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16 Graph Databases Compared

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Objectivity, the company behind InfiniteGraph, recently published a useful comparison of 16 different graph databases.  We recognize that this is a biased source, and we'd like to hear what you think by commenting below.  You can click through to get to the original post  on the InfiniteGraph blog.

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Eric Genesky.

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Peter Butkovic replied on Mon, 2013/01/07 - 1:15pm

 for me the font size in unreadable :(

Peter Karussell replied on Tue, 2013/01/08 - 8:12am

 Yes, for me too. I created this sheet instead. Feel free to edit

Also why 16? I can only count 7!?

Peter Butkovic replied on Tue, 2013/01/08 - 9:32am in response to: Peter Karussell

 hey, thanks for the sheet!

Peter Butkovic replied on Tue, 2013/01/08 - 9:38am in response to: Peter Karussell

and why 16? I have the theory, that pic was unreadable for the author of the post as well, and he  misinterpreted the rows as a various database types (rather than columns) :) as there seem to be 17 rows in total (the one has been probably considered as header only)

but hey, that's quite funny, this guy made my day :)

Peter Karussell replied on Tue, 2013/01/08 - 9:41am

 Haha, that is funny and this could be indeed the case. LOL

Josep L. Larriba-pey replied on Thu, 2013/01/31 - 6:58pm

 Note the new added characteristics for DEX in

Jaffa Wify replied on Thu, 2013/02/07 - 1:51am

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Pere Baleta replied on Thu, 2013/02/07 - 3:19am

 DEX graph database features updated. You can see at: 


Raja Khongthaw replied on Fri, 2014/05/09 - 8:02am

How about Teradata SQL -GR? I know the features in Neo4j are good but scalability ...nodes ????????

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