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Alec Noller04/21/14
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How to Implement Continuous Delivery: Additional Resources

Once you've downloaded DZone's 2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery, you may be looking for some additional resources to help with your implementation of CD. We dug into the DZone archives and pulled out a handful of DZone's most popular Continuous Delivery resources over the last couple of years.

Jonatan Ivanov04/21/14
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Java String length confusion

You always know what you get if you call String.lenght(). It's easy, or not?

Alec Noller04/21/14
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Heartbleed & IoT: How Much Worse it Could Get

Yes, Heartbleed was bad, but at least it was limited in its scope. It couldn't hijack your toaster, after all. But in the age of IoT and very vocal toasters, will that still be true? According to Bruce Schneier (in an interview with Scott Berinato), there are serious security risks that come along with IoT.

Dalip Mahal04/21/14
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Productive Developers are Smart and Lazy

Code is often written before the requirements are understood or gathered. In addition, quickly written code often fails to fit with everyone else's code; often, it is only during integration that this problem is discovered. Good developers are patient and realize that there is a cost to writing code quickly.

Paul Reed04/21/14
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Continuous Delivery Pitfalls

Like any new development methodology, implementing Continuous Delivery has a number of pitfalls that can trip up even the most mature organizations. In this article, you'll find four of the most common pitfalls to avoid when implementing Continuous Delivery.

Tim Millwood04/21/14
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Definition of done

It is often tempting to mark something as done when it's not quite done. However this sets the wrong expectation with the client, and also confuses development. Wait until all criteria has been met, every last bit.

Ayende Rahien04/21/14
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Reduce ^ 2 in RavenDB

How do you re-reduce the results of a map/reduce? It is a really nice feature on the surface, but it has a lot of implications. For example, when and how do you run the second reduce, can you chain only one time or multiple times, what happens when there are a lot of reduce results, and so on.

Vlad Mihalcea04/21/14
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The Anatomy of Connection Pooling

All projects the author has been working on have used database connection pooling, and that’s for very good reasons. Sometimes we might forget why we are employing one design pattern or a particular technology, so it’s worth stepping back and reason on it.

Has Altaiar04/21/14
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AlertDialogs that Blocks Execution and Wait for Input on Android (MonoDroid/Xamarin.Android)

This blog post aims at addressing the following: Why is blocking the UI and waiting for the User’s input is sometimes required? Also, how do you have an Alert Modal that waits for the user’s input on Android using MonoDroid (Xamarin.Android).

Lukas Eder04/21/14
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How Can I Do This? – With SQL, of Course!

Haven’t we all been wondering: "How can I do this? I have these data in Excel and I want to group / sort / assign / combine..." While you could probably pull up a Visual Basic script doing the work or export the data to Java or any other procedural language of your choice, why not just use SQL?

Amar Mattey04/21/14
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Writing effective custom queries in Hibernate

There are many instances where we will have to write custom queries with hibernate.

Eric D. Schabell04/21/14
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Getting Started With a JBoss Maven Repository POM Configuration

The new JBoss BRMS & JBoss BPM Suite was released yesterday bringing a lot of new improvements, fixes, and features. One of the most exciting is the availability of a public facing maven repository based on these two products.

Ross Mason04/21/14
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MuleSoft Powers Box’s Cloud Connect

With over 200,000 business clients and enterprise grade security and architecture, Box is a great example of how rising Silicon Valley stars use MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform for internal and external integration needs.

Mark Hinkle04/21/14
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Are Containers the Right Answer to the Wrong Question?

If you are intrigued by the vision of efficient application VMs in a minimum number of servers, but hate the idea of retooling your infrastructure and rethinking your entire security mindset, don't fret. That vision is achievable while maintaining the flexibility and security that mature hypervisors deliver.

Michael Hunger04/21/14
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Sampling A Neo4j Database

After the author read the interesting blog post of his colleague Rik van Bruggen on “Media, Politics and Graphs,” he thought it would be really cool to render it as a GrapGist. Especially as he already shared all the queries as a GitHub Gist.