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Sublime: Getting Textmate’s Reveal/Select in Side Bar (Cmd + Ctrl + R)

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After coming across this post about why you should use Sublime Text I decided to try using it a bit more and one of the things that I missed from Textmate was the way you can select the current file on the sidebar.

In Textmate the shortcut to do that is ‘Cmd + Ctrl + R’ so I wanted to be able to do something similar or configure Sublime so it responded to the same shortcut.

The option to reveal a file in the side bar is accessible from the context menu by right clicking on the contents of a file after it’s opening and selecting ‘Reveal in Side Bar’ which is a good start.

To map that to a key binding we need to go ‘Preferences > Key Bindings (User)’ and put the following into that file:

	{ "keys": ["ctrl+super+r"], "command": "reveal_in_side_bar" }

Of course if we already have other custom key bindings then we can just add it after those instead.

We can work out what the name of commands are by turning on command logging in the Sublime console.

We need to first open the console with ‘Ctrl + `” and then paste the following:


Any commands that we run will now have their name printed in the console window. e.g.

>>> sublime.log_commands(True)
command: context_menu {"event": {"button": 1, "x": 390.21484375, "y": 329.66796875}}
command: reveal_in_side_bar
command: rename_path {"paths": ["/Users/markhneedham/code/thinkingingraphs/public/js/bootstrap.js"]}
no command for selector: noop:
command: show_panel {"panel": "console", "toggle": true}

We can then setup appropriate key bindings for whichever commands we like.

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