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Ayende Rahien07/23/14
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Avoid where in a reduce clause

We got a customer question about a map/reduce index that produced the wrong results. The problem was a problem between the conceptual model and the actual model of how Map/Reduce actually works.

Andrew Pielage07/23/14
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What's New in Oracle SOA Suite 12c?

A quick overview of some of the features available in the new SOA Suite offering. As I mentioned near the beginning of this blog, there are many more features and improvements that were implemented in this release, such as the new templates, new on-premise adapters, and native XSD enhancements.

Mike Croft07/23/14
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Creating a Simple Cluster with GlassFish

In this post, I’ll go through the first steps of getting Glassfish installed and clustered with Apache to proxy requests. All this will be set up using one CentOS and one Fedora instance, but the steps should require little to no tweaking for other Linux platforms.

Mark Needham07/23/14
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Neo4j: LOAD CSV - Processing Hidden Arrays in Your CSV Documents

I was recently asked how to process an ‘array’ of values inside a column in a CSV file using Neo4j’s LOAD CSV tool and although I initially thought this wouldn’t be possible as every cell is treated as a String, Michael showed me a way of working around this which I thought was pretty neat.

Peter Zaitsev07/23/14
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A Schema Change Inconsistency with Galera Cluster for MySQL

I recently worked on a case where one node of a Galera cluster had its schema desynchronized with the other nodes. And that was although Total Order Isolation method was in effect to perform the schema changes. Let’s see what happened.

Mike Bushong07/23/14
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Scenario planning for first-line managers

Almost every New Product Introduction process includes some placeholder slots to talk about risk. Everyone knows enough to put mitigation plans in these slots. But those mitigation plans are drafted and then ignored by the vast majority of managers.

Kin Lane07/23/14
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GitHub Commit Storytelling: Now or Later

When you are making GitHub commits you have to provide a story that explains the changes you are committing to a repository. Many of us just post 'blah blah’, ‘what I said last time", or any other garbage that just gets us through the moment. You know you’ve all done it at some point.

Alec Noller07/22/14
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What's to Come in Oracle Big Data SQL

We heard some interesting news regarding SQL and Big Data earlier this month, and now there's more: Oracle Big Data SQL. Even if that incredibly creative name doesn't do it for you, it looks like it should be useful as a way to connect the various Big Data technologies you might be working with.

Chris Haddad07/22/14
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Four Point DevOps Story

What solution or best practices do you see solving balkanized, silo development tooling, fractured governance, disconnected workflow, and incomplete status reporting when working with distributed outsourced teams or across internal teams?

Roman Leventov07/22/14
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Time - memory tradeoff with the example of Java Maps

This article illustrates the general time - memory tradeoff with the example of different hash table implementations in Java. The more memory a hash table takes, the faster each operation (e. g. getting a value by key or putting an entry) is performed.

Steve Millidge07/22/14
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Highly Available PHP sessions using memcached 4 Coherence

In this blog we will show you step-by-step how to use PHP memcached support, combined with our new library to store PHP sessions directly in Oracle Coherence using the memcached protocol.

Gil Zilberfeld07/22/14
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Test Attribute #4 - Accuracy

Accuracy helps us fix problems quickly. But it’s definitely not so easy to come by, because it depends very much on the tested code. However, using the combination of the methods I suggested, and making use of working to test to refactor and simplifications, test accuracy is definitely within reach.

Erich Styger07/22/14
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Terminal Connection to the RIoT Board

The RIoT board comes with a 3-pin header (Tx, Rx and GND) which gives a console/UART connection to the board. Any kind of UART-to-Serial (USB CDC or RS-232) can be used, and using the UART8000-U cable is a convenient solution.

Mike Bushong07/22/14
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Network abstractions need equivalent of packet walkthrough

Whenever a new networking platform is evaluated, one of the early sales calls includes a packet walkthrough. But why?

Irena Shaigorodsky07/22/14
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Taming Unexpected Production Issues

You have unexplained production issues from time to time. The business is impacted and the management briefs down your neck while the pieces of the puzzle are collected. There is no way to recreate this on QA set-up. The issue is lurking there for quite a while and becoming more and more frequent.