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Best Semantic Web Blogs List

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While browsing Semantic Focus I stumped upon a blog post which dealt with a collection of 60+ blog links which contain excellent posts on semantic web. Though some are regular and concentrate upon semantic web topics itself whereas the other do post some article related to Web3.0 at times. I thought of resharing these links. Hopefully this would be of great use for people who are studying semantic web technologies.

Primarily about Semantic Web

The blogs mentioned below primarily post about semantic web technologies and people interested must subscribe to these.

Mostly about Semantic Web

The list mentioned below have semantic web topics as well as some off track posts.

Occasionally about Semantic Web

Blogs mentioned below occasionally speak about semantic web topic but most of the topics are off the track.

Tag pages about Semantic Web Topics and FeedsSemantic Web Blogs in other languagesThis post could be found on Semantic Focus[Credits : Semantic Focus ]
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