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John Blanco11/06/13
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Xcode and Asset Catalogs: Love Em or Leave Em?

The author has never been to a WWDC, but each year he gets positively giddy when the session videos become available. And it's not about the big-ticket stuff, but the small stuff. The stuff that improves his day-to-day and fixes things he constantly finds annoying. This year, that something was Asset Catalogs.

Patrik Antonsson11/06/13
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Creating Development Environments with Vagrant

I've been using Vagrant for a couple of years now and this is a good book for beginners. The book goes through most of the things you need to know to get your environment up and running. The chapters...

Vinay Upadhyay11/06/13
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How to Use WordPress Functions to Jump-Start Theme Development

After years of conceiving and evolving WordPress topics, you realize that a lot of functionality can be distilled into a “starter theme or kit.” The first step is to pinpoint the widespread purposes and include them in functions.php. There are 13 key purposes that I start out with and add to as required…

Sasha Goldshtein11/06/13
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Modern Garbage Collection in Theory and Practice

Last week I delivered a very interesting session on modern garbage collection. I was invited to give a talk on garbage collection theory and its practical applications in modern managed languages. The slides from the talk are below – they are quite detailed.

Paul Hammant11/06/13
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Snap's New Branchable Continuous Integration (CI)

ThoughtWorks Studios have just released a version of Snap-CI (last night) that automatically commissions pipelines if a branch is pushed up into GitHub.

Trevor Parsons11/06/13
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How to Dynamically Pick Up Logs When Scaling Your Amazon Web Services EC2 Environment

I recently wrote about how to easily get all your logs from Amazon Web Services’ EC2. The point with that article was to show how easy it is to instrument your EC2 application for logging and forwarding to Logentries.

Brian Gracely11/06/13
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The Cloudcast #115: Real World OpenStack

Aaron and Kenneth Hui (@hui_kenneth) speak to Ken Pepple (@ken_pepple), CTO/Founder of Solinea about his experience as an OpenStack systems integrator.

Omri Erel11/06/13
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SaaS Onboarding Made Easy

SaaS onboarding seems like an odd concept to the uninitiated. Implementing a secondary system to integrate into an existing web interface would once have seemed like something that would be not only redundant, but barring that, impractical and too taxing.

João Pereira11/05/13
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On the Use of Types in Java Programming

If your java code defines a user class, we can later on bring Users live into our virtual world, that is our app. If our app deal with objects and their interactions, we should care that those objects are of a given type, that’s why we define our app’s blueprint (java code, for that matter).

Vishnu Chilamakuru11/05/13
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Implementing Geospatial Bounding Box Search in Lucene 4.x

In this article the author explains how to implement GeoSpatial Bounding Box Search using Lucene 4.x. The problem he is trying to solve: finding all places within a given bounding box.

Alois Stritzinger11/05/13
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Time4: A Useful Time Interval (Value) Capsule?

It is crucial that working with time values affords accessing time quantities by mixed units and bags of mixed units. How can we build such values with rich, mixed unit accessors in JavaScript.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis11/05/13
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Day Of The Thread

If you think you’ve found a bug in Python, what’s next? I'll guide you through the process of submitting a patch, so you can avoid its pitfalls and find the shortest route to becoming a Python contributor!

John Sonmez11/05/13
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So You Want To Quit Your Job (How To Do It)

This is the 3rd post in a three part series about quitting your job and working for yourself. Check out the first post about why you should want to quit your job, and the second post about the fantasies and realities of quitting your job.

Raymond Camden11/05/13
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Check out NodeSchool.io

Lately I've been spending time trying to become proficient at Node. I probably have a while to go before I feel really effective with it so I try to use every opportunity I can to improve my skills.

Erich Styger11/05/13
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Workaround for Processor Expert ‘Components’ View Synchronization

CodeWarrior for MCU10.5 comes with a new Eclipse and new Processor Expert. Things are working very well so far. But I have spotted an issue which seems to be related to the new Eclipse Juno used: sometimes the Processor Expert ‘Components’ view is not correctly showing the current project used.