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Alec Noller04/16/14
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Continuous Delivery: Visualized

For DZone's 2014 Guide to Continuous Delivery we created this detailed infographic to illustrate the creation of deployment pipelines. The Guide includes in-depth articles written by industry experts, survey results from 500+ developers, and profiles on 38 popular Continuous Delivery solutions.

Bilgin Ibryam04/16/14
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Circuit Breaker Pattern in Apache Camel

Circuit Breaker is a pattern that wraps the resource and monitors for errors. Initially it is in closed state and passes all calls to the wrapped resource. When the failures reaches a certain threshold, the circuit moves to open state where it returns error to the caller without actually calling the wrapped resource.

Sharone Zitzman04/16/14
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Why You Should Want to Use OpenStack

OpenStack is currently in a better position to have a good public/private cloud story that uses the same underlying infrastructure. This ties into what I previously discussed, regarding the reason you have public/private cloud offering based on OpenStack more than on any other alternative in the first place.

Ayende Rahien04/16/14
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“Incremental” Map/Reduce in MongoDB Isn’t

Rafal and Ben Foster commented on the author's previous post with some ideas on how to deal with incremental updates to map/reduce indexes. And while they look right, they actually can’t possibly work. In this post, the author explains why that is.

Alec Noller04/16/14
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Iconify: Simplified Icon Management for Android

Android developers don't need to be messing around with icons and image file types just to get an arrow button to look the way it should look. To that end, Joan Zapata has created Iconify, which allows Android developers to use Dave Gandy's 370 FontAwesome icons in an easily scalable and customizable form.

Mike Bushong04/16/14
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Leadership essentials: Get on the green, then go for the hole

The sport of golf is a mathematician's dream. Why?

Chris Odell04/16/14
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The Hidden Value Of Custom Taxonomies

In this post I am going to talk mainly about custom taxonomies. I am also going to use the following scenario.

Craig Matsumoto04/16/14
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What Should Juniper Cut? How About Junos Pulse?

Sources told Reuters that Junos Pulse would likely be valued at “hundreds of millions of dollars” in a sale.

Jorge Ramon04/16/14
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Creating a Sencha Touch Nested List with a .NET Backend

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a .NET endpoint to feed a Sencha Touch Nested List. This article is similar to the Creating a Sencha Touch Nested List with a PHP Backend tutorial that the author published, with the exception of the backend, which is done using c# instead of PHP.

Peter Pilgrim04/16/14
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WildFly System V Initial Script

Here is WildFly application server System V Initial Script that I quickly put together for a Centos 6 virtual machine. Use it at your own risk, don’t call me if something goes wrong, because I assume that you are an experienced Web Ops or Sys Admin and you definitely know what you are doing.

Sundararajan Na...04/16/14
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How SharePoint 2010 Customizations Can Be Mapped to SP 2013 App Model

This article includes a lengthy mapping on how the SharePoint 2010 server-side customization can be mapped to SP 2013 App Model. The full list is included in the article.

Seth Proctor04/16/14
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Phabricator and NuoDB: Porting a PHP Application to a Distributed Database

In order to certify that NuoDB is a fully-featured database product that can be used to power existing enterprise-grade applications, we frequently migrate various pieces of software to run on NuoDB. Recently, we did that with Phabricator.

Tim Millwood04/16/14
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What is SaaS? What is PaaS?

SaaS or Software as a Service is a model of software delivery when all the software and data is stored in the "cloud". SaaS or Software as a Service is a model of software delivery when all the software and data is stored in the "cloud".

Paul Reed04/16/14
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Whose Function is It Anyway?

Chris also discusses how tech companies, specifically, can up their skills by learning improvisation basics, and how this all fits in with companies on their own DevOps transformation journey, plus illuminates some surprising facts about what the basics of improvisation are about!

M Butcher04/15/14
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The Register Covers The Revolv DB Migration

The Register's Jack Clark wrote a short piece on Revolv's database migration based on the author's blog post from last week and an interview they did on Friday. He found the conclusion to the article to be a fairly phrased and well-put summary of the NoSQL/SQL issue.