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Mark Needham10/10/13
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Neo4j / Cypher: Translating 1.9 FILTER Queries to Use 2.0 List Comprehensions

Looking at some Cypher queries written against a football data set to find some examples of where list comprehensions could be useful and I came across this query which is used to work out which teams were the most badly behaved in terms of accumulating red and yellow cards.

Alec Noller10/10/13
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How to Build a Mobile Panel with jQuery Mobile

A recent post by Thoriq Firdaus at hongkiat.com provides a tutorial on how to build a mobile panel using jQuery Mobile. Specifically, Firdaus models his mobile panel on the Facebook mobile app for iOS, which is an ideal design for devices with limited screen real estate.

Justin Saliba10/10/13
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Increasing the Performance of Your Android Emulator

For independent developers and hobbyists, it's not feasible to purchase every possible device that runs Android. However, many have complained that developing on an emulator is extremely frustrating, slow, and in some cases, simply unusable. Enter Intel’s x86 Emulator Accelerator Manager (HAXM)!

Ricky Ho10/10/13
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Optimizing Recommendation Systems: Exploration and Exploitation

"Cold Start" is a common problem that happens quite frequently in recommendation systems. When a new item enters, there is no prior history that the recommendation system can use, and the system doesn't work without prior statistics. In this article, you will learn approaches to solving this problem.

Adi Gaskell10/10/13
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Can You Automate Prejudice?

Big data is, well, big. Its application is creeping into more and more of our daily lives as companies look to utilize the masses of data generated by us to improve and automate their dealings with us. A British university has a salient lesson to teach us, however, on how such an approach can go terribly wrong.

Mehdi Daoudi10/09/13
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RUM vs. Synthetic Data Analysis

When performing statistical analysis on aggregations, it is very important to understand its subsets. This is especially true when interpreting RUM data aggregated across multiple regions. To illustrate this point, the author analyzes three days of data from a US-based website.

Pieter Humphrey10/09/13
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Spring Mobile 1.1.0 Released

This week, Spring Mobile 1.1.0 was released. This article covers the changes from the previous milestones, as well as resources for more details on the new release.

Steven Willmott10/09/13
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Flash Tutorial to Deploy an NGINX API Gateway on Heroku

We will create a Heroku application with a custom buildpack including Lua and Luarocks, and will deploy the Openresty distribution of Nginx using a Luarock especially tailored for Heroku.

Mike Bushong10/09/13
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Cognitive Dissonance: CapEx, OpEx, SDN, DevOps, and White Box

Network architectures will likely have to undergo some fundamental changes. Networks will need to evolve to architectures that require fewer devices, and customers will need to get much higher utilization out of their existing capacity. Budgets aren't growing fast enough.

Geoffrey De Smet10/09/13
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Thursday Code Puzzler: 5 Maven Dependency Puzzlers Video

Given a Maven dependency tree, which jars end up on your classpath? Can you answer the 5 puzzlers in the video correctly?

Allen Coin10/09/13
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Dev of the Week: Johanna Rothman

Every week here and in our newsletter, we feature a new developer/blogger from the DZone community to catch up and find out what he or she is working on now and what's coming next. This week we're talking to Johanna Rothman, Agile expert, consultant, and author.

John Berryman10/09/13
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Search-aware Product Recommendations in Solr

Building upon earlier work with semantic search, OpenSource Connections has unveiled new possibilities with Solr-based product recommendation. In this post, the author reviews a simple Search-Aware Recommendation using an online grocery service as an example of e-commerce product recommendation.

Kin Lane10/09/13
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Thoughts On Being An Employee

I am entering my first day as a furloughed government worker. Each day I spend back in the world of "open work", the chances of me going back to being an employee gets slimmer and slimmer.

Mark Needham10/09/13
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Neo4j / Cypher: Converting Queries from 1.9 to 2.0

You'll get a ‘Can’t use optional patterns without explicit START clause’ error if you try to use optional relationships in a certain way.

Kristina Chodorow10/09/13
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The Professor, the Interviewer, and the Coworker

I once interviewed a guy who was pretty good, but not a definite "yes-hire-him-now." The professor thought the student was the bee’s knees. This guy went on to join my friend’s company. When he did program something, he wouldn’t test it. It’s interesting how different work is from school.