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Geraint Jones06/04/13
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Exposing and Managing Links with Spring HATEOAS

As a follow up to the previous Spring HATEOAS post, this post will cover how to use the @ExposesResourceFor annotation as an alternative to using the resource's Controller to obtain links.

Ariya Hidayat06/04/13
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UI Patterns of Android News Apps

Modern Android applications tend to follow certain user interface patterns, primarily as described in the official Android UI Guidelines. However, not every application is designed equally. Here we see how three news applications have the overall same look, yet the significant detailed differences are immediately obvious.

Pete Pizzutillo06/04/13
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Individual Code Quality in an Enterprise Software Development World

The growing cost of most software development efforts can be traced back to one underlying cause – the lack of visibility into the software.

Eric Genesky06/04/13
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Sneak Peek: DZone's Definitive Guide to PaaS and IaaS Solutions

Next Monday, DZone Research will publish its first major publication, a definitive guide to PaaS and IaaS solutions.

Brian Pince06/04/13
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Stopped Azure VMs are no longer charged, MSDN benefits improved, and more!

Wow, some truly exciting announcements were made today. I will summarize them here, but once again, for the nitty-gritty details, please see . . .

Sam Taha06/04/13
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Big Data is More than Correlation and Causality

Extracting insights from vast volumes of structured and loosely structured data has many applications, but the ultimate application of this is enabling computing systems to make smart and intelligent decisions with less and less human involvement.

Eric Genesky06/04/13
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Solr - The Search-First NoSQL Database

As the NoSQL ecosystem looks to integrate great search, great search is naturally beginning to expose many NoSQL features. Will these Goliath's collide?

Juri Strumpflohner06/04/13
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Git for Visual Studio and .NET developers

Since ”Git Explained for Beginners” turned out to be quite popular and since I’m currently planning an introduction for our .Net devs on that topic, I decided to write this article, using a similar approach, but show-casing the use of Git from within Visual Studio.

Seth Proctor06/04/13
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Raising the Bar with LINQ

With NuoDB release 1.1 we have added support for Microsoft .Net and Language INtegrated Queries (LINQ).

Nicolas Frankel06/04/13
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Modularity in Spring Configuration

In legacy Spring applications I have to develop new features in, I regularly stumble upon a big hindrance that slows down my integration-testing effort. This hindrance, and I’ll go as far as naming it an anti-pattern, is to put every bean in the same configuration file (either in XML or in Java).

Matteo Pagani06/04/13
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A New SQLite Wrapper for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 – The Basics

In this post we’ve learned the basic concepts to use this new wrapper to perform operations on a SQLite database and which are the differences with another popular wrapper . . .

Pascal Alma06/04/13
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Archiving Your S3 Content

In a previous post I showed how to setup a Glacier Vault and put data in it by using a CLI. Another way to make use of the cheaper storage service is to move your data from a S3 bucket . . .

Allan Kelly06/03/13
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The Real Lessons of Lego (for Software)

Lets leave aside the fact that software is a damn sight more complex than small plastic bricks, lets leave aside too the fact that Lego makes a fine kids toy but on the whole we don’t use it to build anything we use at work (like a car, bridge or house), and lets pretend these people have a point….

Ross Mason06/03/13
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Open for Big Data: When Mule Meets the Elephant

Picture an architecture where production data gets painstakingly replicated to a very expensive secondary database, where, eventually, yesterday’s information gets analyzed. What’s the name for this “pattern”?

Eric Gregory06/03/13
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An Introduction to R for Data Mining

An hour long primer from Revolution Analytics' Joseph Rickert on using R for data mining.