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Eric Genesky06/06/13
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A Comprehensive Presentation of RavenDB (Part 1)

This is the first of a two-part presentation on RavenDB, a NoSQL solution for .NET developers. The presentation covers a lot of ground - here are some of its features . . .

Pieter Humphrey06/06/13
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Spring Batch 2.2.0. Release Now Available

Spring Data is a collection of projects intended to make it easier to develop Spring-powered applications that use new data access technologies such as non-relational (NoSQL) databases.

Daniel Ackerson06/06/13
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Stop Scaring Everyone and Speed Up Your Releases

“But our customers don’t want 10 new versions a year. The last release alone had over 600 bugs!” retorts the hotline manager. “How about a small update with just a handful of bugs?”

John Cook06/06/13
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Review: Instant SymPy Starter

There’s a new book on SymPy, a Python library for symbolic math: Instant SymPy Starter by Ronan Lamy.

Giorgio Sironi06/05/13
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Serialization and injection

Serialization is a form of persistence: serialized data survives the process and the RAM where it was created and can be reconstituted inside different processes and machines that live in a different time or place. Sometimes serialization is a poor form of persistence in fact, one that confuses the boundary between the different schemas the data can fit in.

Mitch Pronschinske06/05/13
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UML: Once More with Meaning

This talk will review the state of this work and the implications for software and system engineering practice of bringing real meaning to UML.

Tim Spann06/05/13
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Using Square Retrofit REST Client with POJO

Here is another helpful resource when using Retrofit, JSON to POJO. The library is really simple to use especially if you create your POJO class with the JSONGen.

Greg Ness06/05/13
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Three Nodes, Highly Available Cluster with VoltDB

You’ve probably heard about the VoltDB, the super fast distributed ACID SQL RDBMS for OLTP, but you might not be aware of its throughput capabilities in detail . . .

Eric Genesky06/05/13
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An Introduction to MongoDB

Here's a presentation from Metatagg Solutions that discusses the basics of MongoDB - approximately 5 minutes.

Tim Spann06/05/13
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Log Scraping

A quick Java snippet for log scraping.

Niv Steingarten06/05/13
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JVM Performance Magic Tricks

HotSpot, the JVM we all know and love, is the brain in which our Java and Scala juices flow. At its core lies the JIT (“Just-In-Time”) compiler. Here are some of the more interesting optimizations performed by it.

Mark Morrell06/05/13
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Good governance signals right mobile direction

It is no surprise if I say setting the right direction for your organisation with mobile is critical. Having some good governance principles helps you to continue in the right way and underpin your strategy.

Pat Shaughnessy06/05/13
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Ruby, Python, Java, C and Programmer Happiness

I thought it would be fun to compare Ruby with a few other languages by looking at how different open source developers implemented the same method or function in each language. How do the languages differ? Do they make you equally happy?

Leigh Shevchik06/05/13
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Simpler UI Testing with CasperJS

Whether you develop small applications or large ones, it’s safe to say that user testing is an important aspect of the development process. Casper is a navigation scripting and testing utility for PhantomJS, written in JavaScript. It allows us to test websites a lot like PHPUnit or JUnit allow us to test our code.

Lorna Mitchell06/05/13
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PHP Version Adoption

PHP runs over 75% of all websites whose technologies are known, which makes for a really REALLY long tail of users. What they don't do is upgrade. I absolutely don't mean this post as a rant - more as a way of raising the issue and trying to give some pointers for moving forward.