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Perl in Node.js

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Yes, Perl5 can be embedded in node.js! First of all, do a npm install perl. (P.S. node-perl requires a perl5 binary built with -fPIC and -Duseshrplib.) This is synchronous but useful embedded Perl5 for node.js. If you want to try any version of perl, you must check out perl-node.

#>git clone git://
#>cd node-perl
#>node-waf configure
#>node-waf build
#>node-waf install

And then:

var Perl = require('perl').Perl();
var perl = new Perl();
    opts : ["-Mfeature=say","-e","say 'Hello world'"]
}, function(out,err){
    script : '',
    args : ['foo', 'bar']

If you opted for Perl5:

var Perl = require('perl-simple').Perl;
var perl = new Perl();
var ret = perl.evaluate("reverse 'yoeman'");
console.log(ret); // => nameoy
var Perl = require('../index.js').Perl;
var perl = new Perl();
var ua = perl.getClass('LWP::UserAgent').new();
var res = ua.get('');

Happy hacking!

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André Pankraz replied on Fri, 2012/09/14 - 3:28am


nice article but - why do I see this node.js stuff at Javalobby -and this article here is not an exception. Node.js tag seems to be a Javalobby indicator.
Is this intentional? node.js has nothing to do with Java.

Best regards,

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