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Couchio's Hosted CouchDB Service: Beta Preview Launched

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A free beta preview is now open for Couchio's upcoming hosted CouchDB service.  The program, which is limited to 200 seats, is open to both developers and users who just want to store personal data.  DZone talked to Damien Katz, the creator of CouchDB and CEO of Couchio, about the things he is working on at Couchio.

Apache CouchDB is a NoSQL (or as Couchio calls it - "post-relational") document-oriented database.  The technology is known for its ability to work offline and to sync data into and out of the database after being disconnected for a while.  It also comes with many of the other key advantages in a NoSQL solution, including the ability to scale vertically along a wide range of devices.

Couchio's CouchDB server comes with all of CouchDB's features and settings in an easy-to-use format.  A free Lucene layer is also available to give your data fine-tuned searchability.  To install CouchDB straight from Apache you would need to also install Lucene, but Couchio's service does that for you.  Another offering with the service is GeoCouch, which enables geospatial queries with CouchDB. 

Developers could use this service to host CouchDB apps in a traditional, over-the-network database server with an application server, or you can forgo the application server and serve the app straight out of CouchDB.  Organizations can set up a backup database that's always accessible, even offline, running on cheap hardware within their enterprise.

Like many successful open source project founders (e.g. Jason van Zyl {Maven}, Jason Huggins {Selenium}), Damien Katz has found partners and created a company to provide commercial backing for the Couch DB project, and also to provide a Couch DB-focused product for serious production environments.  “We wanted to create a low friction [cloud] environment for users to get started with CouchDB and get a managed experience,” said Katz.  “The hosted CouchDB beta program is the first step towards making CouchDB easier to use for an even wider audience.”

Katz says his startup is not going for massive scalability, but instead is going for CouchDB hosting that is super-easy to get started.  Scalability options will be available further down the road.  For large-scale CouchDB hosting, you should check out Cloudant.

You can apply for the limited beta at Couchio's website.  The beta customers can use the service for free and will be offered special discounts once the program ends.

CouchDB is also running on Android smartphones (developer preview), the Nokia N900, and Palm's DB8 database.

Finally, you should check out this hot CouchDB rap video:

I Use Couch DB from Couchio on Vimeo.


Daniel Alexiuc replied on Mon, 2010/05/24 - 11:08pm

Couchio offer a great service - but their logo looks oddly familiar.

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Tue, 2010/05/25 - 12:21pm in response to: Daniel Alexiuc

I can see a slight difference though.

Martin Spasovski replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 12:24pm in response to: Daniel Alexiuc

When you compare them from distance maybe, but from a closeup the font type is very different, only the color is similar (but also not the same).

And about Couchio's Hosted service, It's really great, but if you're someone who isn't interested in really being a customer when the beta ends why bother. If the pricing isn't really expensive I'd use it in some student/part-time projects.

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