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S M Sohan09/18/13
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MongoDB Is Abusing JSON!

I think the MongoDB API is abusing JSON in a really bad way. JSON is probably a good format for storing the documents in MongoDB, but using JSON for its weird API is simply a terrible idea.

Brian Gracely09/18/13
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The Mobilecast #17 - Blackberry, What's Next?

Brian Katz chats with Nick McQuire, CEO of GEMA, about a variety of topics, such as Blackberry's future, the role of GEMA in enabling multinationals to move into mobile, and the rumored AT&T/Vodaphone tie-up.

Mitch Pronschinske09/18/13
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Blue-Green Deployments in AWS

If you're trying to follow Continuous Delivery practices, Blue-Green Deployment is definitely a pattern you need to know. AWS is an excellent environment to try them in.

Andrey Karpov09/18/13
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Extending Visual Studio’s Settings Dialogue

This article (part five of the series) covers the extension of Visual Studio by integrating into its 'Settings' dialog pages. We examine option page registration and integration into the IDE for different kinds of extension packages, as well as the means to display various standard and user-created components inside a custom settings page.

Mitch Pronschinske09/17/13
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The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Apache Axis2

The author of this blog series wanted to create a guide to Apache Axis2 that made absolutely no assumptions about the reader's technical experience. In fact, you don't even need to know programming. It introduces a bunch of concepts but they are only ones you need to know for using Axis2.

Zoran Sevarac09/17/13
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Building Rich Visual Tools in Java

Visual tools are key for successful modern software products, since they provide an essential competitive advantage when usability trends are considered.

Olga Kouzina09/17/13
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Are You Dumb?

Here’s how this implication manifests itself. The example that I have presented here comes from years of my work with leads and customers. You probably know that they tend to want more and more new features from the software product they’re using, or just looking at.

Dave Fecak09/17/13
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How to Prevent Crying During Your Technical Interview

So, how can we prevent crying or freezing up during a technical interview? First, if you want to get good at something, you have to practice. Realize that you will not be able to answer every question, and prepare an answer for when you get stumped. Manage your expectations properly.

Michael Sahota09/17/13
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Top 10 Agile Gotchas

It turns out that most teams have similar types of problems that prevent them from getting the full benefits from Agile. In this presentation, I review the top 10 Agile gotchas I have discovered as an Agile coach and how you can recover from them.

Peter Zaitsev09/17/13
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Enabling Crash-safe Slaves with MySQL 5.6

Being able to configure slaves to be crash-safe is one of the major improvements of MySQL 5.6 with regards to replication. However, we noticed some confusion on how to enable this feature correctly, so let’s clarify how it should be done.

Lukas Eder09/17/13
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Why PostgreSQL is so Awesome

PostgreSQL predicates are just ordinary expressions. Let this sink in. To PostgreSQL, predicates are just ordinary expressions evaluating to the Boolean type. You can put a predicate everywhere! Although I knew this before, I had never thought about how awesome this is!

Peter Zaitsev09/17/13
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Five Reasons Why MySQL Replication Lag Flaps Between 0 and XXXXX

We face an issue from time to time when MySQL replication lag flaps between 0 and XXXXX constantly – e.g., Seconds_Behind_Master is zero for a few seconds, then it’s 6,287 or 25,341, then zero again and so on. I would like to note the five different scenarios and symptoms of this – some are obvious and some are not.

Barton George09/17/13
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Talking to the Docker Dudes

I met with Ben Golub, Jerome Petazzoni and Nick Stinemates of dotCloud, the company behind the wildly popular open source project, Docker, “the Linux container engine.”

Moshe Kaplan09/17/13
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Puppet, Configuration Management and How to Get into Production Faster

Deployment of large systems is easier today, and will be even easier in the near future. You just need to choose the right tools.

Maarten Ectors09/17/13
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Instant Ruby on Rails: Instantly Deploy and Scale Your Rails App on Any Cloud

Many developers and devops do a lot of repetitive tasks every day. One of them is deploying a web app and scaling it. These are not new problems, more like common recurring tasks for devops and developers. What if instant solutions could be made available so that anybody in the world, independent of their level of knowledge, could instantly install a scalable solution?