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5 Things a Java Developer Should Consider This Year

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This post is about 5 things that I am planning to do this year. I have created it for me to track my progress then thought it can be a good direction for anybody similar.

1. Create an application using a NoSQL Data store and connect it with Java

If you have yet not understood the NoSQL databases its the best time. Lots of choices on the NOSQL side, may be MongoDB or Hadoop can be a starting point. We can create applications using Spring Data or the native Java adapters to connect to the Data Store.

2. Get the first app on Java PaaS on Cloud and ask your 5 friends to use it.

You have many platforms available including Openshift backed by JBoss and Redhat , CouldFoundry backed by Spring source and VMware. Cloud is the future of application deployments and Software as service gaining more popularity. From a developer point of view nothing really changes apart from the configurations and deployment.

3. What really is Software Design?

Read the GOF Design Pattern catalog and Search your project for the usage of it. If you are not using them check if you have similar patters. If you have a Java enterprise application you can check for Java EE patterns. Take a existing use case and think of possible alternative implementations.

4. Learn a new Programming Language and create a sample project

I think here you have 2 broad choices, Ruby or a JVM functional language. There are a number of functional languages available. It will help you become a polygot programmer.

5. Contribute to the community

You should be doing it already if not it is the time to start. There are a number of ways including Community Forums, Stack overflow or write a blog
on how your leanings.
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Tom Marrs replied on Wed, 2013/02/27 - 12:30pm

This is good advice. I've taken some of these steps, and I plan on implementing all of them.

Ricardo Cirous replied on Sun, 2013/03/03 - 5:48pm in response to: Tom Marrs

tom can you give me an example of project using j2ee and mongodb

Flora Kalisa replied on Sun, 2013/03/24 - 3:33pm

Most of  your recommedations are mentioned in The clean coder book by Robert C. Martin 

There is is a mistake in your article : CouldFoundry  should be CloudFoundry

Evan Harris replied on Mon, 2013/04/15 - 12:01am in response to: Flora Kalisa

 There is a mistake in your comment: recommedations should be recommendations.

Thamizh Thomas replied on Wed, 2013/05/08 - 11:41pm

 Thanks for the DZone Community for their valuable resources and services.

I really benefit from your resources of new technologies.

Please help me find ways to contribute to the community

Manish Temkar replied on Mon, 2013/07/01 - 8:02am

For sure top 2 points I have to do..

Ondra Zizka replied on Mon, 2013/07/22 - 12:41pm

Ruby? Why Ruby? I tried Ruby and the language seemed so chaotic and immature.

The only reason I can think of is that it's new PHP in terms of having many cheap newbies available for basic low end web projects.

I'd recommend Groovy or Scala.

Raging Infernoz replied on Sat, 2013/11/09 - 12:51pm

 1. NoSQL has too much hype, currently relational transactional databases mostly work fine, and having no schema in a database is like having no static typing in a language: dangerous, and likely to lead to surprise bugs, and performance and concurrency issues.

2. Why?  Spring stinks, and much of Cloud and Big Data is hype; so I'll only spend time on Puppet, Ansible, and Vagrant when there is a need.  Corporations, GCHQ and NSA, collect Big Data, however they have the curse of Big Data, it's harder to find useful anything in it because its Big, so I don't see enough pay-off to consider it!  The last sentence is nonsense;, just ask Microsoft Azure Cloud customers, and think how you will cope if your internet connection slows or fails, or security issues impinge!

3. Yes, some of GOF is useful, however some patterns proved to be anti-patterns.

4. Why? I only work on languages which have pay-off at work or at home.  I see no pay-off for Ruby except to allow some tool configuration, because some tools were written in Ruby.  Java is where most of the pay-off is.

5. I am now :)

Ronaeg Osama replied on Sun, 2014/04/20 - 4:49pm


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Shoeb Siddique replied on Mon, 2014/07/14 - 5:05pm

Thanks for your advise bro, i will try to do as you said. Currently i am working on my pnr status portal, once i am done, i will do as you said. Thanks once gain bro.

Harish Mehta replied on Wed, 2014/08/20 - 5:59pm

I am new to Java Development, my first java project that i have just finished is train running status  site which i have hard coded in Java. I must say java is much more secure and reliable than other platforms.

Savita Sathe replied on Tue, 2014/09/23 - 8:18am

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Vamsi Krishna replied on Tue, 2014/11/18 - 3:21am

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