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Weekly Poll: Music for Developers

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Here at DZone Headquarters, nearly every office has music playing all day, every day. The sales team (for obvious reasons) doesn't always follow this office-wide indulgence, but for the most part, the rest of us do. As has been referenced several times in the past, we have a variety of musical instruments, ranging from guitars to pianos, and including the somewhat recent acquisition of a drum kit. As you can imagine, we have the coolest office parties.

Is your work environment awash in mellow jams, sick flows, or the delightful chords of eighteenth century Vienna? Speak up in this week's poll "Music for Developers". Results are displayed instantly after completing the survey.

For our two cents, we tend to maintain office-specific communal playlists and rock out with our officemates.

Quick side note: Last week's comments were amazing. Keep it coming! For this week, consider sharing the specific artists/groups/robotic synthesizer you prefer listening to in the comments.

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