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Useful Help for the MongoDB Cloud Crowd

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NoSQL on the cloud anyone?  Amazon just released a very nice guide for spinning up your own MongoDB instances on EC2.  

Readers pointed out that, due to the IO fees on top of the EC2 fees, Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud is . . .

. . . not price-competitive if you don't need to be able to launch and terminate instances on the fly on a regular basis. -- Vitality

At least one reader used the outlay described in this whitepaper for his own startup, and recommends a presentation by Jared Rosoff from March of 2011 (below) for anyone who could use some help with MongoDB. 

Feel free to comment with your thoughts on these or other useful resources.Just remember that there are a lot of pitfalls in implementing MongoDB in the cloud, as you can see in this post, where you can get at least one good piece of advice:

If you're in the cloud, avoid the disc. --Derek Harris




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Michal Huniewicz replied on Mon, 2012/01/23 - 5:03am

The PDF link doesn't work.

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