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Daily Dose - Oracle to Cut 50% of Sun Workforce? Sun Says No

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Oracle to Cut 50% of Sun Workforce?  Sun Says No
Last week, USB analyst Brent Thill predicted that Oracle would cut some 13,800 jobs at Sun if the merger is completed.  Thill said the cuts would be necessary for Oracle to have $1.5 billion in non-GAAP operating income for the first year after the acquisition.  Internally, Sun recently told its employees that the report is "absolutely untrue".  However, some degree of job-cuts could be on the way, according to sources close to the deal.

Microsoft Bots Attack Perl
Testers of CPAN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network) are reporting issues accessing their sites, mirrors, and databases.  The testers say that their server is being scanned by "20-30 bots every few seconds."  They believe this is a dedicated denial of service attack because the bots are ignoring robots.txt rules.  Testers identified the source as Microsoft.  The IP addresses have been blocked, but the attack raises questions as to why Microsoft bots are attacking a global Perl resource archive.

Apple-Nokia Pissing Match Continues
Nokia sues Apple, Apple counter-sues Nokia.  Nokia claims all of Apple's devices include stolen property from Nokia, Apple says "You're crazy."  That's the story so far.  Now both sides have requested that the International Trade Commission ban imports of the other company's products.  The ITC's evaluation process takes 15 months, so even if they do take this catfight seriously, there won't be any products disappearing for awhile.

Google-China Ordeal Effecting More than just the Tech Realm

With Google taking a strong stance against Chinese censorship, all around the world the debates over global censorship and human rights are being reignited.  U.S. politicians are taking a tougher look at trade relations and the Obama administration recently issued statements in support of Google's actions.  Some members of the U.S. Congress are trying to revive a bill that would ban U.S. tech companies from doing business with governments that digitally spy on their citizens.  If Google departs from China, will probably gain a monopoly over the Chinese internet market.

Using Fibonacci Numbers to Convert from Miles to Kilometers and Vice Versa

Peteris Krumins provides some interesting math tricks using Fibonacci numbers.  To learn how to do it and why it works, check out DZone's top link in 24 hours.
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Alessandro Santini replied on Mon, 2010/01/18 - 11:36am

Huh, Oracle cutting 50% of Sun's workforce? I am still smiling thinking about all those who were dismissing IBM's acquisition like the end of Java, Solaris and MySql. Well, you wanted it? There you go!

James Jamesson replied on Mon, 2010/01/18 - 12:37pm

Just 50%? That sounds like a very optimistic number. My guessing is that 80% will be let go. The overseas stuff will be deleted over night.

Andrei Taranchenko replied on Mon, 2010/01/18 - 1:34pm

"U.S. Congress are trying to revive a bill that would ban U.S. tech companies from doing business with governments that digitally spy on their citizens."

So the above link suggests The Big G would have to essentially go out of business.

Fabrizio Giudici replied on Mon, 2010/01/18 - 2:20pm

For me it's easy to guess that IBM would have laid out more of what the real percentage will be, because there would have been larger product overlaps. Who thought that Oracle was better than IBM doesn't need to change his mind. There are no signs of Oracle ending Java or Solaris, and there's an agreement with the UE to preserve MySQL. What's the point?

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