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Dave Fecak10/13/13
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Hello World! What Every CS Student Should Know About the First Job

Anyone involved with hiring entry-level technology professionals is aware that students are being prepared by schools for how to do work in the industry, but are often ill-prepared on how to find work in the industry.

Stefan Armbruster10/13/13
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Nice Addition Back in Neo4j 1.9.1: Closeable ExecutionResult

A lot of Neo4j users might not have explored this small but very helpful addition yet, so here's a short synopsis of it.

Christopher Taylor10/13/13
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Standing in the Firehose of Data: Drowning or Refreshing?

Big Data is a great topic. Everyone recognizes the rise of the volumes of data being generated by individuals, systems and devices. What is far more interesting, though, is the discussion that was a major part of the keynote at TUCON 2012: “What opportunities does Big Data open up?”

Abhijeet Dalal10/12/13
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Maps With 2 Keys: Inspire Yourself to Think Differently

Thinking about a Map with two keys immediately compelled me to use a user-defined key, which would probably be a Class. In this article, you will learn how to create a new Map class with two keys by overriding methods in the standard Map class.

Michael Muller10/12/13
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Security: Does iPhone 5 TouchID Matter?

We’ve heard many people discussing whether or not biometry on the iPhone 5S is more secure than a PIN or a screen gesture. Actually, TouchID was reported to have been hacked less than a week after the 5S was released. This article is not a review, though. This is about the Why and the Who Cares.

Rob Sanders10/12/13
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Entity Validation and the Entity Framework – Part 1

The next logical step in my journey across the Entity Framework v6 RC1 after having established a fairly robust data access approach was to imbue my solution with some more “smarts” when it came to entity validation.

Olga Kouzina10/12/13
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Kanban as Multiban?

I’ve contemplated things around Kanban recently, and here’s another interesting perspective. It might help make more sense of the Kanban method as a method for managing knowledge work, and software development work, in particular.

Merrick Chaffer10/11/13
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Avoid Broken Images: Preload with CSS, JavaScript or Ajax

In this quick article, you will find a resource on how to preload images with CSS, JavaScript, or Ajax, as well as the author's preference. Read on to avoid broken images!

John Cook10/11/13
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An Interesting Perspective: Information Theory Misnamed?

Information theory is about more than just information. In this article, the author presents David Spivak's perspective on the name "information theory," and why it may be misnamed.

Roman Pichler10/11/13
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The Minimum Viable Product and the Minimal Marketable Product

The minimum viable product (MVP) is a powerful concept that allows you to test your ideas. It is not to be confused with the minimal marketable product (MMP), the product with the smallest feature set that still addresses the user needs and creates the right user experience.

Stephen Chin10/11/13
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DIY Raspberry Pi Workshop for Kids

Steven Chin did a successful workshop this past weekend at Silicon Valley Code Camp with 50 very enthusiastic future developers. They were ages 10 and up, and everyone in the class got a Java game running on their Pis, and made 2 or more improvements in the span of a few hours.

Paul Reed10/11/13
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The Ship Show: Because You Watched DevOps, You Might Enjoy Netflix

It’s hard to have a conversation or hear a presentation these days about DevOps without hearing Netflix’s name being uttered: they’re a poster-child not only for employing DevOps principles. But how did they achieve this? Join us for a chat with members of Netflix’s Engineering Tools and Playback Reliability teams.

Ariya Hidayat10/11/13
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Code Coverage of QUnit Tests using Istanbul and Karma

QUnit, used by projects like jQuery and jQuery Mobile, is a rather popular JavaScript testing framework. For tests written using QUnit, how do we measure its code coverage? A possible solution which is quite easy to setup is to leverage the deadly combination of Karma and Istanbul.

Martin Fowler10/11/13
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Bliki: Historically Discriminated Against

When we see only 27% of software developers are women in a world of 50% women, the fact that women are historically discriminated against is evidence that the effects of their historical oppression haven't yet been corrected

Peter Zaitsev10/11/13
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SSL Performance Overhead in MySQL

4096-bit SSL connections are 3 orders of magnitude slower to establish than unencrypted connections. For a system which establishes and maintains long-running connections, the initial connection overhead becomes a non-factor, regardless of the encryption strength, but there’s still a rather large performance penalty compared to the unencrypted connection.