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Graphs Ensure Something from Nothing

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There is a reason that there is something as opposed to nothing. However, it is simple for something to be nothing if that something is but one thing. One thing could be nothing even if it is not no thing. For that one thing must be both that which is called something and nothing.

 To not be one thing, something must be some things. These things sum to something and make something not nothing as now there are some things which, as it stands, are not at all no thing.

To be things, things must not simply be, but instead be things in reference to some things. For a thing that simply is is simply one thing and that one thing is some thing called nothing.

Related things is nothing but some things related. However, things related is something that can be related by some thing. As such, some related things of the related something stave the fact that it is all simply nothing.

The more there are some things, the further something is from nothing…

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John Esposito replied on Fri, 2011/12/02 - 3:39pm

Stefano Mastrog... replied on Tue, 2011/12/06 - 4:39am

Are you telling us that without relation, nothing is something?

An what about the site banner " Following the Non-Relational Revolution " ?

 Am I missing the point or these concepts just don't work together?




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