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Windows 8 is Definitely Faster than Windows 7

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I get this question a lotI always get asked if Windows 8 is faster than Windows 7. The answer is definitely "Yes."
Windows 8 performed better on virtually every single test. 

PC Magazine,2817,2406668,00.asp

Performance benchmarkWindows 7Windows 8
From the Windows logo to the startup screen (lower is better)27 seconds18 seconds
Shutdown times are also dramatically faster: (lower is better)12 seconds8 seconds
Waking up from a sleep is also faster: (lower is better)13 seconds10 seconds.
3-D graphics performance. PCMark 7 Test (higher better)34673786
Browser performance(lower is better)Chrome version 21 - 2325Chrome version 21 - 2505
Browser performance using Google V8 (higher is better)1087311847
Video performance (rendering and encoding)X264 HD benchmark 5.0 (frames per second, higher is better)81.5
86.1handbrake ( frames per second being encoded, higher is better)170.5

Starting with Windows 7 Microsoft got serious about isolating the kernel of the operating system and optimizing its performance independently. The small kernel is known as MinWin. It includes just basic system services, such as the TCP/IP stack and not much more. Here is some follow-up video and reading.

Inside the Windows Kernel (video)
Arun Kishan: Inside Windows 7 - Farewell to the Windows Kernel Dispatcher Lock. this was a huge breakthrough for Microsoft. it boosted parallelism by minimizing the wait times between running threads. The traditional dispatcher lock was replaced with several finer grained synchronization techniques, allowing Microsoft to leverage today's multicore architectures. (video)
Inside Windows Server 2008 Kernel Changes. this article describes the major changes Microsoft made to improve the performance of the kernel by separating it out of the operating system and optimizing it separately.

A more recent series of test that reflect Windows 8 RTM
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Philippe Lhoste replied on Wed, 2013/07/17 - 9:56am

Both the original article and this one are badly formatted in the last two lines of the performance table.

Otherwise, interesting.

Raging Infernoz replied on Wed, 2013/07/17 - 5:43pm

I'm not impressed, this is amateurish.

The information is missing for two applications, quite limited, and not compared and scored; I'd also like to see a much more comprehensive benchmark for applications running in the same context and know that it is not running in a crippled 'modern' Windows 8 display mode.

Given that Windows 8, and even 8.1, are far less friendly to use than Windows 7, I'd also like to see how other common OS/flavours like Mint, FreeBSD 9 and QNX compare to it for speed, because it I have to mess around so much or pay more on top, to make Windows 8 nearly as usable, other OS begin to look a lot more attractive replacements, especially if known not to be compromised by NSA backdoors, or having a dated, race condition prone, logging filesystem like Microsoft NTFS.

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