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Ayende Rahien09/28/14
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What is New in RavenDB 3.0: Query Diagnostics

We talked a lot about the changes we made for indexing. Now let us talk about the kind of changes we are talking about from the query side of things. More precisely, this is when we start asking questions about our queries.

Benjamin Ball09/28/14
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The Best of the Week (Sept 19): Cloud Zone

Make sure you didn't miss anything with this list of the Best of the Week in the Cloud Zone (Sept 19 to Sept 25). This week's topics include the post IaaS world, NCDevCon session summaries, Google Compute quickstart tutorials, how eBay uses OpenStack Trove, and the future of PaaS & Docker.

Linda Gimmeson09/27/14
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10 Big Data Tools

Hadoop isn't the only big data tool out there. Check out this list of big data tools available.

Alec Noller09/27/14
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How to Build a Web Application in Java, MongoDB, Groovy, AngularJS, and HTML5

Who says you need one of those new-fangled rapid-prototype languages like Ruby to get things done quickly? Certainly not Trisha Gee, who in this recent talk demonstrates that a language like Java can be used just as efficiently to quickly build a web application.

Darrell Burgan09/27/14
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The NoSQL Advice I Wish Someone Had Given Me

In this article, I hope to share some of these lessons with you and give you the practical advice I wish someone would have given me before I started. So here goes.

Armel Nene09/27/14
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Big Data Architecture Best Practices

The marketing department of software vendors have done a good job making Big Data go mainstream, whatever that means. The promise of we can achieve anything if we make use of Big Data; business insight and beating our competitions to submission. Yet, there is no well-publicised Big Data successful implementation. The question is: why not?

Alec Noller09/27/14
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Practical IoT: Appliances are Only the Beginning

IoT is more than just a series of pocketbook-draining home upgrades and fashionably futuristic dog-suits, and more than a connected refrigerator. Here are a number of things that it actually is, each of which helps to paint a practical picture of the impact IoT is having and will have on the world.

Ross Mason09/27/14
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Gradle Builds Reach Anypoint Studio

This is the fourth post on the Gradle series. At this time, I’m pleased to introduce two improvements we’ve made towards enabling our users to build apps with Gradle: we’ve created a new plugin for Anypoint Studio, and added support for Gradle 2.0.

Yannick Majoros09/27/14
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Java 8 Optional - Avoid Null and NullPointerException Altogether - and Keep It Pretty

There have been a couple of articles on null, NPE's and how to avoid them. They make some point, but could stress the easy, safe, beautiful aspects of Java 8's Optional. This article shows some way of dealing with optional values, without additional utility code.

Trevor Parsons09/27/14
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Cloud Platforms vs. On-Prem: A Guide for the Rest of Us

There are always a few objections that come up as well. Following-up on a previous blog post where we discussed the business benefits of cloud computing, this will be a discussion on the most common objections and how to have a conversation around cloud and on-premise environments.

Alec Noller09/26/14
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Continuous Delivery: Who's Handling What

The developer survey from DZone's 2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery gave us a few more insights than we were able to include in the guide. For a bit more detail on tool usage in Continuous Delivery, we've created this new infographic.

Antoine Girbal09/26/14
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Product Catalog with MongoDB, Part 2: Product Search

This post is a follow up to my first post on Product Catalog Schema Design for MongoDB. Now that we have established a strong basis for our product catalog, we are ready to dive into one the most important feature: Product Search.

Michael Sahota09/26/14
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Letting Go of Agile (Culture)

This post is about how we may accidentally harm organizations with Agile and how we can let go so that we may succeed.

Troy Hunt09/26/14
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Everything You Need to Know About the Shellshock Bash Bug

The hype says that Shellshock is in the same league as Heartbleed. But in all seriousness, it does have the potential to be a biggie, so I wanted to put together something definitive both for me to get to grips with the situation and for others to dissect the hype from the true underlying risk.

Ayende Rahien09/26/14
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What is New in RavenDB 3.0: Indexing Enhancements

We talked previously about the kind of improvements we have in RavenDB 3.0 for the indexing backend. In this post, I want to go over a few features that are much more visible.