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Jenkins? Tomcat? Running Code w/ Permissions?

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This script will probably help you! If you need to run some "SUDO" commands from Jenkins, you will probably need to first: 

1) Add jenkins user to SUDO, and 
2) Avoid passwords.

The following code will do it like a miracle:

echo 'jenkins  ALL= NOPASSWD: ALL' >> /etc/sudoers
echo 'Defaults:jenkins    !requiretty' >> /etc/sudoers

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Adam Evans replied on Sat, 2013/02/09 - 5:24pm

Depending who has access to configure your Jenkins jobs this is a bad idea as essentially you are granting anyone root access who can configure a job using the ALL option. 

I like to manually specify in the sudoers which commands can be run by jenkins using the NOPASSWD as you did. It's a little more inconvenient but gives extra piece of mind. Sometimes I'll also wrap a group of commands up in a shell script and add that to the sudoers. 

Moshe Kaplan replied on Sat, 2013/02/09 - 6:35pm in response to: Adam Evans

Thanks Adam for the good advice.

Usually Jenkins is considered to be a trusted environment, but keeping it a little bit more secure will not hurt anybody,

Keep Performing,

Moshe Kaplan

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