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Kin Lane06/09/13
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Hacking Your Automobile Dashboard

In the tech space we use the term dashboard a lot. Think about how overused that term is when delivering web applications, portals, home page, start page and any other bullshit incarnation on the Internet where you heard the term dashboard applied to!

Jenny Yang06/09/13
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You Say Dynamic, I Say Static

Solutions for spotting those pesky outliers have been around in the world of credit card processing, banking, and security for some time now. “Anomaly detection”, a.k.a. fraud detection, is a pretty common term in those industries.

Ayende Rahien06/09/13
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On Friction in Software

I was pointed out to this article about friction in software, in particular, because I talk a lot about zero friction development. Yet the post show a totally different aspect of friction.

Eric Genesky06/09/13
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Learn More About AWS

This webinar is geared towards both developers looking to learn more about implementing projects on AWS as well as businesses looking to evaluate cloud computing.

Eric Genesky06/09/13
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Everything I Know About Fast Databases I Learned at the Dog Track

In this talk, Andy present's research on integrating machine learning techniques to improve the performance of fast database systems that is inspired by his adventures at greyhound racing tracks. . . .

Roger Jennings06/09/13
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99.58% Uptime with Android MiniPCs, Azure, and WordPress

My Android MiniPCs and TVBoxes blog runs WordPress on WebMatrix with Super Cache on Windows Azure Web Site (WAWS) Preview with ClearDB’s MySQL database (Venus plan) in Microsoft West U.S. (Bay Area) data center.

John Cook06/08/13
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Orwellian vs Huxleyian

Orwell and Huxley wrote contrasting dystopian books. In Orwell’s 1984, people are controlled by overt totalitarian power. In Huxley’s Brave New World, people are lulled into submission. Orwellian became a common adjective...

Kay Cichini06/08/13
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QGIS: Curing a Small Aesthetical Flaw

When starting QGIS, does the popping up of the cmd prompt window annoy you as much as it annoys me? If you want to solve this, put the following vbs script in your PATH/bin folder (or anywhere else, if you wish).

Timothy Bish06/08/13
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New ActiveMQ Book Published

Recently finished work on a new book for the beginning ActiveMQ user, "Instant Apache ActiveMQ Messaging Application Development How-to" published by Packt Publishing. The book is a fast paced walk through as the basic skills needed to work with Apache ActiveMQ. You can also win one...

Madhuka Udantha06/08/13
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WSO2 ESB Cache Mediator Tutorial

This tutorial is about Caching Responses Over Requests. It means when WSO2 ESB gets the same request then Cache Mediator will send out Caching Responses. In this example I am using my last service that I created from WSO2 DSS.

Jim Hirschauer06/08/13
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The Poor Misguided CMDB

It’s not an exciting or glamorous subject but it’s an absolutely critical concept for properly managing your applications and infrastructure. CMDB, CMS, SIS, EIEIO (joking) or anything else you want to call it these days is a concept that has been poorly implemented from the very beginning.

Peter Zaitsev06/08/13
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Summertime Percona MySQL training update

Now that June has arrived it is time to plan what you will do over the summer months. In addition to your summer vacation plans, give thought to MySQL training for you and your team.

Ariya Hidayat06/08/13
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JavaScript Timing: Accuracy vs Precision

When analyzing the performance of a JavaScript-based application, stopwatch is often a convenient tool. Just like any other timing measurements in real life, it is important to ensure that this produces a valid and confident result. Thus, we need to avoid some factors which may reduce its accuracy and precision.

Ben Forta06/08/13
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Appliness June 2013 Published

The June 2013 edition of Appliness is out, and it includes coverage of PhoneGap, Backbone.js, RequireJS, Chromium Embedded Framework, CSS and Media Queries, and more.

Paul Miller06/08/13
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A Prism Bends Light, the PRISM Story Bends Facts

The speed with which conjecture, rumour and some (good) newspaper investigative work has turned into ‘fact’ and ‘truth’ online makes this worth addressing.