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Links You Don't Want To Miss (3/29)

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Programmers Need to Learn Statistics or I Will Kill Them All
Zed Shaw, author of the (free and ridiculously good) Learn Code the Hard Way guides, calls for all programmers to “finally learn enough about statistics to at least know they don't know shit.” Competence tends to lag both buzzwords and self-awareness.


Chrome Project Member Proposes asm.js for V8
A Chromium project member is looking to implement asm.js, following the announcement of Mozilla/Epic Games’ asm-dependent JavaScript Unreal Engine. In the words of the dev, “The implementation cost should be small compared to the potential upside -- the ability to run significant existing code bases with close to the speed of C inside the JavaScript engine.”

Developers Speak Out on iCloud
The Verge talked to devs both big-name and anonymous, and found widespread disenchantment with Apple’s iCloud, a service that many find more or less broken.

Nintendo Web Framework
Want to build apps for Wii U using only HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript? Nintendo would like to help you along with that -- at GDC they introduced the Nintendo Web Framework, which devs can apply to explore starting now. I really, really like the idea of lowering the barrier to development on a Nintendo platform -- could do wonders for programming education. We'll see how it plays out.


Holy Mahout!
An in-depth guide to the Mahout machine learning framework from Telvis Calhoun. In this post, Calhoun uses Mahout to group folks who quote the Bible on Twitter.

10 Things You Must Remember About Responsive Design
Adobe has compiled a pretty solid list of tips and resources on responsive design. A quick but useful read.

Why You Need to Learn How to Talk to Developers
This article is less of a rant than an articulate discussion of the changes in perception of technology among non-IT professionals, and how these changes can affect enterprise goals.  

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