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NoSQL Week in Review #16

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This week around the NoSQLsphere, we found an interesting best practices list for Java devs, as well as an informative post by Martin Fowler on Schemalessness.  Also, for those of you worried about the job market, get informed by some NoSQL job trends for February courtesy of Robert Diana. 

Top 5 NoSQL Articles on DZone (5/22-5/28)

5 Things a Java Developer Should Consider This Year
This post is about 5 things that I am planning to do this year. I have created it for me to track my progress then thought it can be a good direction for anybody similar . . .

Martin Fowler on Schemalessness, NoSQL, and Software Design
Here's a 75-minute presentation from ThoughtWorks by Martin Fowler on software design in the 21st century.

Database Migrations and Java
There’s a trivial problem that every project has – keeping the database structure in sync with the application.

NoSQL Job Trends for February 2013
Today is the NoSQL installment of the February job trends. For the NoSQL job trends, I am continuing to focus on Cassandra, Redis, Voldemort, SimpleDB, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, and Riak.

Datawarehouse with Hadoop+Hbase+Hive+SpringBatch – Part 2
To begin with let me tell you the choice of using Hive was to understand not to use Hive as a JDBC equivalent. It was more to understand how to use Hive as a powerful datawarehouse analytics engine.

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