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Ross Mason09/05/13
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Releasing Faster Using Pipelines: Lessons Learned From the Trenches

Being able to release faster, is not just about pushing code to production. I will cover how we got to the point where we could release Mule faster.

Christopher Taylor09/05/13
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What’s Your Strategy for the API Economy?

The success of API’s is connected to the need for developers to quickly create not just functionality, but whole business models based on pulling together services from around the Web.

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis09/05/13
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PyMongo 2.6.1 Released With Refleak Fix

Bernie Hackett and I released PyMongo 2.6.1 yesterday. This version fixes a bug in PyMongo 2.6, a reference-count leak in insert() that caused memory to grow slowly without bound. Please upgrade immediately.

Ilija Injac09/05/13
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Self Updating WCF Routing Services on Windows Azure Using CloudFx

Several months ago, I started to develop a special project and I needed the ability to add multiple WCF services and make them available to through one single endpoint. Looking for a solution, I stumbled over WCF-Routing services.

Anindita Basak09/05/13
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Auto Scaling in Windows Azure & Config Management

Auto scaling is now built-in for every hosted service in Azure (aka Cloud service, Virtual Machine, Website, Mobile service).

Raymond Camden09/05/13
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Working with jQuery Mobile Panels

One of the newer widgets to enter the jQuery Mobile framework is the Panels widget. In this article, I'll explain how to use Panels and give you an example of how to create a panel with dynamic content.

Ben Wootton09/05/13
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Continuous Delivery Using Cloud Development Tools

Cloud-based online development tooling is continuing to improve, removing barriers to entry with regards to building software as part of a team.

Venkatesh Kris...09/05/13
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Scattered Meeting Day Syndrome

I have observed that the most unproductive day would be to have scattered meetings all throughout the day.

Simon Brown09/05/13
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What is agile software architecture?

However you build your software system, creating a well-structured architecture isn't something that happens all by itself. You need to put time, effort and discipline into it.

Brian Gracely09/05/13
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The Mobilecast #14: The Microsoft, Nokia Deal

Brian chats with Ben Bajarin (@benbajarin), Bob Egan (@bobegan) and Matt Rosoff (@mattrosoff) as a panel and they discuss the Microsoft buyout of Nokia Devices and Services announced early this week.

Senthil Kumar09/05/13
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LG Optimus G Pro Review and Features

This year, LG brought in some great smartphones and one of them is LG Optimus G Pro.

John Berryman09/05/13
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Building the Perfect Cassandra Test Environment

A month back, one of our clients asked us to set up 15 individual single-node Cassandra instances, each of which would live in 64MB of RAM and each of which would reside on the same machine. My first response was “Why!?”

David Catuhe09/05/13
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Reducing Pressure on the Garbage Collector with F12 Developer Bar for IE11

As you may know, I’m working on a 3D engine for WebGL (Babylon.js) during my spare time. A 3D engine is a place where matrices, vectors and quaternions live. And there may be tons of them!

Wayne Beaton09/05/13
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Starting the 2014 Eclipse Development Process Document

I’ve created a working document for the 2014 Eclipse Development Process (EDP) document. I’ve made a few changes, starting with bug 415715 (which is not complete yet).

Rado Buranský09/05/13
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With a Little Help from Our Friends

I don't feel comfortable advocating unit tests. I just can’t find any measures, numbers, or graphs to show that would clearly visualize the benefits. The more I think of it, the more it gives me the impression that we should start a movement against unit tests.