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Anders Karlsson11/05/13
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Bet the company! Just do it!

The term "bet the company" means that a company, large or small, puts everything it has in one big move. Betting the company when the company is small is one thing, this happens every day (you can say that MySQL did this, but they did it when they were small and and there wasn't really much to bet with).

Mark Needham11/05/13
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Neo4j: A First Attempt at Retail Product Substitution

One problem for online retailers is working out whether there is a suitable substitute product if an ordered item isn’t in stock. Since this problem brings together three types of data – order history, stock levels and products – it should be a nice fit for Neo4j, so the author ‘graphed up’ a quick example.

Raymond Camden11/05/13
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Seeing Two Geolocation Prompts in a PhoneGap/Cordova Application?

Are you using geolocation in your PhoneGap/Cordova application and seeing two prompts? The author was. Even more odd was the fact that one had the "nice" application name, and one was the full path to the index.html. In this article, you'll find the solution to this common PhoneGap 3.0 issue.

Rauf Issa11/05/13
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Apache Mesos: The Datacenter is the Computer

The data center is the computer. The pendulum is swinging. Traditional cloud and virtualization level resource management in the data center aren't good enough to manage the growing demands for computing services. The answer for this challenge are solutions such as Apache Mesos and YARN.

Arthur Charpentier11/05/13
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Data News: Facebook Data Cluster Predicts Break-Ups, and More

This collection from Arthur Charpentier of data science-related links includes a Facebook data cluster that predicts your break-ups, an article on the merits of diverse data over big data, and the in-depth story of a man who challenges hackers to investigate him and steal his data any way they can.

Singaram Subramanian11/04/13
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Adding HTTP Headers to a SOAP Request Using a Custom CXF Interceptor

Let’s assume that we want to make a SOAP call to a service at http://localhost:8080/samplewebservices/echoserviceinterface, and it requires that we add an API / Access token as an HTTP header. Here's how we do it.

Darshan Bobra11/04/13
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Understanding the Concept of Functional Programming

In functional programming, programs are executed by evaluating expressions, in contrast with imperative programming where programs are composed of statements which change global state when executed. This article goes into detail on the concept of functional programming and why one might use it.

Maximiliano Firtman11/04/13
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Android 4.4 KitKat, the Browser and the Chrome WebView

Android 4.4 has made a big change in the OS’ internals for HTML5 development: it has replaced its original WebKit-based WebView with modern Chromium, and the new Android Browser is also powered by Chromium. Besides the good news, not everything looks exciting in these changes, though. Let’s see why.

Mitch Pronschinske11/04/13
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FAQ about OpenFlow and SDN from the ONF

The Open Networking Foundation had its first ever interoperability test event last year on March 5th -9th testing OpenFlow v1.0 at a lab in Santa Clara, CA. This video answers some frequently asked questions regarding OpenFlow and SDN soon after that test.

Ebba Kraemer11/04/13
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Wet agile or agile waterfall?

“Wet agile”, “the agile waterfall” and “the Agile-Waterfall Hybrid” … this controversial, mixed-method baby has as many names as formats. Some have received a lot of dedicated thought, are fit-for-purpose and manage to preserve the main benefits of the more pure methods.

Vlad Mihalcea11/04/13
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Batch Processing Best Practices

Writing batch processing tasks is not always trivial, so following some basic principles might save you from trouble.

Abraham Otero11/04/13
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Quality Levels: the Hole in Software Methodologies

Not all software we develop requires the same quality. It is not the same to develop software that will run only once, and will never need to be changed, that software that is expected to be used for years

Idan Fridman11/04/13
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My Simple Performance Benchmark for Spring Integration

I was looking for any official performance benchmarks I could find for the Spring Integration framework, but I was unable to find any. So, I decided to create my own benchmark in order to better understand the framework’s performance ability.

Mitch Pronschinske11/04/13
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Setting Up a Docker Development Environment in 24 Hours

The developers at RelateQ recently documented their 24 hour journey from their former development environment to one that was orchestrated by Docker and didn't take days to set up. Their stack had a lot of moving parts from open source: Cassandra, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, Kafka, Zookeeper, and Redis.

Vijay Narayanan11/04/13
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Stop Planning & Start Harmonizing Implementations

You can wait for that dream initiative or project to build a whole new set of reusable components that will magically make your teams more productive.