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DevOps - a Need for the IT Industry

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Today, software innovation is moving from not just writing the code but also to delivering it to customers with faster time-to-market with high quality.

IT organizations are expected to release business need on time with stable, reliable, cost effective and agile to change. Just to adopt Agile development process without improving operational process could not able to address various issues in development process such as:

  • Always production risk associated with frequent changes
  • Lack of collaboration between Development and Operation which induce confusion and duplication
  • Lack of Automation bring more product cost and impact on Time to Market

By adopting DevOps process can help IT organizations not only in Agile but also operational side with improved collaboration across organization. DevOps promises to deliver applications quickly and improve the coordination between development and production activities.

DevOps is software development process which caters the collaboration between Developer, QA and operation to improve efficiency and quality with standardized manner.

DevOps enable agility and IT alignment two powerful business qualities and bridge the gap between developments and operations.

IT Alignment: DevOps align development and operation process and roles into unified business process to improve financial performance.

Agility: DevOps advocated automation in entire delivery to enable organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes in cost-effective ways.

DevOps promotes a set of processes and methods to bring collaboration and communication between various departments such as Dev, IT operations, QA etc. which was lacking in traditional organization.

DevOps advocates automation in Development, Operation and Quality to reduce cycle time in application life cycle.


  • ·  Improve Application up time.
  • ·  Increase productivity by standardization and automation
  • ·  Accelerate release time, eliminate manual hand offs, and educe human errors.
  • ·  More collaboration Developers, Operations and business
  • ·  Faster release of change and software features
  • ·  Stable release , more cost-effective and less stressful on team


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