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Chris Haddad10/04/13
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Re-shaping Your Enterprise Integration Architecture

Here are some high-level points on what Chris Haddad of WSO2 thinks are essential components of an enterprise integration architecture.

Olga Kouzina10/04/13
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Imperatives in User Experience Design

The author has written before on the subject of UX and emotional needs, and it’s a reminder that web experiences have to be emotionally fulfilling. It’s software for people, and not people for software. In this article, the author explores his pet peeve: the abundance of verbs in imperative mood.

Giorgio Sironi10/04/13
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Six months of Behat

We thought about using Behat for our acceptance tests after PHP.TO.START in Turin; Behat is the PHP version of Cucumber. After a while, I reused the objects that our first PHPUnit end-to-end tests were calling to work with the system to prepare a basic FeatureContext able to perform a payment with Onebip; several weeks later, we had executable specifications in place for the first Spain-based tests.

Akber Choudhry10/04/13
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Is Ceylon Enterprise Ready?

Ceylon appears to address the three items on the wish-list of any enterprise software development: end-to-end type safety, built-in modularity and an elevated syntax that eases re-factoring and maintenance of enterprise projects.

Mitch Pronschinske10/04/13
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Design Limitations in Open Source Distributed Databases, Queues, and Lock Services

Get some amazingly rare insights about the design limitations of various distributed systems like Kafka, NuoDB, Cassandra, and Zookeeper.

Richard Warburton10/04/13
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Caching In: Understand, Measure and Use your CPU Cache More Effectively

Modern computationally intensive tasks are rarely bottlenecked by the absolute performance of your processor cores. The real bottleneck in 2013 is getting data out of memory.

Evan Leybourn10/04/13
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International Day for Failure

Failure happens. On the Internet when we talk about failure, we generally mean pictures of vehicles in strange places, large scale (and confusing) accidents and animated gifs of cats being cats. However, in Agile Business Management (and Agile in general) failure means something different.

Vlad Mihalcea10/04/13
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Why I like Spring @Autowired for List Types

Using @Autowired to inject Java Beans is trivial, but we can also use this annotation for java.util.List, or java.util.Map as well. How have I been taking advantage of this feature? There were cases where I needed to add a common logic in the framework module which would detect all Beans of a given type, even the ones defined in the specific module.

Ian Mitchell10/04/13
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Agile Transformation in Organizations that Suck

We have to take the rough with the smooth when it comes to agile adoption. Some clients make cheering progress while others advance at a glacial pace. In short, we must be prepared to facilitate agile transformation in organizations that suck.

Gareth Llewellyn10/04/13
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A Brief Look At Some DataSift Platform Automation Elements

In the DataSift Operations team we try to automate as much as possible to leave us with more time for concentrating on more important tasks. I’d like to share some of the interesting snippets from our Opscode Chef recipes that might help you save some time too.

Allen Coin10/04/13
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Building a Finite State Machine in Puppet

One blogger, going by just "James," hacked together a finite state machine with Puppet to model thermodynamic phase transitions.

Alan Cassar10/04/13
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Cache Scope with EHCache

In another blog post we explained how you can use a new feature of Mule 3.3 to cache data in your Mule flows. Here we look at how to configure Mule to use EHCache to handle the caching part, rather than storing the data in the default InMemoryObjectStore.

Steve Rogalsky10/04/13
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Running a Positive Retrospective (and Avoiding a Gripe Session)

A few times recently I've been asked about retrospectives -- specifically how to keep them from becoming a gripe session. Here are a few things that I've found effective:

Andrew Trice10/04/13
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The Web Just Got a Whole Lot More Awesome

Lots of awesome, web-related stuff has been happening recently. This article provides a quick summary, covering things such as iOS 7 and Safari's new web platform features, Adobe Edge Reflow and Edge Code updates for CSS regions, and the release of Brackets Sprint 31.

Raymond Camden10/04/13
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PhoneGap Build and PhoneGap 3.0: Things to Remember

This week, PhoneGap 3.0 support for PhoneGap Build was officially launched. Before you get started, there are a few things you should be aware of.