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John Berryman08/13/13
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Creating a Solr Search HTML Element with AngularJS

Since all my major life decisions are dictated by Google Trends plots, I took a little time this weekend to familiarize myself with AngularJS. And frankly, I’m impressed!

Peter Verhas08/13/13
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Does javac do optimization? Doesn't seem like it ...

The Java compiler is clever enough to see that the code is only called from a single place and will move the code inline. Is that really true? I have heard that the JIT compiler does the optimization and the javac compiler does not. Let's have a look at a simple class ...

Ayende Rahien08/13/13
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Hello Voron

Voron is the codename for our next-generation storage engine. It is a managed port of LMDB with some tweaks that we added on. The basic idea is that we will have our own storage solution based on our own code that we fully control.

Nikita Ivanov08/13/13
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Columnar vs. Key-Value Storage Models: Performance Comparison

What are the performance differences between in-memory columnar databases like SAP HANA and GridGain’s In-Memory Database (IMDB) utilizing distributed key-value storage? This question comes up regularly in conversations with our customers and the answer is not very obvious.

Jason Whaley08/13/13
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Google Compute Engine Adds Load Balancer Capabilities

In case you missed it, last week Google made available load balancing capabilities to its Google Compute Engine offerings. The new service offers several load balancing features, can be controlled by a RESTful API, and works at layer three.

Peter Verhas08/13/13
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Saving Bytes

In the good old days we were hacking Z80 machine code and we were writing Assembly on paper. Those days we competed to see who could write the shorter program for a given problem. These days we don't need to save bytes and I am happy about that.

Matt Lacey08/13/13
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Mice, Scroll Bars and Lazy Loading Don't Mix

If you're designing for a platform that allows user input in multiple forms you must account for all the forms of user input at each time. Let's consider what happens if you've got a list to which the app will add more when the user gets close to the end.

Rob Sanders08/13/13
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Data Maintenance with an NAS

I’m always outage/data-loss conscious, so I implement a somewhat rigorous backup process from time to time–usually bi-annually. This year, I’ve managed to offload and create nearly three TB of free space.

Brian Gracely08/13/13
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The Cloudcast Episode 97: Docker and PaaS Containers

In this episode, Aaron talks with Solomon Hykes (Founder & CTO) and Ben Golub (CEO) of dotCloud about containers as the next big thing in a post-virtual-machine world. We dive into dotCloud’s new product, Docker, and talk about feedback to the project and product at OSCON.

Dmitriy Setrakyan08/13/13
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Custom SQL Functions in GridGain IMDB

GridGain supports custom SQL functions that can be used in your SQL cache queries. This is useful if you have some custom logic that you would like to use in your query expressions.

Marco Siccardi08/13/13
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Getting Productive with WAMS: Respect the Time Zone Offset for Every User

In this second post about Windows Azure Mobile Services (WAMS) I will show you how to respect the time zone of every user.

Kevin Remde08/13/13
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VMware or Microsoft? The Series Introduction

We are the 11 IT Pro Technology Evangelists serving the United States on behalf of Microsoft. And the series is ... well … let’s call it “Shark Week” for IT Pros.

Raymond Camden08/13/13
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Using the Directory-serving Middleware in Express

If you peruse the docs for ExpressJS (as I do every Sunday), you might notice this little gem called Directory. I was curious how this worked since both Apache and IIS have this built in as well.

Ravi Kiran08/13/13
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Behaviour of Scope in AngularJS Directives

Directive is the coolest and most crucial feature provided by AngularJS. Use of the scope property in directives makes the process of writing a directive challenging.

Brian Swartzfager08/13/13
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Quick AngularJS Tip: Relating User Input Data to Metadata

I started learning AngularJS a few weeks back because I thought it would work well for an internal tool I was building. As noted in the AngularJS API, you can also use ng-repeat and ng-options to loop through a set of properties or keys in an object, and that works even if each property references another object.