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Links You Don't Want To Miss (Memorial Day Weekend Edition)

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Look at this Hydrogen Atom’s Electron Orbit
Specifically, that electron orbit as viewed through a quantum microscope. For the first time. So you’re looking at a wave function right now. How’s that for the future?

Quantum Entanglement is Still the Coolest Thing Ever 
Speaking of quantum mindbenders: physicists in Israel have demonstrated that two particles may be entangled even if they don't exist at the same time. 

Inside Google’s Moonshot Lab
Bloomberg Business Week profiles Google X, the research division responsible for Glass, the Google driverless car project, and other crazy techno-utopian ventures.

Curiosity Gets Busy
Nine months of Martian work-days time-lapsed into a minute:


The Programming Languages of Middle Earth 
Which language never leaves Rivendell? Which is torn between its gentle Python half and a stubborn C++ voice that can't be silenced? This breakdown explains all.

In-browser gif encoding with JavaScript, open source and available on GitHub. Awesome however you pronounce it.

Get Your Open Source Report Card
A colorful analysis of your GitHub activity. Are you a hump-day hero, late-week deadliner, or something else entirely?

Charles Nutter: Insights From Working With Many-Language VMs
The creator of JRuby discusses the various languages he’s worked with and the things he’s learned in the course of optimizing JRuby.

A Galapagos Product
Thinking inside and outside of hyper-specialized niches.


Stupid Game Rumor Generator
Impress your friends with obviously bogus videogame rumors. I heard a group of PhD students are combining Wolfenstein with PowerPoint. The twist? It's technically a new version of Android.

N 2.0, Expanded and Free
The free version of the wonderfully/infuriatingly difficult ninja puzzle platformer N hits 2.0, adding tons of new levels as well as “legacy” levels produced for its various console iterations. Must-download (unless you have a short fuse?) and available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. 

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