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Mike Cottmeyer11/21/14
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Replacing Backlog Grooming

Over the last few years, I’ve worked with numerous teams. One thing they all struggle with is backlog grooming. Over the last few years I have evolved my practice of backlog grooming.

Mark Needham11/21/14
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R: Joining multiple data frames

I’ve been looking through the code from Martin Eastwood’s excellent talk ‘Predicting Football Using R‘ and was intrigued by the code which reshaped the data into that expected by glm. I really like dplyr’s pipelining function so I thought I’d try and translate Martin’s code to use that and other dplyr functions.

Mike Bushong11/21/14
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Maturity and Evolution of SDN

Networking technology is moving at a fast pace after being relatively stagnant for many years. And it’s not even the fundamentals of how we move packets around that is changing. We have finally realized that the network provides a set of services to applications.

Andrew Trice11/21/14
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So, What is IBM MobileFirst?

I’m still “the new guy” on the MobileFirst team here at IBM, and right away I’ve been asked by peers outside of IBM: “So, what exactly is MobileFirst/Worklight? Is it just for hybrid apps?” In this post I’ll try to shed some light on IBM MobileFirst, and for starters, it is a lot more than just hybrid apps.

Benjamin Ball11/21/14
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Oracle Confirms New Java 9 Features

Oracle has confirmed another set of JCP feature proposals for Java 9 on the OpenJDK website. This comes after the first round of JCP announcements in August which confirmed the much-requested modular source code and three new APIs. The biggest feature is Oracle's official commitment to modular source code.

Ross Mason11/21/14
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API Best Practices: Plan Your API

Perhaps the foundation of the foundation, understanding why you are building an API is a crucial step towards understanding what data/ methods your API should make accessible and how your users will utilize it.

Mehdi Daoudi11/21/14
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Why Outages Are the Scariest Thing for DevOps - and Businesses

The scariest thing for a DevOps person is the effect that a web outage will have on his or her company.

Steven Willmott11/21/14
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Pimp My Fridge - My Week Hacking in Louisville, KY

I’ve recently gotten interested in hacking hardware, which lead me on a journey to FirstBuild where I got to work on hacking together the Beerminder!

Juri Strumpflohner11/21/14
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JavaScript Promises: Essentials

JavaScript is asynchronous by definition, which is what makes many server-side developers struggle initially. Many even try to avoid asynchronism as much as they can rather than to embrace it. Others end up in a callback mess. That's where promises come into play.

Christopher Blake11/21/14
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IBM Verse Takes Centre Stage delivering a New Way to Work

IBM intends to make available IBM Verse first as a beta in Q4 2014. This beta will support customers who meet certain criteria. IBM intends general service availability on the IBM Cloud in Q1, 2015, and on premises general availability late 2015.

Tomer Levi11/21/14
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Solr Cloud Performance - Windows Server 2012 R2

I would like to share with you the results and conclusions from our last Solr Cloud 4.8.1 performance tests at NICE.

Ajitesh Kumar11/21/14
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Angular JS: Two Ways to Initialize an Angular App

This article represents code samples along with related concepts for two different ways in which Angular app can be defined. The two key points are automatic initialization and manual initialization.

Shay Shmeltzer11/21/14
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Modifying the Oracle Alta Skin

n this blog/video I'm going to show you how you can further fine tune the look and feel of your Alta application by modifying and extending your skin with CSS. Since the skinning design time is not completely there for Alta in JDeveloper 12.1.3, there are a couple of tricks to help you out.

Saul Zukauskas11/21/14
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10 Must-Have JS Plugins for Busy Developers

About a year ago, my team and I reached an impasse. We built sites with PHP/Wordpress, but there was one problem: We were slow. So we analyzed our processes, searching for the easiest to install, most customizable JS scripts in the world, and saw an increase in productivity. Here are our findings.

Mike Bushong11/20/14
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The Philosophy of Network-as-a-Service

In the world of Anything-as-a-Service (I will leave the acronym to your imagination), Network-as-a-Service is not a new term. In fact, it even has its own wikipedia page which will tell you it has been used for many years now, well before the current set of service related terms in IT have become popular.