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I am the founder and CEO of Catchpoint. The Catchpoint vision is to provide the best IT analytics & intelligence to help companies improve their end user performance, and keep an eye on their infrastructure and vendors. Before Catchpoint, I spent 10+ years at DoubleClick and Google, where I was responsible for Quality of Services, buying, building, deploying and using various internal and external monitoring solutions to keep an eye on the DART infrastructure delivering billions of transactions a day using throusands of servers, routers . . . HP Openview, Sitescope, SMARTS, Adlex, Coradiant, Gomez & Keynote are some of the products we used. Thus the interest of building something in this space! Mehdi is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 49 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

DevOps Roundup: Holiday Edition

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How To Troubleshoot For SPOF
Third party tags can introduce availability issues to a webpage — make sure you aren’t at risk by testing for SPOF.

Performance History of the ‘Like’ Button
Creating a widget that is light and non-invasive to a website’s contents.

More Reasons to Switch to Flash
Aerospike CTO, Brian Bulkowski, debunks some myths behind flash storage and makes some convincing arguments for ditching HDD.

SSL in Overdrive
How CloudFlare improved SSL performance by up to 30%.

Bixby’s 2013 Predictions
Last year, Joshua Bixby made some accurate guesses about the web in 2012; see his estimates about 2013.

Resource Timing in Chrome
Following suit of IE10, Chrome has added support for resource timing.

Debugging With Chrome DevTools
Great tips on using Timeline and Profiles to help speed up applications by finding memory leaks and other issues.

Gartner Analyst Dubs AWS SLA The ‘Worst’
AWS and HP cloud SLAs are only void if you follow certain infrastructure guidelines which may cost you more in the end.

Pinterest Automates Cloud and Saves $$$
By automatically shutting down instances after high traffic loads, Pinterest has cut AWS costs down to $20/day from $54/day.

Gmail Outage due to Load Balancer Rollout 
Even Google can suffer outages due to new software rollouts.

NetDNA Expansion
Web traffic from the greater SF Bay area will be served faster with an additional PoP by NetDNA.

A Better Database
Lessons learned from Evernote as they update their infrastructure to process more data faster.

Etsy Open Sources mctop
Etsy’s tool for tracking responses to memcache get commands is now open.

The onload of Web 2.0
Why onload doesn’t represent user perception well and we should adopt a new standard.

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