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Alan Cassar10/04/13
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Cache Scope with EHCache

In another blog post we explained how you can use a new feature of Mule 3.3 to cache data in your Mule flows. Here we look at how to configure Mule to use EHCache to handle the caching part, rather than storing the data in the default InMemoryObjectStore.

Steve Rogalsky10/04/13
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Running a Positive Retrospective (and Avoiding a Gripe Session)

A few times recently I've been asked about retrospectives -- specifically how to keep them from becoming a gripe session. Here are a few things that I've found effective:

Andrew Trice10/04/13
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The Web Just Got a Whole Lot More Awesome

Lots of awesome, web-related stuff has been happening recently. This article provides a quick summary, covering things such as iOS 7 and Safari's new web platform features, Adobe Edge Reflow and Edge Code updates for CSS regions, and the release of Brackets Sprint 31.

Raymond Camden10/04/13
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PhoneGap Build and PhoneGap 3.0: Things to Remember

This week, PhoneGap 3.0 support for PhoneGap Build was officially launched. Before you get started, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Arthur Charpentier10/04/13
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91 Tutorials to Help You Explore R

In this article, the author has presented a series of tutorials by Anthony Damico. The tutorials cover a wide range of activities in R, and each is formatted as a short video - two minutes or less.

Alec Noller10/04/13
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Big Data and Python: Utilizing Python for Large-scale Datasets

This recent video from NewCircle Training discusses the use of Python for querying mass quantities of data. Despite the slow speed of Python, at least compared to languages like C++, AdRoll demonstrates how it can perform very efficiently even with large-scale datasets.

Gopal Sharma10/04/13
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Prop Up Development and Testing with DynamoDB Local in Java

There is good news for developers who want to work with DynamoDB applications locally without using Amazon's payable services: Amazon has released a local version of the DynamoDB NoSQL database. This offline database supports the DynamoDB API, but doesn’t impact any tables or data in DynamoDB itself.

Michael Mccandless10/04/13
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Lucene's In-memory Terms Dictionary, Thanks to Google Summer of Code

This summer, Han Jiang was at it again with another Google Summer of Code project with Lucene: He created a new terms dictionary holding all terms and their metadata in memory as an FST. In fact, he created two new terms dictionary implementations.

Paul Underwood10/03/13
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WordPress Dropins Extend the Functionality of WordPress

WordPress has its core functionality, which can be added to by the use of plugins that take advantage of multiple WordPress hooks and actions, but it also allows you to replace functionality with the use of lesser-known Dropin files.

Mitch Pronschinske10/03/13
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Iglo Turns Markdown API Specs Into Interactive Docs

You may have heard of Apiary, a tool for generating API docs and mocks from markdown. Iglo is built on the same parser, and it's open source. In fact, Apiary even endorses it.

Mark Hinkle10/03/13
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A Look at Riak CS from Basho

Ceph led by inktank and RiakCS from Basho are the two most talked about object stores these days. In this post we look at RiakCS and take it for a quick whirl. While RiakCS (Cloud Storage) can be seen as an S3 back end implementation, it is based on Riak.

Mitch Pronschinske10/03/13
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A Potential Resource Problem for SDNs

A new article on SDN Central sees potential problems in SDN's future if network engineers treat their resource allocations like they're unlimited.

Justin Saliba10/03/13
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Optimizing Your ListView with the ViewHolder Pattern

The ListView is a widget used extensively in Android applications to display data in a structured fashion. It is also a view that can be quite tricky to optimize, and making your applications feel less jittery is extremely important. This article aims to deliver one form of optimization that developers can place in their code at next to no effort.

John Sonmez10/03/13
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11 Influential Web Developers You Should Be Following

One major lesson the author has learned in his career and life in general is that if you want to be successful, you should find others who are already successful at doing what you want to do, and do what they do. In this post, you'll meet some of the developers that the author follows and finds inspirational.

Ben Teese10/03/13
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Backbone Is Not Enough

Backbone is not enough for building large single-page applications (SPAs). Sure, you and your team may be able to get your app across the line, but you’ll probably end up with a lot of code and may even reinvent a couple of wheels unless you’re extremely diligent. But it's not Backbone's fault.