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Allen Coin09/04/13
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Dev of the Week: Scott Westfall

This week we bring you a Dev of the Week with a twist: We're talking to Scott Westfall, our new Director of Engineering here at DZone.

Mitch Pronschinske09/04/13
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Making Your Own Heroku (On a 7-year-old OS)

This talk is useful for any company that wants to take advantage of the 'containerized' PaaS-style deployment, made popular by Heroku, in their own private infrastructure.

Anders Abel09/04/13
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Agile is not Unplanned

It’s a common misconception that agile is unplanned, that agile is without architecture or design, that agile is without documentation. That is not true. What agile really does is to emphasize those activities and make them continuous activities instead of separate project phases.

Tom Howlett09/04/13
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To Be Effective, We Must ...

Our organizations are crippled by separation. To be effective, we must repair these broken relationships within teams and within whole organizations.

Ayende Rahien09/04/13
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Get Out of the Way, We Are Coding: Part II

Another thing that is pretty common in development cycles is the notion of who can do more. Hours, that is, rather than work. That is a pretty important distinction. In general, I appreciate work much more than hours, for the simple reason that someone doing 12 hours a day in the office usually does a lot less actual work.

Martin Hinshelwood09/04/13
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Review: The Professional ScrumMaster's Handbook

I was asked recently to review The Professional Scrum Masters Handbook. As I read this book there were times that I shouted at it and I almost stopped reading in disgust around chapter four.

Mark Morrell09/04/13
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Managing the Risks from Mobile

In this post I will cover how your organization can provide useful functionality for your employees while still mitigating or addressing the following risks:

Michael Crump09/04/13
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First Look at the FireFox OS Developer Preview Phone

I was lucky enough to get the geeksphone Firefox OS Developer Preview Phone (Keon) directly from Mozilla. This blog post will contain lots and lots of pictures with a quick summary at the end.

Michael Brenner09/04/13
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Why Marketing Innovation Fails

Marketing innovation fails at most companies simply because it isn’t funded as part of a formal approach to testing new ideas. Innovation happens when marketing leaders commit to it.

Mihai Fonoage09/04/13
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TDD Resources for iOS

Below are a few resources I've found useful when doing TDD in iOS.

Jim Bird09/04/13
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This is how Facebook develops and deploys software. Should you care?

Rather than planning work out into projects or breaking work into time-boxed Sprints, Facebook developers do most of their work in independent, small changes that are released frequently. Facebook says that they follow Continuous Deployment, but it’s not Continuous Deployment.

Allan Kelly09/04/13
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Software quality?

What I really need are two things: A definition of software quality and a definition of a software defect. I think I’m starting to approach workable definitions of both.

Frank Kelly09/04/13
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Is the STEM crisis a myth?

It's a quality problem, not a quantity problem. There aren't enough "good" STEM people out there. What's the solution, then?

Filip Ekberg09/04/13
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Do I need to understand low-level programming and memory management?

Obscure attempts to beat the compiler on optimization might make code unreadable, which could have been avoided by understanding what happens on a lower level once the code is translated.

Dmitriy Setrakyan09/04/13
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Efficient Techniques For Loading Data Into Memory

Using the above loading routines will often render 10x and above performance improvement over simple put(...) calls.