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Using Neo4j To Make Predictions for Fast Sentence Completion (German Only)

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6 months of hard coding and supervising by me are over and end with a huge success! After analyzing 80 GB of Google ngrams data Paul and Till put them to a neo4j graph data base in order to make predictions for fast scentence completion. Today was the award ceremony and the two students from Darmstadt and Saarbrücken (respectivly) won the first place. Additionally the received the “beste schöpferische Arbeit” award. Which is the award for the best project in the entire competition (over all disciplines).

With their technology and the almost finnished android app typing will be revolutionized! While typing a scentence they are able to predict the next word with a recall of 67% creating a huge additional vallue for today’s smartphones.

So stay tuned of the upcomming news and the federal competition on May in Erfurt.

Have a look at their website where you can find the (still) German Documentation. As well as the source code and a demo (which I also include here (use tab completion (-: as in unix bash)

Right now it only works for German Language – since only German data was processed – so try sentences like

  • “Warum ist die Banane krumm” (where the rare word krumm is correctly predicted due to the relation of the famous question why is the banana curved?
  • “Das kann ich doch auch” (I am also able to do that)
  • “geht wirklich nur deutsche Sprache ?” (Is really only German language possible?)



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