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Mitch Pronschinske08/21/13
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Neo4j and Spotify

The graph squad at Spotify has been tasked with creating the best music graph in the world. Organizing musical data is a perfect use case for a graph database, and Spotify is experimenting with Neo4j, Giraph and Titan

Mitch Pronschinske08/21/13
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OSGi Contracts: For Devs Who Think the Package Version Model is Too Much Work

An experimental release of bnd(tools) 2.2 has a new feature called contracts. A recent blog post on OSGi.org explains who these contracts are for...

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Panel: The People vs. NoSQL

Here's a video you ought to see. It has leaders from several competing NoSQL companies agreeing on at least one thing: People need to embrace NoSQL.

Ross Mason08/20/13
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How to Build a Processing Grid (An Example)

Mule’s reach extends way beyond pure integration. We’ve seen in this post that Mule provides a wide range of primitives that can be used to build processing grids.

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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The Bulleted Intro to ESBs and Mule ESB

Naresh Chintalcheru has a nice presentation that gives you the bare essentials for understanding Mule ESB (and other MuleSoft tools) along with the ESB ecosystem. Check it out below.

Mitch Pronschinske08/20/13
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Rebuilding a Better Healthcare Social Graph w/ Neo4j

Given the new enhancements in Neo4j 2.0, Dave Fauth has begun rebuilding his DocGraph social graph for organizing doctor data. He's also using the Mortar platform for easily handling Pig and Hadoop with Python.

Ian Johnson08/20/13
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What Happens to Cisco as SDN Takes Hold?

SDN proposes that much of the dedicated hardware that today controls the Internet (e.g. routers) can be virtualized – turned into software running on commodity server hardware. The two proposed advantages are better: centralized control and lower costs. If this happens, then much of Cisco's traditional router marketplace is at risk.

Hasin Hayder08/20/13
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The Badass List of Essential jQuery Plugins

I have been curating this list for the last couple of weeks. The purpose is to create a one-stop place where you can look for the essential jQuery plugins for your project and look nowhere else.

Marco Siccardi08/20/13
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Use Telerik RadControls for WP? Then use RadDiagnostics to enable users to find bugs!

If you use RadControls for Windows Phone, then use RadDiagnostics to let users help you find bugs. You won't get better or more helpful feedback than this!

Paul Underwood08/20/13
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Remove Characters at the Start and End of a String in PHP

In a previous article about how you can remove whitesapce from a string, I spoke about using the functions ltrim() and rtrim(). But you can also use these functions to remove characters from a string. These functions take a second parameter that allows you to specify what characters to remove.

Robert Greathouse08/20/13
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Asynchronous Functional Testing

A difficult-to-test scenario are asynchronous processes. If a method-under-test has threading, getting the timing right for the testcase asserts is difficult. Typically, the method will return control to the test class prior to competing the logic that is being tested. The test class then immediately starts processing the asserts. These tests are flaky at best or completely broken at worst.

Istvan Szegedi08/20/13
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OpenStack Savanna: Fast Hadoop Cluster Provisioning on OpenStack

OpenStack is one of the most popular open source cloud computing projects to provide Infrastructure as a Service solution. Savanna is a Hadoop as a Service for OpenStack introduced by Mirantis to support fast provisioning of Hadoop clusters on OpenStack.

Peter Zaitsev08/20/13
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MySQL 5.6: Security vs. Ease of Use

MySQL 5.6 surely changes the game when it comes to security versus ease of use. Before MySQL 5.6, the default MySQL installation would be pretty insecure – the user “root” would be created with no password as well as an anonymous user with limited access to the local host.

Brian Pince08/20/13
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Windows Azure Shown to Have the Best IaaS Performance Value

I just stumbled upon an industry report by Cloud Spectator (www.cloudspectator.com). It ran a test on the top IaaS providers, looking for who had the best performance for the buck. As far as I know, Windows Azure and Microsoft had nothing to do with this report.

Eric Minick08/20/13
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DevOps as a Product Company

Yes, there is an “Ops” role for your product. Understand who that is. Consider, for example, what problems an app store solves. Developers must cater to anyone between them and the end user. Any part of an upgrade that could be automated should be.