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Brian Gracely10/14/13
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The Mobilecast #18 - BYOD for Everybody

Brian Katz chats with Brett Belding, Senior Manager at Cisco IT, about how Cisco does BYOD and the journey to get there. They start with what the landscape of Cisco looked like in 2002 and quickly bring it up to present day. They discuss some of the challenges of going BYOD, along with many of the successes.

Shane Willerton10/14/13
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Review of Patterns of Information Management

As with any reference book, the language is abstract and sometimes hard to follow. However, the authors have successfully produced a large volume of design patterns to cover most, if not all,...

Chris Haddad10/14/13
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Cloud DevOps and The Path Towards Governance

Cloud DevOps and PaaS are paving a path towards teams adopting governance best practices. Teams often follow human nature and take the path of least resistance. DevOps automates activities, and with adequate up-front planning, DevOps can make ‘the right thing to do the easy thing to do’.

Swizec Teller10/14/13
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Bayesian Modeling for the Perfect Pizza

How do you check if your pizza’s done? You look at it. But what if you’re mass producing pizza? In "Multivariate Bayesian cognitive modeling for unsupervised quality control of baked pizzas," the authors propose using computers specifically trained to look at a pizza and say, “yup, perfect! Done.”

Manuel Hartl10/14/13
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Getting Started with IT Security, Part II: Cryptography Terms & Definitions

In Part II of this series on IT security basics, Manuel Hartl examines a fundamental tool in security: cryptography. Includes terms and definitions, common padding schemes, comparison of crypto modes, intro to digital signatures and hashes, and more.

Mitch Pronschinske10/14/13
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DZone Weekly Link Roundup (October 14)

Groupon moves to Node.js, StackEdit becomes the best new markdown editor, John Resig creates a Twitter list of women who code, and Randall Munroe writes a comic on functional programming. Those stories, plus a tool that makes you into an elite hacker like you see in the movies.

Clemens Helm10/14/13
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ShopTalkShow Podcast with Chris Coyier on Continuous Deployment and Automation

Recently Flo talked with Chris Coyier about Continuous Deployment and Automation on the ShopTalkShow Podcast. Many of you might know Chris also from the infamous css-tricks.com site.

Chris Haddad10/14/13
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Building Multi-tenant SaaS Applications

Multi-tenant SaaS applications deliver a personalized client experience while maximizing performance and efficiency. Many teams are challenged by the specialized knowledge required to create a SaaS application on a legacy Java platform.

Ryan Nelson10/14/13
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Bumper-Sticker Agile

There have been a lot of words spoken both in print and on the Internet about how to be more agile, and it can be hard to filter. I distilled my experiences down into my own hopefully-pithy maxims. Call it Bumper-Sticker Agile.

Shannon Behrens10/14/13
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My Wireless Sucks!

The WiFi at my house has been somewhat slow and unreliable lately, so I decided to look into it. I did a lot of experiments with Speakeasy's Speed Test. If you're interested in the raw data for all of my tests, here it is:

Victor Savkin10/14/13
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Functional Refactoring in JavaScript

When discussing functional programming we often talk about the machinery, and not the core principles. Functional programming is not about monads, monoids, or zippers. Using functions instead of simple values may seem counterintuitive at first, but it is actually a very powerful technique for generalizing code.

Jeremy Likness10/14/13
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10 Reasons Web Developers Should Learn AngularJS

If you know Angular, this post may give you ideas that you hadn’t encountered before, or helpful background to justify its adoption on your project. If you have no idea what Angular is, read on, because the author will share why it’s so powerful, and then point you to resources that will get you up to speed, quickly.

Kristina Chodorow10/14/13
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Using Visual “APIs”

There's a very important visual side to your APIs. A few key things like a nice font, a color palette, and an overall theme can really make your API sing.

Troy Miles10/14/13
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Android Twitter API 1.1 Tutorial: Grabbing a User's Timeline

With application-only authentication, your app is able to make authenticated requests of its own. It doesn't need a user's credentials. Because it is doesn't have a user context, it isn't able to do things like status updates, but it can do things like grabbing a user's timeline. In this tutorial, you will learn how.

Mohamed Sanaulla10/14/13
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Book Review: Head First HTML5 Programming

We all have enjoyed reading the Head First series of books, and this book, Head First HTML5 Programming, is no different. The authors have kept the content in the book as practical as possible, which means that you will do more coding than reading. Not all features are covered, though.