

Robert Maclean08/07/13
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GitHub: Why it's right for open source and (probably) wrong for you

For most of the software development projects in the world, GitHub is the wrong choice for their hosting needs. This is because for most of the world is NOT developing open source software and thus the pricing model for GitHub fights against you.

G. Andrew Duthie08/07/13
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Quick Tips: Analytics and Inprivate Browsing

Whatever analytics package you use to understand your site traffic, it likely uses cookies or IP addresses to exclude your visits from the statistics.

Aaron Klein08/07/13
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Why Buy a Cloud Monitoring Tool? 2 Reasons: Time and Money

The cloud is complex with millions of pricing, resource, and configuration choices. Choosing the optimal combination requires thoughtful planning and action. In other words, benign neglect and wishful thinking is not the answer to controlling costs, resources, and security.