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Announcing PyMongo 2.4.2

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Yesterday we released PyMongo 2.4.2, the latest version of 10gen's Python driver for MongoDB. You can see the whole list of nine bugs fixed. Here are some highlights:

  • I made PyMongo's MongoReplicaSetClient smarter about reading from replica set members in failure scenarios. Since version 2.1, PyMongo has been able to detect when a secondary becomes primary or vice versa. But it wasn't very smart about members that are neither primary nor secondary because they're in recovery mode. Now, PyMongo reacts as soon as it notices such a member: it stops trying to use it, and it refreshes its view of all members' states immediately.

  • We got an excellent pull request from Craig Hobbs that lets you specify your read preference in the connection string, like:

  • If you want to try MongoDB's full-text search, PyMongo can now create a text index. (All versions let you to run the text command to use a text index once you've created

(Down here we have to speak very quietly, because the next part is top-secret: I snuck a feature into what's supposed to be a bugfix release. PyMongo 2.4.2 has the hooks Motor needs to wrap PyMongo and make it non-blocking. This lets Motor take a new direction, which I'll blog about shortly.)


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