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Fascinated by the "craft" of software development, Eric Pugh has been healthily involved in the open source world as a developer, comitter, and user for the past five years. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation, and lately has been mulling over how we move from read/write web to the read/write/share web. In biotech, financial services and defence IT, he has helped European and American companies develop coherent strategies for embracing open source software. As a speaker has has advocated the advantages of Agile practices in software development. Eric became involved in Solr when he submitted the patch SOLR-284 for Parsing Rich Document types such as PDF and MS Office formats that became the single most popular patch as measured by votes! The patch was subsequently cleaned up and enhanced by three other individuals, demonstrating the power of the Free/Open Source Model to build great code collaboratively. SOLR-284 was eventually refactored into Solr Cell as part of Solr version 1.4 Eric co-authored "Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server", the first book on Solr. he blogs at Eric is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 8 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

Does FoundationDB Beat the CAP Conjecture?

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We’re cohosting a hackathon with FoundationDB on Friday. For those of you not in the know, FoundationDB is a pretty exciting addition to the NoSQL space. It brings flexible, arbitrary transactionality (including atomic cross-row joins in a distributed system) to NoSQL. My colleague Doug Turnbull got very excited about the technology a few months ago and blogged an introductionto it shortly after it became public.

The extra cool part is that several APIs exist (Java, Python, others) that allow you to access this key-value store and to even connect it to other SQL and NoSQL technologies. For instance, someone has already built a SQLite connector so that your API can think that it’s talking to SQLite, but actually be talking to FoundationDB. (And all SQLite tests pass.) During the hackathon, we hope to get a good start on implementing a connector between Solr and FoundationDB.

So join us and the super smart folks at FoundationDB on Friday at our offices in Charlottesville! We’re excited, and hope you can make it!

Here’s the info and sign up:

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