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Eric Genesky05/31/13
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Graph Databases and Gaming

Here's a 1/2-hour presentation from Neo Technology focused on graph databases and how they are relevant to trends in the video gaming industry.

Henkz Sall05/30/13
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Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part I

To avoid having to build your own dialog box from scratch, the JOptionPane class provides methods to make a variety of dialog boxes by simply feeding them some parameters to determine the appearance of the dialog box.

David Isbitski05/30/13
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WOWAPI and APIMASH - free Starter Kits for your Windows Store Apps

Over the course of the past few weeks my team has been hard at work on creating a bunch of Starter Kits in response to the questions we had been getting from Windows Store developers. In particular these Kits focus on calling open web API’s for numerous services and wrap them into workable sample apps.

Giampiero Granatella05/30/13
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CRUD on an Existing Database

How to create CRUD pages from an existing DB automatically with Portofino 4, an open source Java Web Framework with LGPL license

Steven Willmott05/30/13
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API Crafting Secrets: Into Fliptop API

From our perspective, APIs conquer all by making the integration of many different platforms and services possible. It enables computation and data from different entities to come together and work on a collective goal. We believe the world will spin faster as a result of API’s.

Hanu Kommalapati05/30/13
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Data Binding in Windows 8 and Android

In data driven apps, developer has to write a lot of boiler plate code to bridge the impedance mismatch between the business objects and the way the information is viewed by the end users.

Claus Ibsen05/30/13
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Long Stacktraces in Apache Camel No More

In the upcoming Apache Camel 2.12 we have improved the internal routing engine to dramatically reduce the stacktraces our end users will see when an exception occurs and is logged.

Mark Jensen05/30/13
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Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 with Sure Step 2012

Having 14 years of ERP experience I was excited to learn more about Dynamics AX. I was expecting a deeply technical book on implementing the application but instead found a logical, straightforward...

Mitch Pronschinske05/30/13
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Links You Don't Want To Miss (May 30)

Mozilla developer Christian Heilmann says there's a subtle difference between just a mobile web site and a full "app".

Keith Mayer05/30/13
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Migrate VMWare VMs to Windows Azure

This month, my fellow IT Pro Technical Evangelists and I are authoring a new articles series on 20 Key Scenarios with Windows Azure Infrastructure Services.

Chris Smith05/30/13
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Static Site Generation with Node.js and CoffeeScript

Static sites built using powerful Ruby-based tools such as Jekyll and Middleman are surging in popularity based on their benefits. But is there a tool for creating static sites using Node.js and CoffeeScript? Yes!

Leigh Shevchik05/30/13
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CURE Creates Roadmap for Improving App Performance with New Relic Data

More than 100 million children in the developing world suffer from physical disabilities that can be cured through surgery. And CURE’s mission is to help as many of them as possible. New Relic has become a key component in CURE’s innovative, efficient global operation.

Nishant Chandra05/30/13
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Low latency and high frequency message processing

Processing 10-100k events / s in sub msec can be challenging. Common use cases are online gaming, financial trading and ad serving. Here is a system design to tackle it.

Nikita Salnikov...05/30/13
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Reducing memory Consumption by 20x

This is going to be another story sharing our recent experience with memory-related problems. The case is extracted from a recent customer support case, where we faced a badly behaving application repeadedly dying with OutOfMemoryError messages in production.

Pritiman Panda05/30/13
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Introduction to Vagrant

We build our application and push it to Production after a lot of hassle and take a great sigh of relief...but this is not the end of the story.