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Senthil Kumar08/09/13
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A Collection of JavaScript Compression Tools

In this post we will list some of the best JavaScript compression tools available to web developers, including Closure Compiler, JSMin, YUI Compressor, and more.

Allen Coin08/09/13
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Lessons on Scaling Rapidly-growing Startups in the Cloud

Andy Parsons, CTO of the rapidly-growing startup Bookish, gives a presentation about this "battle scars" earned while overseeing the rapid scaling-up of his company's web services.

Allen Coin08/09/13
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Getting to Know Garbage Collection

Mike Bernstein is obsessed with garbage collection, and he wants you to be too.

Simon Gladman08/09/13
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Drag-scroll DataGrid to celebrate Flex 4.10.0 Release

This week sees the release of 4.10.0 of the Apache Flex SDK. This includes some important upgrades including native support for Adobe Scout, over 15 new Spark components and better support for high-resolution devices like the iOS Retina display.

Allen Coin08/09/13
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A Prodecedural City in 100 Lines of Three.js

This skyline is from "City," a simple flight-simulator by Ricardo "Mr. Doob" Cabello. "City" is a demo of the capabilities of WebGL, and is written in an impressive 100 lines of JavaScript using Three.js.

Allen Coin08/09/13
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A New Ultra-low Latency SSD in Your DIMM Slot

Yesterday, SMART Storage Systems announced their new ULLtraDIMM solid-state drives. This isn't any run-of-the-mill SSD, though, because this bad boy fits into the same DIMM slot as your standard stick of RAM.

Allen Coin08/09/13
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Emmet LiveStyle Offers Bi-directional Live CSS Editing

LiveStyle is a new live CSS editor from Emmet that automatically applies changes made in the browser and allows you to simultaneously edit different sites that share the same CSS code base.

Mitch Pronschinske08/09/13
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OSGi for JavaScript Article Baffles Devs

A post this week confused a lot of developers with its title, OSGi Targets JavaScript, Native. It turns out there is a new specification proposal for JavaScript Microservices.

Zac Gery08/09/13
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A Respectful Guide to Developer Termination

Behind all the procedures, rules, and processes there is a person who will be without a job. This is a common area where many managers and companies lose focus.

Henri Bergius08/09/13
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GeoClue Rises Again

Those that have been following my blog for a longer time know that I've beentalking a lot about making the Linux desktop and mobile platforms location aware.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis08/09/13
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Analyzing Python C Extensions with CPyChecker

Writing C extension modules for Python is tricky: the programmer must manually manage reference counts and the exception state, in addition to the usual dangers of coding in C. CPyChecker is a new static checker being developed by David Malcom to rescue us from our mistakes.

Reza Rahman08/09/13
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An Overview of JSON-P

JSON is quickly becoming the de facto data interchange format on the web, especially with powerful JavaScript clients, Ajax, REST and HTML 5 WebSockets.

Mitch Pronschinske08/09/13
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OSGi Spec Designs Now In the Open

With most of the work happening in the OSGi Alliance consisting of specification creation, a lot of the early work was sometimes isolated in expert groups within the Alliance. As of this week, the OSGi Alliance has created a GitHub repository where all of their specifications, in the form of RFPs and RFCs, will be visible.

Pushpalanka Jay...08/09/13
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How to Install Windows in a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu

Recently I wanted to run Windows inside my Primary OS - Ubuntu 12.04. I didn't want to go for dual boot option so I decided to use a virtual machine and install Windows inside Ubuntu. I faced couple of problems and here share my experience with how I overcame them.

Marina Sprava08/09/13
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Running Multiple Domain Names on Apache Server

Of course your PHP website domain name is a front-page online property. Your customers use it to access your site and it’s closely connected with your site’s brand. BTW the words that make up a domain names are used by search engines to evaluate websites in search results.