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Real-World Example Using Clojure, Datomic, Angular, and Ansible

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Want to learn how to use all of the coolest newest developer stuff?  Well Daniel Higginbotham has one heck of a blog post for you!  I'm pretty sure all the technologies he mentions in his title (except Clojure) were only invented within the past year!  If you're looking to learn some real-world usage scenarios for all four of these technologies all in one sweep, then look no further. 

Daniel also has a way of threading some humor into his posts as well.  Just look at the outline he presents:

  • Clojure API Server
    • Liberator for Easy API'ing
    • Going on a Spirit Journey with Friend
    • Testing a Clojure Web App is More Fun than Testing Rails
    • Serving files generated by Grunt/Angular
    • The Uberjar
  • Datomic
    • Why Oh Why Did I Do This
    • The Poopy Code I Wrote to Make Basic Things "Easier"
    • The Good Code I Ripped Off to do Migrations
    • Mapification with Cartographer, My Very Own Clojure Library!!!
  • Angular
    • Peeking and Secondary Controllers
    • Directives to the Rescue
  • Infrastructure
    • Creating a Local Sandbox with Vagrant
    • Provisioning with Ansible
    • Building and Deploying with a Janky Bash Script and Ansible
  • Development Workflow
    • Emacs Bookmarks and Keybindings
    • tmuxinator Config
    • Actually doing development

-- David Higginbotham

Now he just needs to fix the HORRIFIC background on the forum he built and I'll give him a 'cool' badge.


Ken Yee replied on Wed, 2013/08/07 - 7:55am

 No link? :-P

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