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Xeround Cloud Database Now Available as Engine Yard Add-on

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We’re happy to announce the availability of Xeround Cloud Database for MySQL applications as an add-on for the Engine Yard Platform. Xeround’s add-on provides simple one-click integration between Engine Yard’s applications and Xeround’s Database-as-a-Service.

Initially, Xeround’s add-on is integrated with Engine Yard’s Orchestra PHP Platform, and will later expand to Engine Yard’s Ruby cloud.

Xeround Cloud Database Add-on for Orchestra PHP Cloud

Xeround’s add-on allows Orchestra users to create their Xeround DB instance with a single click from within the Orchestra environment. This automatically creates a highly-available, zero-management, cloud database that easily connects to their PHP application.

Currently, Xeround’s add-on for Orchestra supports Xeround FREE plan, best suited for small web apps and development or staging purposes. The new add-on allows users to enjoy an always-on MySQL-compatible cloud database up to 10MB at no cost.

Xeround’s additional paid plans (Xeround BASIC and Xeround PRO) will be rolled out in the coming months. Until that time, Orchestra users looking for larger DB sizes, automatic scaling, unlimited throughput and other advanced features, can register via Xeround to create their database instance – and then connect it to their Orchestra application just as they would connect their app to any external database.

See instructions on how to connect your Orchestra MySQL application to Xeround here.

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