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New DB Rankings: Mongo DB Beats MS Access in Popularity

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In the new data for this month's DBMS rankings, MongoDB has surpassed Microsoft Access in popularity and is only slightly behind IBM DB2 with a rank of 6 overall.  Obviously, Access and MongoDB are in very different sectors of IT, but it's still a pretty huge deal for MongoDB given Access' long tradition in the MS Office Suite.

According to the DB-Engines charts, MongoDB made a significant jump in popularity at the beginning of 2013.  Perhaps it was a new year's resolution for several companies to try it out.  Red Hat Enterprise Linux started including it in their distro, and IBM integrated MongoDB's JSON-protocol into a few of their products.

While 10gen and the Mongo community might be gunning for DB2 and PostgreSQL next, they're still probably quite happy to be the most popular NoSQL database in the rankings.  Looking at the overall rankings below, it could be a lot longer before it surpasses any other DBs.  MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Oracle are in a much higher class of their own: