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Mike Bushong08/01/14
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Do you really need to understand the guts of an Ethernet Switch?

This week I read a perfectly reasonable article by Tom Hollingsworth, which then deteriorated in the comments section to a “you don’t know how a switch works” exchange.

Robert Diana08/01/14
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Geek Reading July 31, 2014

These items are a combination of tech business news, development news and programming tools and techniques.

Greg Duncan07/31/14
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"The Art of Memory Forensics"

Not something I really need right now nor probably many of you, but I still think it's pretty darn cool looking and talk about a geek level-up tool! :)

Andrew Fuqua07/31/14
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Continuous Backlog Refinement

Create your initial backlog, then stay on top of it. Here’s the how and why of Continuous Backlog Refinement.

Alec Noller07/31/14
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Debunking the Myths Surrounding Android Monetization

If you're in the mobile development business, monetization is probably a fairly important issue to you. And we've been hearing for years now how Android users don't spend money, at least compared to iOS users. But is that really true?

Sharone Zitzman07/31/14
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Cloud Automation... Cloud Orchestration. That's What It's All About.

The real long-term benefit of using a cloud orchestration tool is to manage post deployment through built-in management, logging and monitoring capabilities, as well as the built-in workflows for automating failover and auto-scaling processes – which all eventually leads to faster rollouts and improved TCO.

Ajitesh Kumar07/31/14
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AngularJS – Single Page App with RESTful APIs & Spring MVC

After having found the recipe for creating single page app that could consume RESTful APIs, I am not sure if I would be using any other way to create single page app other than the way described in this article. Please feel free to share your ideas/suggestions/thoughts.

Eric Minick07/31/14
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Release Managers Risking Irrelevancy

As Agile breaks through the WaterScrumFall format of rapid development wrapped in slow project initiation and release cycles to actually delivering more frequently, Release Managers have been put into something of a bind.

Lukas Eder07/31/14
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jOOQ Tip of the Day: Reuse Bind Values

jOOQ implements your SQL statements as AST (Abstract Syntax Tree). This means that your SQL statement is modelled in a non-text form prior to serialising it as a textual SQL statement to your JDBC driver.

John Piekos07/31/14
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You’d Better Do Fast Data Right: A Five Step approach

If you are going to build one of these data-driven applications that runs on streams of data, what do you need? In working with people building these applications, it comes down to five general requirements to get it right.

Ross Mason07/31/14
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Don’t Just Throw APIs at the Problem!

One thing I’ve witnessed over the last few months as I’ve worked with dozens of customers is that, despite the fact that companies already have hundreds and thousands of APIs (anything that is an “interface” is an API in my mind), companies are still adding more.

Jennifer Wright07/31/14
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Making Room for Data: Connected Homes and the Hybrid Age

The field of predictive analytics continues to grow, and we are growing with it, entering the Hybrid Age of technology. “Hybrid” implies that humans and computers will be working together more closely than ever, and it is impossible to ignore the impact that these advances will have on our futures.

Carlos Sanchez07/31/14
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Anatomy of a DevOps Orchestration Engine: (III) Agents

In Maestro we typically use a Maestro master server and multiple Maestro agents. Each Maestro Agent is just a small service where the actual work happens, it processes the work sent by the master, via ActiveMQ, and executes the plugins with the data received.

Paresh Mayani07/31/14
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Crash/Issue in Google Play Store Android App

I am just creating a post as I don’t know where I should submit this bug/issue or who I should contact to let them know about the issue being caught in the Google Play Store Android app. I hope this post will be found by any of the Google play store app developer(s), and I hope it may help them to resolve issue.

Nati Shalom07/31/14
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How to Add Real Distributed Transactions to MongoDB

One thing (or maybe two) that you keep hearing from the MongoDB community (and probably also applies to Cassandra and HBase) is the lack of transactions support. For the record, MongoDB does provide some support for transactions, but to have real distributed transaction support in Mongo is not an easy task.