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Mobilecast: Health, Fitness, and Wearable Computing

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Date: March 29, 2013

By: Brian Katz

Description: Brian has a great discussion with Ben Bajarin (@benbajarin, Principle Analyst at Creative Strategies) talking about health and fitness and how it relates to wearable computing. They cover history, how they relate, and what will be needed to succeed in the future. Ben has a long history researching consumer technology and has spent the last few years looking at health and fitness wearables.

Topic 1 –  What’s the definition of wearable computing and let’s talk about it’s history.

Topic 2 – We talk a little bit about health and fitness now and how mobile is starting to take that by storm…did it all start with the lowly pedometer and 10,000 step days

Topic 3 – So, where’s the intersection of these health/fitness gadgets and wearable computing?

Topic 4 – What gadgets is Ben currently using? How about Brian? How are they using them.

Topic 5 – Where is the future of this technology? Gadgets embedded in shirts, underwear etc. How about the embedded electronic…they just showed a sensor that fits under the skin.

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