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Chase Seibert10/08/13
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Joining a Software Startup Right out of School

I joined a tech startup in Boston right after graduating college in 2003. Like corporate life in general, there is a ton of stuff you don’t know when you’re just graduating, but even more stuff that is startup specific. Here’s the real deal.

Ariya Hidayat10/08/13
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Code Coverage of Jasmine Tests using Istanbul and Karma

For modern web application development, having dozens of unit tests is not enough anymore. The actual code coverage of those tests would reveal if the application is thoroughly stressed or not. For tests written using the famous Jasmine test library, an easy way to have the coverage report is via Istanbul and Karma.

Jim Bird10/08/13
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Don’t Let Somebody Else’s Technical Debt Take You Under

Like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, a lot of your technical risk may be hidden or ignored until it is too late. You need to understand how big the risks are and take responsible steps to manage them.

Marina Sprava10/08/13
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Memcached Memory Allocation

Let’s dive into the world of Memcached to learn more about its memory allocation and how to prevent fragmented memory for your Java and PHP applications.

Antonin Januska10/08/13
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How to Make a Bootstrap 3 Theme The Proper Way

With the release of Bootstrap 3, some of Bootstrap's themes encourage a different method of use that helps keep Bootstrap a dependency (that shouldn’t be directly touched), rather than a starting codebase. This tutorial explores these Bootstrap themes, as well as techniques for using and overriding them.

Peter Zaitsev10/08/13
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How can we bring the query to the data?

It is obvious that getting computations as close to the data as possible is the most efficient as we will likely have less data to work with on the higher level in this case.

Sean Hull10/08/13
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Why the Twitter IPO Mentions Scalability

After seven years in the business you might think Twitter has operations and scalability nailed. I ask you… who has? Google? Nope. Facebook? Nope. Not AirBNB or Reddit, either.

Alec Noller10/08/13
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Plugreg: The Plugin Registry for Cordova and PhoneGap

Plugreg is a website recently launched by Lee Crossley and has collected, over the last month or so, more than 150 plugins from 100 different authors. The site is straight-forward and easy to use, and while it's still at an early stage, there are already a lot of useful plugins to be found.

Alex Holmes10/08/13
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Simplifying Secondary Sorting in MapReduce with htuple

htuple is an open-source, general-purpose mechanism that allows users to work with compound elements, provide pre-built partitioners and comparators for these elements, and model all of it in a readable and understandable way. In this article, you'll learn how to use htuple to perform secondary sorting.

Sandeep Patel10/08/13
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Compass: a CSS Authoring Framework

Compass is a popular CSS authoring framework based on SASS. It provides two powerful modules: Compass Core and Blueprint. In this demo, the author installs the Compass gem and attaches the watcher to a project to monitor SCSS change.

Max Katz10/08/13
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Create a Mobile App Using Appery.io Mobile Backend Services

Appery.io is a complete app platform. It provides visual app dev. tools and integrated backend services, such as app database, push notifications and server code (for adding custom app logic on the server). This tutorial shows how to build a jQuery Mobile connected-to-cloud app database.

Kai Wähner10/08/13
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Book Review: "Apache Camel Message Routing"

"Apache Camel Message Routing" is a new book published on August, 26th, 2013 by PACKT PUBLISHING (ISBN: 978-1783283477). The author is Bilgin Ibryam. As its subtitle says, the book describes how to...

Stephen Kitt10/07/13
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Review of Getting Started with Google Guava

Google Guava started off as a library of utilities for Java collections, and grew from there to cover caching, event propagation, some aspects of functional programming, and of course, the stalwarts...

Doug Turnbull10/07/13
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Migrating the American Medical Association’s Search to Solr

Silverchair Information Systems recently completed a successful migration of the American Medical Association’s search from Windows Search over to Solr, dramatically improving performance and search quality. However, numerous search quality problems had to be tackled to get the AMA's search just right.

Ross Mason10/07/13
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The Hunt For The Perfect API

About 7 helpful tips are contained in this article for API design. Creating the perfect API is close to impossible. However it’s clear that companies that look at their APIs as a key part of the business strategy.