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Emanuele Minotto11/02/13
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Service Injection in Doctrine DBAL Type

When you think of a Doctrine 2 DBAL Type you think of an atomic thing, but how can you work programmatically on this type without defining an event?

Ayende Rahien11/01/13
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RavenDB 3.0 Feature: Server to Server Smuggling

There are 6 major features for RavenDB 3.0 that we want to keep as surprises. But leaving those major features aside, there is a lot of stuff that we are doing that would deserve a bullet point all on its own. And today I want to talk about one of those features, S2S Smuggling.

Jeremiah Orr11/01/13
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Using Node.js Streams to Massage Data into the Format You Want

Google provides some pretty cool flu data in CSV format, and I wanted to display that in a chart at Dash. However, the raw data isn't quite right for my needs. Fortunately, Dash can read data from any publicly accessible endpoint, so I decided to throw together a quick Node.js app to massage the data into what I needed.

Giorgio Sironi11/01/13
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Migration to AWS: part 2

The next step was then to study how to move also the databases when switching to the new web servers. At least the whole of the front end traffic had to go on the same data center as the database, while cron jobs and background processes could continue to run for a bit the old data center provided they connected to the new databases.

Zac Gery11/01/13
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Searching For Nails: A Hammer's Story

The truth is, the number of struggling projects far outweigh their successful counterparts. Why is this? Because sometimes developers are too smart for their own good.

Mitch Pronschinske11/01/13
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Amazon Previews JavaScript SDK

Recognizing the swelling popularity of JavaScript, Amazon has finally released a developer preview SDK that can populate S3 buckets, manage SQS message queues, create, populate, and query DynamoDB tables, and much more!

Ian Mitchell11/01/13
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Scrumban - or How to get Leaner by Sprinting Less

In this article we consider a hybrid agile approach known as Scrumban, which can potentially address both project and BAU work. Scrumban is becoming increasingly popular and has significant ramifications for project scalability.

Arthur Charpentier11/01/13
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Halloween and Candies (A Ballot Problem)

This year, for Halloween, a post on candies. Assume we start with r red candies, and b black ones, with r > b. The thing is, no one likes those black candies. What could be the probability that for the n kids that get candies at my door, the probability to get red is always larger than the probability to get black?

Eric Minick11/01/13
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Project Teams Without Developers

The #NoProjects meme is catching hold, mostly as a rejection of forming project teams. Meanwhile I’m intrigued by the ideas put forth by Carmen DeArdo of Nationwide Insurance during a webcast on DevOps on Tuesday. Ok, #NoProjects people, tell me what you think of this approach.

Carlos Sanchez11/01/13
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Infrastructure Testing with Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant at Agile Testing Days

This week I’m in Postdam/Berlin giving a talk Infrastructure testing with Jenkins, Puppet and Vagrant at Agile Testing Days. Showing examples of using Puppet, Vagrant and other tools to implement a source code to production continuous delivery cycle.

Antoine Girbal11/01/13
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MongoDB Indexing Tip #2: How to Implement Faceted Search

Faceted search can involve a wide variety of predicates and sort criteria. It typically involves a web UI where the user can pick from many fields and sort on most of those fields. It is a hard problem to solve for a database, because in theory you would have to create all the possible combinations of compound indices.

Alec Noller11/01/13
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Hunk: A New Data Analytics Tool for Hadoop

Hadoop users might be interested in Hunk, an analytics tool recently released by Splunk that allows users to analyze and visualize data in Hadoop. Big data isn't worth much, after all, unless some sense can be made of it.

Alec Noller11/01/13
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New Redis Features: Collections are now Iterable

Recently, Redis creator Salvatore Sanfilippo announced that Redis collections are now iterable. In the past, Redis collections have been difficult to navigate, so more practical techniques for working with them are definitely welcome.

Justin Saliba11/01/13
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Predictions for Android KitKat

It’s that time again. The web is buzzing with news of the latest Android version and the latest mobile device in the Nexus family, the LG Nexus 5. One can safely say that the Nexus 5 will bring out the best that Android has to offer. But what about the latest version of Android?

Sean Hull11/01/13
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Why Startups Need TechOps

In a lot of small startups, the initial phase is obviously on building a product. That’s the build phase, and not surprisingly you hire a lot of developers. As you should. But as you grow you may find the operational tasks that are defaulting to one or more developers are taking more and more of their time.