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Daily Dose - Report Says Microsoft/Adobe Merger Story is Bunk

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While it certainly didn't hurt Adobe's stock prices, which rose by 11.5% this week, the rumors that Microsoft is in talks to buy Adobe are "nonsense" according to many sources at both companies.  The rumor came from a New York Times article that said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer might be interested in an Adobe+Microsoft team up against Apple.

Cassandra Used By Facebook… and by Spies
A new partnership between Apache Cassandra trainers from Riptano and the analytics company Digital Reasoning is going to benefit the US intelligence community.  According to the release, timely and accurate judgements on vast quantities of information can "save lives in the intelligence community."  The US government intelligence infrastructure is now utilizing large Cassandra instances.  In addition, Digital Reasoning open sourced its software that enables Cassandra deployment on Amazon's EC2.

OpenIndiana Importing Bordeaux
The OpenIndiana project, which is an open fork of Oracle Solaris, is getting Bordeaux, a GUI configuration manager for Wine.  Wine lets users run Windows apps on Linux and Unix.  The next version of Bordeaux will be out in the near future.

Firefox 4 for Mobile First Beta
The first beta of Mozilla's mobile version of Firefox 4 is out this week for Android and Nokia Maemo phones.  The final version should be released at the same time as the desktop version.  The mobile browser includes the latest version of Firefox Sync, so you can open your tabs from the desktop in your mobile browser, or vice versa.

Maven 3.0 has landed!
The final Maven 3 has arrived.  Jörg Buchberger posted the link.
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