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Links You Don't Want To Miss (4/29)

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NASA’s Android Satellites
With its current budget, NASA has to get creative. So they took a few Nexus Ones, strapped them to a rocket with some solar panels, and sent them into orbit. The makeshift orbiters work pretty well, and could set a precedent for super-cheap satellites.

“Your Website is Actually Hurting My Face.”
Over at Medium, a thoughtful and funny reflection on the incoherent mediocrity of many enterprise websites, and thoughts on how those sites could become functional. Maybe. Someday.


Ginger Proofreader
This spellchecking rubygem detects spelling and grammar errors contextually, by comparing complete sentences in your document to billions of other sentences on the internet.

Google Maps with a Flat UI Touchup
A pretty lovely Flat UIzed Google Maps on jsfiddle.

Python Plays the Banjo
With only basic Python (and for more complicated music, NumPy), the PySynth library synthesizes sweet, sweet sounds in the vein of flute, organ, piano, guitar, banjo, and harpsichord.


Looks Like Vader’s Having a Good Time
A treasure trove of fantastic behind-the-scenes photos from The Empire Strikes Back. Hard to pick a favorite, but mattresses!:

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want to see you.”
Those are the first words spoken through a telephone, by Alexander Graham Bell. For decades the sound of Bell’s voice has been lost in time on shattered recordings, but researchers at the Smithsonian developed a way to read unplayable gramophone recordings optically and play them back through a computer.

Anatomy of a TED Talk
A great infographic (three words that almost never belong together) on the fine art of faux-profundity.

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