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Daily Dose - PostgreSQL 9 Released Ahead of Announcement

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Before the official announcement went out, the final version of PostgreSQL was released this weekend.  If you browsed the PostgreSQL FTP server you could find the final packages for this major update.  MySQL and Oracle better watch their back because PostgreSQL is bringing Hot Standby and Streaming Replication to their arsenal.

Node 2.2
Node.js also got an update this week.  A minor release includes REPL improvements and a fix for the bug in fs.realpath.  sys.pump now catches all errors as well.  Node.js is on a roll as more web developers start to realize the benefits of writing JavaScript for the server side.  

Heroku Add-ons: Anyone Can Build One!
The Ruby-based PaaS vendor, Heroku, recently announced their Add-on Provider Program, which allows customers to build their own custom add-ons using a new API and developer kit.  Heroku has already built their own add-ons for utilities like NorthScale memcached and New Relic.

Most Android Users Now on 2.x
Maybe people are just getting new Android phones, but it could be that handset manufacturers are finally getting their act together and upgrading the OS versions of their Android phones.  A recent survey by Phone Arena shows that about 70% of Android phone owners have version 2.1 or greater.  I bet fragmentation seems like less of a problem right now.  Unfortunately only 25% have version 2.2, which is miles ahead of other OSes in browser speed.

Starting your own Software Company? Think twice.
Just be careful and think long and hard before making the plunge into the startup world.  Here are some key tips.
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