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Francesca Krihely08/29/14
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The 6 People You'll Meet at MongoDB Days

Whether it's a new MongoDB fanatic who loves developing with the MEAN stack or a DBA with a black belt in MongoDB, you'll meet people from all different backgrounds and expertise. Here's a few characters you can expect to meet at the Fall 2014 MongoDB days.

Borislav Iordanov08/29/14
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Where are the JVM Scripting IDEs?

Production code is being written, dynamic language code bases are growing, whole projects don't even have any Java code proper. Yet when it comes to tooling, the space is meager to say the least.

Reza Rahman08/29/14
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Spotlight on GlassFish 4.0.1: #1 JDBC Realm

There has been some refactoring between GF 3.x and GF 4.0. One unfortunate consequence of that refactoring is that the JDBC Auth Realm package has changed between those 2 GF versions. This can cause some obvious issues when moving, from GF 3.x to GF 4.0, an application using the JDBC Realm!

Jalpesh Vadgama08/29/14
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Dependency Injection with Simple Injector

Before some I have written a blog post about how to do dependency injection with StructureMap. In this post we are going to learn Simple Injector IOC library and how we can do dependency injection with Simple Injector.

Alex Curylo08/28/14
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Project Management: Kanban

So chances are that, should you follow any kind of formalized project management, it’s likely to be a form of Scrum. And if so, we’ll just betcha that you’ll nod along with this piece:

Kai Wähner08/28/14
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Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) - The Next-Generation BPM for a Big Data World

I had a talk at ECSA 2014 in Vienna: The Next-Generation BPM for a Big Data World: Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS), sometimes also abbreviated iBPM. I want to share the slides with you.

Konrad Garus08/28/14
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"Mastering AngularJS Directives" (Book Review)

Unlike many general introduction books, “Mastering AngularJS Directives” by Josh Kurz takes a much more specialized approach. It assumes you know AngularJS fairly well and explores just one (but arguably the most complex) of its corners: directives.

Tomasz Nurkiewicz08/28/14
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URL shortener service in 42 lines of code in... Java (?!)

Apparently writing a URL shortener service is the new "Hello, world!" in the IoT/microservice/era world. So my inner anti-hipster asked: how long would it be in Java? But not plain Java, for goodness' sake. Spring Boot with Spring Data Redis are a good starting point. All we need is a simple controller handling GET and POST:

Alec Noller08/28/14
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Visualizations of Android Fragmentation: Device, Brand, OS, and More

Remember that time Google fixed Android fragmentation? Well, even if you think it's not that bad at this point - that's fair - it's interesting to see just how much diversity there is when it comes to Android. To that end, OpenSignal has created a visualization of Android fragmentation.

Paul Hammant08/28/14
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Provisioning, Deployment and Application Config Cycles

In my opinion: provisioning should be via “Infrastructure as Code," deployment of application binaries is as it’s conventionally understood today, and application config should be “Configuration as Code.” Here’s a handy diagram of all that, for a single hypothetical environment.

Phil Whelan08/28/14
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PaaS Services Roundup

For developers, one of the many cool things about using a PaaS is that you can easily connect your application to any type of service instead of being limited to what your IT department officially provides.

Francesca Krihely08/28/14
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How to Perform Fuzzy-Matching with Mongo Connector and ElasticSearch

Suppose you're running MongoDB. Now, imagine that you're also building a text-search feature, and you've chosen to use a Lucene-based project, Elasticsearch or Solr. How will this tool search through your documents stored in MongoDB? And how will you keep the contents of the search engine up-to-date?

Madolyn Sullivan08/28/14
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Sequence Values in NuoDB

Ever wonder why your Sequence numbers in NuoDB are not necessarily assigned in sequential order?

Omri Erel08/28/14
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Important SaaS Development Platform Checklist

SaaS development platform checklist includes a number of factors: the impact of SaaS applications on IT, IT roles and responsibilities, as well as the impact on regulatory compliance, and so on, and all these play an important role in successful deployment.

Lieven Doclo08/28/14
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Java, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Their Lessons

So this is where I am right now on the hardware side of things. The software side was a lot easier to build (after all, I’m a developer). However I’ve gone through a number of iterations as well. My first plan was to have the sensor module push sensor data to the host, which then saved it into a MongoDB.